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January 2018 AD

Why Democracy at the UN,
when no Democracy in America?

Why should we expect democracy to work at the UN when it does not work in America?  

Americans want imports slashed, immigrants slashed, walls built, federal spending slashed, the US out of NATO and out of the UN. But what we get instead are things we never asked for, such as a unanimous 90-0 vote to move our embassy to Jerusalem and a President who promises Jews he will follow through, as he bashes democracy in the UN from which he will not remove us on just this one vote.

What does democracy buy you at the United Nations?

A moral 14-0 Security Council resolution #2334, with United States abstaining, against Israel ethnically cleansing East Jerusalem for Jews.

A moral 128-9 General Council vote, with 35 nations abstaining, that require all nations to follow Security Council resolutions on Israel.

Trump's Israel First policy is to take a twelve-fold loss as the moral imperative to withdraw US funding of the UN.

For every vote on America's side, there were 12 countries saying that the US is wrong on this issue.

And it is not even an issue in America's interest.

Why are we fighting for Israel?  Because we are a noble country who stands by the little guy, or more realistically, are we supporting Israel because Dual Citizen Jews in prominent positions of power in America have a golden ring in America's nose to yank us around?

Anyway, thanks to our mountains of arms handed to Israel for free, the Palestinians are the little guy in this story and the world see it, but not our emperor wearing no cloths.

America's position should not be for protecting Muslims in East Jerusalem, nor should America protect Jews in West Jerusalem invading East Jerusalem.
No real allies we can count on from either side; not our religion; not our country; not our geopolitical region; not our economic self-interest; NOT OUR CONCERN!!!

Protect Democracy in the United States

American voters should not accept a bought-and-paid-for Israel First Senate, where they vote 90-0 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, when they can never agree anywhere close to unanimously on any item of America First interest.

Every one of these 90 Senators should be voted out of office for pandering to Israel, and just to be sure, we should vote out of office even the 10 Senators who did not have the guts to vote against Israel's demand we move our embassy from a semi-neutral position in Tel Aviv to a volatile Jerusalem.

America's Democracy is not for sale!!!!!!

Perhaps we will get some Senators who are actually America First in the trade.

Do not Protect Democracy in the United Nations

America's position should not be for protecting democracy in the United Nations or anything about the UN.

By agreeing to be in the UN, to follow the UN charter, America tacitly promised to be a slave to its resolutions. Thanks to that eternal nuisance Israel,with an overwhelming vote of both the Security Council and the General Council,  the entire world now has a moral right to take action against the US.

But do we really need to falsely demonize the UN as a rogues gallery of tyrants before we get out of the UN?

Yes, one vote of "rogue-nation" Egypt counts the same as one vote of the US in the General Assembly. But we have no one to blame for the way the UN is set up but ourselves. Don't see "democracy loving" Democrats or Republicans complaining of our super-vote on the UN Security Council yet.

Protect our real International Allies

Even though, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxenbourg. Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are hardly a gallery of rogue tyrants.

These are our Christian brethren, our true allies.

By voting against Israel, our Christian allies have proved they are truly free countries. (Or afraid of the Muslim backlash in their country should they vote for Israel, but at least free of manipulation by the world's top manipulator and threat to world peace, Israel.)

These are the countries we should be supporting, not Israel.  

Israel will look out only for Israel, as Israel has done for the last 3,000 years, but these other countries will help us in our dire time of need.

God's Christian nations will support the United States if we support them, not a nation filled with rejectors of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

UN vote on requiring UN resolutions to be followed

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