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August 2018 AD

In The Mother Country
Christianity is Now a Crime

Christianity has been ruled a crime in England.

Praying for the life of a child and the soul of the child's mother at the abortion clinic location of the sin against God has been ruled illegal.

So much for English freedom of speech, which was specifically targeted in the Magna Carta for free religious speech.

To be fair to the opposing argument, we must share their view...

The council denies it is criminalizing prayer. Its report stays that “'It should be clear from the order that the only 'prayer' which is prohibited is that which amounts to an act of approval/disapproval of issues relating to abortion services … It is not a general ban on prayer and it applies only within the 'safe zone' defined by the order.”

So, there you have it.

If you are attending the World Cup and you want to pray your team wins, have at it.

Just don't expect you have a religious right to pray for the life of a defenseless child, or that you have a right to pray for the soul of a mother about to commit a heinous crime, or that you have a right to try to spread your faith to someone sorely in need of God's salvation. And don't even think about asking a Catholic priest to administer the Sacrament of Last Rites.

Protests aside, you do have a right in London however, courtesy of the Muslim mayor of London, to protest Muslim-approved and politically approved matters, such as the right to blow up a Macy's Day parade-sized profane image of the President of the United States while he is on a diplomatic visit to your country.

America's next military invasion may need to be to free London.

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