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August 2018 AD

Black Widow

When the feminists only targeted Conservative Republicans when attacking men, while giving the real abusers of women such as Jew Roman Polansky, Jew Woody Allen, Jew Harvey Weinstein, and Jew lover Bill Clinton a pass, they could be assured of having liberal Democrat men stay at their side in killing babies still in the womb.

Now these feminists have turned into a monster version of a Black Widow spider. By  killing the lives of their own lovers, they still expect support in their anti-Christ killing of the babies which result.

As the Swedish says, "If she's still, it's against her will".

Powerful Jewish men like Harvey Weinstein are now finding that all those "still" women over the years, are now screaming rape.

Other powerful Jewish men are certainly watching with great interest.

Expect a great downfall for the feminist movement, as Jewish men shift from killing American babies and supporting foreign babies.

Women will soon find they cannot have their cake killing babies and eat their men at the same time. 

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