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July 2018 AD

Right to Life,
Right to Death!!!

Millions  Will Die

From the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitution, to the Bill of Rights, our government was created to protect our lives, protect our liberty, protect our property, and even protect our happiness.

Roe V Wade will be overturned. It has to be or we don't have a Constitution anymore.

The Constitution is firmly based upon the Right to Life; it was never based upon a Right to Death. It was never based upon a right to kill an innocent other.

Anyone who says they will rule otherwise is not a Moderate. Either you protect life or or you protect death.  Either you are in favor of the Constitution or you are in favor of shredding it to pieces. There is no moderate half way point here.

My compassion is gone for women who abort.

An ugly evil despicable woman who gets a back alley abortion after Roe v. Wade is overturned and dies as a result, has had a just punishment for her trying to take the life of another, and has saved the taxpayers a lot of money in convicting her and then lining her up against the wall to have her shot. Simple as that.

My compassion for mothers who have no compassion for their own child is gone!!!

There is no "State's Rights" issue here. Either we live under a Constitution which protects the life of citizens or we don't.

California doesn't get to decide they want to ignore the Constitution's mandated Right to Life and make DEATH BY ABORTION legal in their State,  anymore than Mississippi had a right to ignore the Constitution's mandated Right to Liberty in making FORCED SLAVERY legal in that state.

There was no need for a 13th Amendment. Slavery was always inherently unconstitutional, and was always an evil compromise.

The same, there was never a need for overturning Roe v Wade because it was never legal.

When Roe is "overturned" though, it will be done based upon Constitutional principles and will have immediate impact upon the entire country, just like when the Judeo-liberals made Roe into a false pagan religion across this entire land.

There can and should be a Right to Death for anyone causing the death of an innocent child, for how else will justice for the child prevail? These are dogmatic tyrants who threaten our country, and must be treated as dogmatic tyrants should be treated.

Revenge will be sweet, and may even be a bit bloody, as these unlawful criminals will try to kill anyone in their path who tries to stop them from killing babies.

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