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February 2018 AD

The Big Lie

Synopsis of the Big Lie:

           [ Republican = Conservative = Christian ] --> [ Fascism ]
           [ Democrat = Progressive = Liberal ] --> [ Socialist = Communist = Fascism ]

    Belief that government should control industry and commerce
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Belief in massive regulations - i.e. government controlling industry and commerce

    Belief that inferior people should make way for superior people
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Indians moved to Oklahoma; Blacks on Plantations; Japs in concentration camps

    Belief in exterminating the undesirables
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Abortion of the undesirables

    Belief that no one should oppose the government
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Don't even think about opposing us, just hand over your guns

    Belief in censorship of everyone with whom they disagree
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Facebook, Twitter, Google

    Belief in forcible suppression of opposition
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Antifa; KKK

    Belief in dictatorial power
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Obama Executive Orders; Facebook, Twitter, Google

    Belief that elections are for idiots, and take power with a coup
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Resist!; against Electoral college;  Russia,Russia,Russia; #NotMyPresident; Impeach

    Belief in collective nationalism with all outsiders persecuted
Judeo-Democrat Progressives:
    Dual-citizen Chosen People of the Promised Land of Israel

In fact, THE BIGGEST LIE of all is the lie that
         "Jews are always the ones persecuted".

Along with its corollary BIGGEST LIE that
         "Jews never persecute anyone".

Discussions on The Big Lie

"An elective despotism is not what we fought for"
                                                      ~ Thomas Jefferson

  1.    The Judeo-Progressive Movement is the elective despotism of which Jefferson warned us.

"Republics decay into democracies
democracies degenerate into despotisms."
                                                                     ~ Aristotle

  1.   The Judeo-Progressive Movement has decayed our Republic into a Democracy and is now converting it to despotism. Aristotle knew this many, many years before Jefferson

"The deterioration of every government
begins with the decay of the principles
on which it was founded."
                                        ~ Baron C. L. De Montesquieu

  1.   The Judeo-Progressive Movement mocks the Constitutional principles upon which this nation was built: Economic freedom, religious freedom, and freedom of speech.

"Experience hath shewn,
that even under the best forms [of government]
those entrusted with power have,
in time, and by slow operations,
perverted it into tyranny."
                                                        ~Thomas Jefferson

  1.   The Judeo-Progressive Movement has over a span of 100 years worked slowly and worked patiently to pervert our Constitution to tyranny.

"It was our own moral failure

and not any accident of chance,

that while preserving the appearance of the Republic

we lost its reality."

                                                ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

  1.  The Judeo-Progressive Movement has weakened our morality, while giving the appearance that American citizens still have a Republic.. And rest assure that none of this was done by accident or by chance.

This article serves as proof that:

1) The Judeo-Progressive Movement
     Headed by the Roosevelts and Churchill
     And continuing on with countless Jews and their puppets

2) The Judeo-Fascist Movement
    Headed by Mussolini and Hitler

3) The Judeo-Socialist/Judeo-Communist Movement
     Headed by Lenin, Trosky, Stalin, and Mao
     And continuing on with Fidel Castro, Madero and  Xi Jinping

4) Were all competing and bickering evil sibling factions of one another.

The French Revolution was the real-world inspiration for Karl Marx.

Here was a real world example of the so-called oppressed poor rising up against their so-called rich "oppressors" -- and against the Christian Church "oppressors" which was said to have enabled it all. The latter shown false by the massacre of the Atlantic Vendee who fought to the death to protect their priests, massacred by the French Socialists lying about lofty principles of "Equality, Liberty and Fraternity".

While The French Revolution was the time honored example of a workable revolutionary model, the Industrial Revolution was to be the cause-celeb for justifying all future revolutions.

Karl Marx predicted with the rise of a machine-based, labor-saving (meaning no labor needed) society, they knew would result from the Industrial Revolution, that Adam Smith's "heartless" Capitalism would lead to an even greater divide between rich and poor.

The most advanced countries, with the most labor-saving equipment, would be the first to fall to the unemployed starving masses, was what Marx predicted.

Yes, the rich were getting richer, but so were the poor.

Socialists the world over were depressed and dumbfounded to see capitalism was actually bringing the poor out of pre Industrial Revolution poverty and giving them riches unheard of by any pre Industrial Revolution King or Queen.

Air conditioning and ice cubes for the hottest day even for the lowest of peasant; a luxury a King of years past would have paid a fortune but could not buy at any price.

A car for peasants to travel to all parts of the King's realm and beyond in a single day, instead of weeks in a royal horse-pulled carriage.

With an invention called a telephone, means for peasants to talk to any peasant at will, a feat no past King could ever do.

Seeing all their predictions of utter poverty for the poor fail, the Progressives tried to gain something out of the success of the capitalists in improving the lives of all. They went behind the Industrial Revolution claiming THEY saved society from the devastation of the Industrial Revolution, with their marches for shorter work weeks and demands for more pay and better working conditions.

But Progressives are masters of THE BIG LIE.

Facts are that without a single Progressive, these poor were still to have jobs, better jobs, with a 5-day work week instead of a 6-day week, an 8-hour day instead of a 12-hr day, but without the back-breaking slave labor the machines were now doing for them.

Progressives did not invent the power shovel to save the back of the poor masses.

Progressives did not invent the textile machines to rid us of sweat shops.

Progressives did not even invent the television they use to brainwash all of us with.

Progressives certainly did not then, nor do they today, give their own money to help the poor. Providing for the poor is the job of government in their eyes. The philanthropists were all the bloody capitalists of which they alway complained.

Progressives are BIG LIE leaches laying claim to the inventive work of others.  Always have, always will.

Once the Industrial Revolution had worked many of its wonders, if the real concern had been about helping the poor then a socialist's dream job would have been done, for the poor were doing quite well now.

But the real goal of socialists were never to help the poor, but to "use the poor" "against the rich" as a means of gaining control of government for themselves.

We alluded to this with the Vendee massacre. Here was a group of poor Frenchmen who did not feel at all oppressed by their priests. Who instead were defending their priests with their lives.  Lives being wiped out by French Progressives.

You see, the real goal of the French Revolution was to dispose all Christian political leaders (Kings), to depose all Christian religious leaders, (priests), and just to be complete, to depose all Christian business leaders, with atheist Socialists knowing better how to run everything; in control of everything.

Music to the ears of Jewish Revolutionaries.

And yet as I said, Jewish socialists the world over were crying in self pity that the poor, now with a King's wealth and a cushy job, were not subjects willing to revolt.

So socialist had to re-invent themselves.

Sure there was that socialist Revolution in Russia in 1917 AD, but it was the Jewish intellectuals revolting -- all in the name of helping the peasants of course. As in the French Revolution, the Christian Church was blamed for enabling the Christian Czar, thus sending all Christian priests to Gulag Concentration Camps from which they never came back, alongside the Christian Czar's entire family ending up in front of a firing squad.

Socialists in advanced countries, now with huge complacent middle classes, had to re-invent themselves as Fascist Socialists, or just Fascists.

Instead of socializing around the poor, socialists (fascists) in Italy, under socialist (fascist) Mussolini, socialized around the nation, because Italian socialists found that Italians would fight and die for their country, but would not fight and die for their now much improved economic status.

In Germany, socialists (fascists) organized around their Germanic blood, as described by their Germanic race (killing off all others - and in a special case, members of the Jewish race (religion)).

This is when founding Jewish Progressives, Jewish Socialists and Jewish Communists finally said things had gone too far.

Too far when their own Jewish hides became the targets.

The American Way

On the other hand, the American Founders fought for:
  1.   Economic Freedom (think the Tea  Party)
  2.   Political Freedom (kept in check and balance by the Constitution)
  3.   Freedom of Speech and Religion
  4.   Freedom of Association
  5.   Individual Rights
The world's record small group for economic inclusion? -- the individual, followed by the family.

The world's foundational structure for socialist" -- the individual, followed by the family.

The world's foundational structure for minority?  -- the individual, followed by the family.

To these "inclusive socialist minorities", the Constitution's main purpose was to provide a CONSTRAINED government most respective of those rights of economic, political, religious and individual freedom to associate as one pleases.

By having the government equally protect the rights of an individual, the Founders were brilliant to know it naturally follows that this protected individual rights for any  possible collection or combination or class of individuals who were White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, man, woman, rich, poor, young, old,  or you name it.  

Americans have already had these freedoms for all "inclusive socialist minorities" since our American Revolution, so no need for FAKE socialists. 

Pure American genius!!!

But government-loving, dictatorial and tyrannical "socialists" would have none of it.

Individual rights of "Equality, Liberty and Fraternity"?  Bah humbug!!!!!

Family rights of "Equality, Liberty and Fraternity"?   No way!!!!!!

Local government professing real "Equality, Liberty and Fraternity" for all, had to be dissolved in favor of the despotic Centralized Federal State.

Progressivism (aka Socialism) (aka Fascism) has been leading us away from these fundamental freedoms for over 100 years now, not closer to them.

In fact, none of these fundamental American freedoms promised under the Constitution are achieved under either Progressivism, Socialism or Fascism.

The Big Lie

My inspiration is Dinesh D'Sousa's new book, The Big Lie, which really helped me understand the close relationship between Progressivism, Socialism and Fascism.

Basically, they are all three cousins of one another.

The USSR stood for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The Nazi party was the National Socialists (Or to be more precise - the National Socialist German Worker's Party).

Only the Democrat Party here in America, would Progressive fascist socialists hide their true agenda behind every innocent-sounding name they could find - Progressive, or liberal, or intellectual, or enlightened, or tolerant, or inclusive -- everything except for what they really were, fascists, communists and socialists.

Both the USSR and Nazi proudly admitted in their name they were socialist, but both organized their socialism around different "classes" of people.

The Soviet Socialists of 1917 AD, organized around "the socialist class of poor people". They were the so-called "International Socialists" because they felt they could organize the entire world's poor into world socialism. This was doomed to failure as the world's poor became richer and richer, until eventually the Soviet Union fell apart of its own lies as the second part of the Industrial Revolution hit hard in the 1980's, that is, the Intellectual Revolution of computers and internet, expanding the Muscle Revolution of a 100 years earlier left them sorely behind.

As we said, the socialist realization in advanced countries was that this "poor man's socialism was proving not be practical with capitalism raising even the great unwashed from out of poverty.

And this difference of opinion among socialists led to deadly family quarrels among socialists back in the 1930's.

Trotsky fought against Lenin inside the USSR was a well known example.

Sure there were alliances. Fascist Socialist Hitler joined with Communist Socialist Stalin to both invade and devour Christian Poland at the same time, with Socialist Progressive Roosevelt doing nothing to protect Christian Poland.

Later after Christian Poland was invaded by Hitler in 1941 when he pushed against Stalin, and invaded again a second time by Stalin, this led to Stalin blaming Hitler instead of himself for slaughtering all the Polish Christian political leaders, all the Polish Christian religious leaders, all the Polish Christian military leaders, and all the Polish Christian business leaders in what became known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. We now know that Jewish Commissars did the killing as Hitler tried to point out this truth, but Jewish Roosevelt Socialist Progressives in the media were not about to report anything that would help the image of their nemesis Hitler.

The German International Socialists as under Jewish Socialist Rosa Luxemburg of the Spartacus Uprising in 1919 and Jewish Socialist Kurt Eisen of the Bavarian Soviet Republic of 1919, could not fully organize the poor as there were just not enough poor Germans to gain power. Worse, what little poor there was in Germany were mostly outside immigrants, which to an fiercely independent German was only going to look like a coup by foreigners, needing to be fought against with a passion -- indeed an outside Jewish coup.

Hitler however found he could organize Germans into socialism by appealing to "the socialist class of the German race", so the German socialists looked to National Socialists from Italy as a more workable model to the socialist minded in Germany, over the defeatist socialism of the Soviet International Socialists.

The Italians were becoming National Socialists by forming "the socialist class of people who dreamed of once again raising the Roman Empire" out of history's dust bin. The Italians called their National Socialism by the name Fascist, from the word Roman name for a bundle of sticks called a Fasci, which when joined together in a socialist whole, could not be broken.

When the Russian poor became a huge socialist club, they used that club to kill outsiders to their club who were objecting to their new club leaving them out in the cold; i.e. the rich, the powerful, the Church.

When the German worker became a huge new socialist club, they also used that club to kill outsiders to that club; i.e., the outsider Jews, who were also trying to stop them. In fact, it was the outsider socialist Jews from Russia as in the Spartacus Uprising and the Bavarian Socialist Republic, who had tried to take over Germany over their own international socialist rule and were put down by the rival National Socialists to see who would be top wolf of the wolf pack.

American Progressive Socialists

American Progressive Socialists were basically the Democrat Party and provided all the "great" ideas for Europe's socialists.

If the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party was the KKK, helping to enforce "the socialist class of white people" in America, then the Brown shirts of Germany became Hitler's KKK and the KGB became Stalin's KKK.

If the Planned Parenthood Eugenics of the Democrat Party's plan to euthanize black children was acceptable in America, then euthanizing the dregs of Europe was acceptable by both Stalin and Hitler.

If Democrats could put blacks into Plantation concentration camps for several hundred years, then putting Jews in work camp concentration camps for 12 years is acceptable and Stalin placing people into Gulag Concentration Camps was not even news worth reporting on by America's Socialist Judeo-MSM. Let's not forget the Democrats putting Japanese American citizens into concentration camps.

If the class of white Americas could be defined by the Democrat Party as not a single drop of Negro blood, then ...wait... even the Germans thought that was too racist. To be defined Jewish, you had to have at least 3 Jewish grandparents.

Americans who were Republicans held that Americans had a right to associate in natural classes, such as yourself as an individual, your family, your church, and your local state.

To Conservative Republicans, as Ronald Reagan would say, "the government is the problem, not the solution."

To liberal socialist communist progressive Democrats, Soviet Socialists, German Fascists and Italian Fascists, "The government was the solution, not the problem".

To Progressives, Socialists and Fascists, the individual was the problem; the family was the problem; the Church was the problem; and certainly the government which protected the rights of the individual, the family and the church was the problem.

Under The Big Lie, and this is a BIG, BIG LIE, any government which tried to protect the individual, the family, or the Church against socialists, would be labeled by real Fascists as a Fascist government. Following The Big Lie, everyone loving the individual, the family and the Church would unknowingly attack his own Constitutional government there to protect him.

This BIG LIE is exactly what happened to the Czar of Russia. A great man who loved his country, loved his people, and tried to protect them from Jews promoting socialism.

The more Russia's Christian Czar fought to protect his people from evil Socialist Jews, the more the Jews would employ THE BIG LIE, saying that the Christian Czar was evil.

Jewish Socialists talked the Russian Christian people into killing their own beloved Christian leader.

And yet ironically, only a government so powerful it could and would take away all these "lesser" rights, that is, an real actual Fascist government, was a government respectable to socialists, who would install the socialist paradise always so alluringly promised, but never delivered.

For power corrupts absolutely it appears -- even among socialists.

How to undermine
the belief in the individual? 

America's western movie heroes used to be the individual valiantly fighting against the socialist evil. That has to be fought against for a socialist society to take hold.

If you have all the media in your back pocket, you call the individual a bad guy, a lone shooter, a terrorist, a child molester in the case of Christian David Koresh or Judge Roy Moore, all the while calling the good guys to be the class of blacks, the class of Hispanics, the class of gays, the class of Muslims, and the class of women.

How do you undermine the individual Family?

To undermine the family, you emphasize the abusive husband, the cheating husband, and make fun of married mothers by calling them "breeders".  You do glamorize the single mother my placing her upon a pedestal. The career woman who has no time for a family is cherished. 

How do you undermine the Church?

To undermine the Church, you call out their ministers for their few sins, while ignoring the massive sins of socialists in Hollywood of which "We all Knew!"  You take the Church out of the Public Square (Facebook, Twitter, Google), by censoring it.

How do you undermine Constitutional government?

To undermine the government protecting these non-fascist institutions, you call their President a Fascist.

And then you call your own Fascist Brown shirts by the anti name of Anti-Fascist, or the cuddly name of Antifa.

You Fascistly censor all those whom you call Fascists.

You shadow ban the victims you have identified and targeted. as you gloriously promote the socialist accusers against the non-socialist victims.

You blame the victim of fascism, by calling them fascists and demanding that they be attacked and killed like fascists. Much as a killer of prostitutes justifies killing because prostitutes are loose women, except in this case, you falsely accuse conservatives of being loose and then advocate killing them.

Who are the underminers?

In a word, by blaming the victim of what you do, you lie.

When you lie to an entire nation, it becomes a big lie! 

The Big Lie.

As Hitler said, The Big Lie works because nobody believes that an entire nation can be lied to with no one noticing or taking action.

Again, the Big Lie only works if you are in solid control what is considered "the respectable media".  The media you could not believe would lie to you.

When the Weimar Republic, ran by Jews was in control, the Jews tried to employ The Big Lie against ordinary Germans, seducing them into the International Socialism of the Soviet Socialist.

Hitler called out the Jews on employing The Big Lie, and here they are doing the same in America.

What is the most HISTORIC BIG LIE?

The Big Lie that Jews throughout history are the innocent victim and everyone else wants to kill them, except you, you dear defender of Jews.

You see, Jewish life has always been socialist: "One Jew for all and all Jews for one".

Jews have always had "the socialist class of Jews" in their socialist culture.

Knowing how the Big Lie of the Jews works, did Hitler employ the tactic himself once in office?  You bet he did.

Of course, everyone knows that the driving force in American socialism are Jews.

Now, the Fascists and Communists did indeed fight viciously against each other, but that did not make them political opposites.  

Often, husbands and wives fight worst battles against each other than they would ever fight against any other outside their marriage. Protestant Christians for centuries performed horrible crimes against Catholic Christians, but would never think of touching a non-Christian Jew, all but worshiping Jews. Sunni Muslims have done horrific abuse of Shiite Muslims. Americans from the North killed 300,000 Americans from the South, and vice-verse. Hutu Rwandans butchered with machetes 1 million Tutsi Rwandans who differ little more than in a lighter skin color.

Socialist Germans were fighting Socialist Russians because they did not want the inferior poor people of Russian outsiders to be socialist organized against their own organizing of German Race socialist of German insiders.

Socialist Russians were fighting Socialist Germans out of survival, because Germans looked at Socialist Russians in the same light as American Democrat Progressives under Andrew Jackson looked at American Indians; that is, as an inferior people to be relocated to the West, in order to make room for a superior class of white people to be settled in their place. Except, Hitler was relocating his inferior Slavic people to the East, not to the West.

Back in modern America, how do you take down a government you don't like?

Not since the Democrats refused to recognize the election of Abraham Lincoln, have Democrats been so anarchist against American government.

To delegitimize the government, ...
  1.   You resist -- against everything about the President we elected.
  2.   You demand a recount, as in Bush-Gore.
  3.   You say you won the popular vote, when the Electoral College was created exactly for this purpose of preventing largely populated States from dominating all other States. (Now we know why the wisdom).
  4.   You pressure those Electors to not choose Trump.
  5.   You name a Special Counsel to investigate The Big Lie that Trump colluded with Russians when it was the Democrats who colluded with Russia and EVERYONE colludes with Israel.
  6.   You call for impeachment.
  7.   You call for a 25th Amendment Constitutional Coup.
  8.   You ask the military to have a coup.
  9.   You suggest Trump be assassinated.
  10.   You have violent mob attacks against everything Trump.
  11.  You try to censor Trump's Twitter, but cannot, so you censor all his supporters.
  12.   You question the democratic process which could have elected him, and negate our democracy.
  13.   You call Trump a political arsonist with his tweets.
  14.   You use low level Federal Judges in California and Hawaii to stop every Trump measure for the entire country.
  15.  You say Trump has no free speech rights on the grounds you, a real fascist, say he is fascist.
  16.   You claim it is right and just to be intolerant of what you intolerantly say is the intolerant.
  17.   You call people fascist.
  18.   You say you can use Nazi tactics to defeat Nazi.
  19.   And you enforce all this with a virtual monopoly on information.

In a word, you employ THE BIG LIE.

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