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July 2018 AD

Holy Land Tour
without visiting
Mamilla Pool??

Mamilla Pool 1854

Mamilla Pool 2005

For once, I wish we would have a brave American President who would go to Israel, not just to open an embassy, but to visit the site of the horrendous Christian Holocaust committed by vengeful hateful Jews in 614 AD at Mamilla Pool.

President Trump should be the moral Christian leader of the world he is perfectly capable of being, by demanding not a single dignitary attend any Holocaust museum or Holocaust site until there is created a similar Holocaust museum at the massacre site of Mamilla Pool in Jerusalem for Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands to visit.

I know all the grandkids of Trump are Jewish, leaving his legacy totally Jewish, but a great Christian would acknowledge the sorrows of Christians and not just those of Jews.

Iran's Persia
Israel's Big Brother of Old

You would think Jews would be grateful to the Persians today for saving Israel, not once but twice!!!!

Instead, all Israel is capable of doing is constantly threatening to wipe Persia (Iran) off the face of the Earth.

Years before Mamilla Pool, Persia's Cyrus the Great was persuaded by the Jews to wipe out the Babylonian Empire, who had enslaved the Jewish nation just a few decades prior, allowing them to return to rebuild the Temple.

And now, in Mamilla Pool days, Persia's Khosrau II, known as Parvez the Ever Victorious, wiped out the Christian Byzantine Empire for the Jews to retake Jerusalem again.

And the retaking of the Holy Lands meant a Jewish cleansing of Christianity.

Manilla Pool was the killing field where the mothers and fathers of the fallen Christian soldiers who defended Jerusalem from the Persian Armies were slain.

Mamilla Pool was the slaughterhouse of the wives of these brave Christian soldiers.

Manilla Pool was the same old Old Testament Jewish genocide the children and babies of the defenders of the Holy Lands.

Jews destroyed the Christian culture of the Holy Lands with more ferocity than any Muslim blowing up a statute of Buddha.

All Christian churches were destroyed with one exception. When the Persians saw the Three Wise Men from Persia having been drawn on the lentle to the entrance to the Church of the Nativity, they prevented the Jews from destroying this church.

Regardless of this exception, the destruction of all other Christian buildings, all Christian churches and the genocide of 58,000 Christians at Mamilla Pool, stopped only by a fear among the Persians that they had let the Jews go too far as they were intent on massacring the residents of the entire city.

Took 5 years, but the Byzantine Empire retook Jerusalem, drove deep into Persia, and enacted total vengeance upon the Persians under Christian Byzantine Emperor Heraclius.

Sadly, this exhausted the armies of both empires and the Jews rallied yet another group, the Arabs, to invade Jerusalem in 639 AD under the flag of Islam.

Jews in the Middle East - 582 AD - 639 AD

Byzantine Emperor Maurice came to power twenty years after Justinian in 582 AD and would give refuge to overthrown Judeo-Persian king Khosrau II and even graciously help restore him to power. Strangely, Maurice would himself be overthrown in 603 AD, by Phocas and killed. Byzantium embroiled in civil ware by 608 AD, and vowing to avenge the death of his former benefactor, Khosrau had a plan completed to invade Byzantine lands.


At the time, the NT Jewish Patriarch in Exile was the Exliarch Hushiel. Hushiel had two “sons of”, one Nehemiah ben Hushiel and the other, Shallum ben Hushiel. Nehemiah would lead victorious Judeo-Persian armies into Jerusalem in 614 AD, while Shallum would later meet a man name Muhammad and in his name, lead an internal revolt of the underground Exilarch inside the Judeo-Persian Empire, handing the empire over to Islam in 637 AD. While another Shallum, a Rabbi Shallum, would victoriously take all of Judea away from Christianity, dieing just before taking Christian Jerusalem in 638 AD, 24 years after Shallum ben Hushiel’s brother had taken Jerusalem.


Upon hearing of this “good news” of a Judeo-Persian invasion force with the son of the Exilarch in charge of all the armies, NT Jews from all over the Middle-Eastern part of the Byzantine Empire rioted against Christians in open revolt. In Antioch, rioting NT Jews murdered the Christian Patriarch. Thousands were slain.


By 610 AD, General Heraclius had overthrown the usurper Phocas and was crowned Emperor, ending the civil war, but still Khosrau was pushed by the Exilarch’s Sanhedrin to continue on with the battle against the still weakened Christians.


After the Judeo-Persian conquest of Caesarea, the entire country of Israel now willingly submitted to Khosrau. The remnants of the Hebrew people took in hand their native zeal to wrought very damaging slaughters among the multitude of Christians. The Jews and the Judeo-Persians were joined by Sadducee Benjamin of Tiberias, a man of immense wealth, who enlisted and armed additional soldiers. The Tiberian Jews, with those of Nazareth and the mountain cities of Galilee, marched on Jerusalem with the Judeo-Persian army. Later they were joined by the Jews of southern Israel; and supported by a band of Arabs; the united forces took Jerusalem by storm in July of 614 CE.


A bootstrap pulled, Jerusalem was theirs.


By the time the dust has settled, our friends, the NT Jews had slaughtered 57,000 Christians in Jerusalem alone. Only 35,000 were left alive, so there had to be more than a few Christian women and children in the slaughter list.


Jerusalem would be lost to Christianity for 5 years as the NT Jews celebrated their victory with the backing of their “big brother”, the Judeo-Persians.


Their Judeo-Persian friends pushed relentlessly on against the Christians. By 617 AD, they had captured Christian Chalcedon, just across the Bosporus from Constantinople. By 619 AD, all of Christian Egypt was under the control of the Judeo-Persians.


Emperor Heraclius managed to retake Jerusalem in 619 AD when Khosrau pulled his Judeo-Persian troops back. Heraclius would return the favor by slaughtering 20,000 NT Jews, leaving their bodies to rot in the sun. But of course, this year would be remembered as “the year of Sorrow”. (Gotta love the double standard.). And Muhammad would establish the 20,000 rotting NT Jewish corpses as the Jinn -- the Islamic spirits or ghosts, or as we know them -- the Genie.


Fourteen years had now passed since the son of the Exilarch, Nehemiah ben Hushiel had invaded Christian lands. The Christians would only retain control for only another 10 years. Heraclius too continued to push ahead, until in 628 AD, Heraclius was outside the capital of the Judeo-Persian Empire. Khosrau was overthrown in an internal revolt -- Heraclius triumphant.


Having the True Holly Cross of Jesus returned that Khosrau had taken from Jerusalem in his conquest of Jerusalem, Heraclius devoutly returned the True Cross to Jerusalem in 628 AD.


Oops! -- Bootstrap undone!


With Khosrau, the Exilarch’s best friend dead, and blaming the NT Jews for their troubles and with Heraclius cleaning up NT Jewish resistance in Judea, the Sanhedrin organized Muhammad’s armies to march on both wearied, exhausted empires. 

Poland is brave to finally state it was Germans who are indicted in the Death Camps on their occupied territory, not them. But devoutly Roman Catholic Poland should be an even greater Christian martyr country and state publicly they will totally shut down any remembrance of the Jewish Holocaust on their territory until Jews allow Christian remembrance of the Christian massacre by Jews at Mamilla Pool.

More so for the Ukraine.  Ukrainians should create a Holodomor remembrance of the 7 million Ukrainians Jewish Commissars massacred  for Judeo-communist ideals.

The Ukraine should also insist that atrocities committed by Jews do not become whitewashed from history, either in their land or in the Holy Land.

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