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March 2018 AD

Twitter Censorship

Censorship of ConservativesInternet Superhighway

It's a shame that conservative engineers from DARPA research who conceived and invented the Internet have had it high-jacked and turned into a Jewish controlled entity.

They would not be allowed on their own creation today.

Some interesting and enlightening points made on the web about social media's one-sided censorship.

"I support their right to practice free speech."
CAVEAT: "Only thing that they have to prove is that they aren't a robot".

These courts worked hard
to keep communist free speech alive and well in California
but will they work just as hard to bring back traditional American free speech?

It is pretty clear that Twitter and Facebook and Google etc are places of public accommodation albeit on an electronic medium and not brick and mortar, and as such, it is illegal for this sort of discrimination to take place.

They have been allowed to ignore the law
that the rest of us
  1.  business owners, 
  2.  real estate renters and sellers, and
  3.  banks etc
have had to follow for decades.
Sue them into oblivion.


Twitter is a private company. They have no obligation to provide anyone with a forum. If you don't like twitter's censorship,
don't use it. Delete your account and move on

I don't want the government to be able to force us to provide a forum for messages we don't agree with. From a baker being forced to decorate a  cake to twitter, free speech includes the right NOT to provide a forum.

The government can't force this website to publish articles written by the huffpost and I'd like to keep it that way...


You people,and your utter lack of intelligence is Astounding.

Hey Joker, who does the Internet belong to ?

Do you even know ?

Hint.... It’s called the Public Domain for a reason.

Twitter can do whatever the heck it wants with it’s servers. That’s where their rights and Terms of service ends.

You connect to my Public Domain with your rule book....Naw, ain’t gonna happen. Just ask AT&T


Yes, twitter can do whatever it wants with its servers.

And that includes restricting who can access them and what information they will allow to be exchanged over them.

ATT was broken up as a monopoly. Anyone can compete with Twitter. You need a server and a coder...

Check out Plurk or Mastadoon for alternatives.

This is an interesting test case although the extension of ‘public square’ to a private company with clear terms of service that stipulate the contractual terms by which users agree to conduct themselves is tricky.

Basic contract laws are there to protect both sides. No one is forced to use social media platforms. No one needs to use social media platforms. If you want to speak, speak. publish, publish. Disseminate but don’t expect a company who is offering a free service to allow you to violate their terms because you want to. I suspect this is going to be dismissed. And rightfully so. This is free market economics at play. Citizens United found corporations are people and therefore their rights will need to be respected too. Also only the government can censor, by definition. Not private companies. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.

Try that logic with a restaurant.......
...........plenty of other places to eat
...........we don't serve your kind here.

See how far you get with that.

All of these libtardated companies are in gross violation of civil rights laws and it is about time they got a kick in their collective bank accounts for it.

Sue them into oblivion.

LOL... one sided argument. Twitter wants to censor its clients, fine, use a VPN, that THEY pay for.

Want to use your Twitter account on the PUBLIC DOMAIN ? You must follow the 1st Amendment..period!

Don’t like it, then get off the Public Internet.

The terms of service of Twitter is not worth the ink it’s written with.

Watch and learn...

Telecom Engineer FCC Compliance 30 years


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