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August 2018 AD

The Jews behind
Nelson Mandela

Wikipedia: Arthur Goldreich
Arthur Goldreich was born in Pertersburg, South Africa, and settled in Israel, where he participated in the 1948 Arab-Israel war as a member of the  Palmach, the elite military wing of the Haganah....Goldreich and Wolpe also helped locate sabotage sites for Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military arm of the ANC, and draft a disciplinary code for guerrillas.

White American Christians have been royally duped twice by Jews.

Once to convince American Christians to help Jews create a White Jewish-ran Apartheid government in Israel because that was considered "good", and then later, to have American Christians to help Jews destroy White Christian-ran Apartheid government in South Africa, because that was considered "bad".

Why are they not both evil?  Or, why are they not both good?

This is the story of a Jewish Agent Provocateur, Arthur Goldreich, who was intimately involved in the central themes of both frauds upon American Christians.

This is a story about how the always-in-the-minority Jews have used anarchy-based terror tactics against innocents to incite and provoke a necessary anti-terror response in the government, so that the Jews who control the propaganda of the mass media can point to the necessary anti-terror response government tactics employed by the innocents as the real terror which needs to be fought.  It would be then said by the Judeo-MSM that the police are cruel, that the government is dictatorial, even believe it or not -- to tell a story that the leader is HITLER!

This is how Jewish enemies are dispatched.

This is why Christians always lose.

Compare South Africa, then and now

White (and Christian) Apartheid South African was unjustly characterized as brutal and inhumane by the world-wide MSM, resulting into being forced by a world-wide boycott and world-wide shame, famously led by Jewish interests, to give up Apartheid and "peacefully" hand over control of the country to Communist Nelson Mandela. (Not so peaceful the reader will soon learn)

"The world rejoices!!!!"  --said the winning Jewish Mass media.

Today white farmers in South Africa are beginning to suffer the same horrendous holocaust the white farmers of Zimbabwe suffered at the hands of barbaric black tribes after Zimbabwe, as the former apartheid country of Rhodesia gave up its own rule.

As in Zimbabwe, whites are first asked to give up everything they own with no compensation in a massive affirmative action program, then as in Zimbabwe, they and their families are justifiably killed to bring this state-sanctioned theft to fruition.

South African Theft

Is South Africa’s land reform an election gimmick?

Shockwaves are still being felt in South Africa after President Cyril Ramaphosa's controversial announcement that the country's constitution is to be changed to explicitly allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Markets reacted negatively and the currency, the rand, has continued to plummet over the last week.

This is because the plan has invited comparisons with the chaotic land reform programme across the Limpopo River in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which saw scenes of violent evictions of mainly white farmers.

"The world could now care less!!!! Serves you right!!!!"  Says the Jewish mass media.

Unlike white rule, black rule is rarely characterized as cruel and inhumane.

Over time, it never fails to surprise me who was really behind the scenes in every event in the world.

South Africa is no exception, but first you must have a frame of reference to be able to compare good against evil, and that frame of reference is the Jewish Ideal state -- Israel.

Arthur Goldreich
Jewish terror in Palestine

White Zionist Jew Arthur Goldreich participated in the 1948 Zionist coup d'etat where a small Jewish minority took control over the indigenous local Palestinian brown majority, creating Israel in its wake.

Before this Zionist coup d'etat could take place, first had to come the provocations to justify the coup d'etet.

The provocations would come from the Zionist terrorist groups, the Irgun and the  Haganah of which Arthur Goldreich was a member. Provocation after provocation caused the easily provoked Palestinians to lash out against innocent Jews.

To be expected, the Jewish World-wide MSM gleefully showed the Palestinians responding in a manner that is built into their Islamic nature, that is, in a barbaric way.

The Jewish provocations causing the backlash by volatile Palestinians were not shown to the world. No Judeo-MSM journalist would even commiserate with brown Palestinians' fear of their lands filling up with illegal white Jews from white Europe.

The Jewish nightly news out of Jewish New York City was always faithfully pro-Jewish.

The Judeo-Protestant Churches were aglee with the thought of the end of the world coming in the re-creation of Israel.  No matter the satanic evil it entailed?

Amazing how that works, right?

Never did the Jewish nightly news from Judeo-NYC engage in the usual navel gazing which always happens in a black riot in LA or Detroit or Ferguson here in America. The Middle Eastern "blacks" never had the understanding and compassion for the depredations they were suffering under these oppressing WHITE invaders from white Europe who were blowing up Brits in the King David Hotel and trying to pin the blame on them.

After the coup e'etat, the defeated Palestinians were herded by the Jews into South African styled Bantustans called Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Only Jimmy Carter DARED to call the an Apartheid system where the minority placed the majority into concentration camp ghettos.

Were these not the same Jews who were at the same time complaining about having been segregated into Jewish Ghettos in Poland or herded off to some NAZI concentration camp`?

Our man Goldreich was not just some nobody drafted into the army. Goldreich was an elite member of the Palmach, the most elite of the Israeli terror group called the Haganah. As shown by his actions in South Africa, Goldreich was most likely in the Haganah before the 1948 Jewish theft of Palestine, helping kill British soldiers and British policemen on the side, who were merely trying to keep the peace as part of the UN Palestinian Mandate, as he was mainly provoking the Palestinians into attacking Jews, so that Jews could claim they were suffering yet another Holocaust, which they knew would play a whole lot better in the living rooms of American Christians watching news from New York City. A news Americans at the time thought was free speech -- which to them meant honest speech.

Of course, you always need to watch out for anyone giving you something for free, especially the news. And super especially news from Jews.

Arthur Goldreich
Jewish terror in South Africa

Now we find that the so-called African National Congress (ANC) should have been named the Jewish-inspired Judeo-Communist African Congress.

The headquarters of this "African National Congress" was Liliesleaf Farm in the white Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia, owned by, you guessed it, Jew Arthur Goldreich, along with Jew Harold Wolpe.

Our same Arthur Goldreich who was complicit in creating Apartheid for the Jewish minority in Israel, would help destroy the white Apartheid government in South Africa.

How can Israel not be held directly responsible for this, by the way?

Ignoring or distracting from Jews' own minority-rule in Israel, Jewish brethren in international finance, governments and MSM outside South Africa were moralizing over their boycotting South Africa, while inside South Africa, these communist Jews such as Goldreich were terrorizing the white minority-rule government, and hence are both the real reason why whites are being massacred in South Africa today.

Arthur Goldreich was not just a political activist. Arthur Goldreich, in league with fellow Jew Harold Wolpe, were doing real evil inside South Africa.

Using their "whiteness" as Jews for cover, Goldreich and Wolpe "helped locate sabotage sites for the terror group  Umkhonto we Sizwe".

Stated another way, Jews who were trusted by white South Africans, used that trust to destroy white South Africans.

Jews have real blood on their hands.  Real blood of innocent white Christians.

To help justify my assertion above that Arthur Goldreich probably had a hand in killing White Christian British law enforcement officers in Palestine, he was legally proven by a court in South Africa to have no moral qualms about killing White Christian British descendants in South Africa with these heartless sabotages of innocent people.

If Arthur Goldreich was legally proven in a Christian court of law to be an accomplice in murdering innocent women and children in South Africa, a country NOT THEIR OWN, then I feel no restraint whatsoever to say, (without a shred of hard evidence), that Arthur Goldreich absolutely was one of the Haganah who murdered "guilty" British officers "occupying" "THEIR" Palestine.

Wikipedia articles clearly show the truth of all this evil in South Africa:

Church Street bombing

In 1983, the Church Street bombing was detonated in Pretoria near the South African Air Force Headquarters, resulting in 19 deaths and 217 injuries. During the next 10 years, a series of bombings occurred in South Africa, conducted mainly by MK.

 Amanzimtoti bombing
In the 1985 Amanzintoti bombing on the Natal South Coast, five civilians were killed and 40 were injured when MK cadre Andrew Sibusiso Zondo detonated an explosive in a rubbish bin at a shopping centre shortly before Christmas. In a submission to the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission (TRC), the ANC stated that Zondo's act, though "understandable" as a response to a recent South African Defense Force raid in Lesotho, was not in line with ANC policy. Zondo was executed in 1986.[12]

Johannesburg Magistrate's Court bombing

In 1987, an explosion outside a Johannesburg court killed three South African Police members and injured a further 15; a court in Newcastle had been attacked in a similar way the previous year, injuring 24. In 1987, a bomb exploded at a military command centre in Johannesburg, killing one person and injuring 68 personnel.

Other bombings

The armed struggle continued with attacks on a series of soft targets, including a bank in Roodepoort in 1988, in which four civilians were killed and 18 injured. Also in 1988, a bomb outside a magistrate's court killed three. At the Ellis Park rugby stadium in Johannesburg, a car bomb killed two and injured 37 civilians. A multitude of bombs at restaurants and fast food outlets, including  Wimpy Bars and supermarkets occurred during the late 1980s, killing and wounding many people. Wimpy were specifically targeted because of their perceived rigid enforcements of many apartheid laws, including excluding non-whites from their restaurants.{reference needed} Several other bombings occurred, with smaller numbers of casualties.

Landmine campaign

From 1985 to 1987, there also was a campaign to place anti-tank mines on rural roads in what was then the Northern Transvaal. This tactic was abandoned due to the high rate of civilian casualties—especially amongst black labourers. The ANC estimated 30 landmine explosions resulting in 23 deaths, while the government submitted a figure of 57 explosions resulting in 25 deaths

Durban beach-front bombing

In the 1986 Durban beach-front bombing, a bomb was detonated in a bar, killing three civilians and injuring 69. Robert McBride received the death penalty for this bombing, which became known as the "Magoo's Bar bombing". The subsequent Truth and Reconciliation Committee called the bombing a "gross violation of human rights".

Jews such as these self-describe moral crusaders against white minority rule would be the first to cry Jewish crocodile tears if Jews were the ones being slaughtered indiscriminately in Israel by their former beaten-down, less-than-Chosen-People neighbors looking for revenge, and should the world force the Jewish minority government to give up minority rule over Palestinian Muslims as they forced whites in South Africa to give up their control.

Wikipedia: Harold Wolpe
Harold Wolpe was born in 1926 in Johannesburg to a Lithuanian-Jewish family.He was a leading member of the struggle against apartheid and a friend of both Joe Slovo and Nelson Mandela.He was an important member of the illegal South African Communist Party(SACP) and was engaged with the ANC (which was banned after the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960). He was arrested and imprisoned in 1963 but escaped and lived in exile in England for 30 years.

Wikipedia: Arthur Goldreich
Arthur Goldreich was born in Pertersburg, South Africa, and settled in Israel, where he participated in the 1948 Arab-Israel war as a member of the  Palmach, the elite military wing of the Haganah....Goldreich and Wolpe also helped locate sabotage sites for Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military arm of the ANC, and draft a disciplinary code for guerrillas.

Wikipedia: Liliesleaf Farm

Liliesleaf Farm in northern Johannesburg, South Africa, was the farm used secretly by African National Congress activists in the 1960s and was the location where many prominent African National Congress leaders were arrested, leading to the Rivonia Trial. Nowadays Liliesleaf Farm is a museum and world-famous heritage site, attracting many visitors annually, and rated as a top "things to do in Johannesburg" site.

In 1961, Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia was purchased by Arthur Goldreich and Harold Wolpe as headquarters for the underground Communist Party and a safe house for political fugitives. The purchase was made using South African Communist Party funds,

Nelson Mandela needed a safe place from which to operate, and lived there under the assumed name of David Motsamayi as a worker in blue overalls employed by the owner to look after the farm.

On 11 July 1963, security police raided the farm and captured 19 members of the underground, charging them with sabotage. They were meeting in the thatched room, and were stunned by the raid.

George Mellis, the young son of the owner of the Rivonia Caravan Park, which lay opposite the entrance to Winston Avenue leading to the farm, saw cars coming and going and people of various races meeting and greeting each other. In those days that was sufficiently unusual for him to tell his family, and a string of reports, coincidences and rumours, and an informer in the military wing, led to the police raid.

The activists had already decided to move to another safe location, and this was to be the final meeting in the farmhouse. Nelson Mandela was already in prison, serving a sentence of several years for relatively minor offences, having been arrested the previous year. The police found documents during the raid that had been hidden in a coal bunker incriminating Mandela. As a result, he was charged and brought to trial with the others.

The trial, which ran from October 1963 to June 1964, culminated in the imposition of life sentences for eight of the accused.

Liliesleaf Farm today

The farmhouse at Liliesleaf Farm has now been surrounded by the gradual spread of Johannesburg's suburbs, but the historic site has been reopened to visitors. The buildings have been restored to their earlier condition, and visual and audio-visual displays recreate the dramatic events leading up to the police raid, and the raid itself.

The farm is referred to either as "Liliesleaf" or "Lilliesleaf", with the former spelling used at the site itself.

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