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December 2017 AD

Prosecutor Mueller
now has Indisputable Proof from Flynn:
No Russian Collusion
 but plenty of
Israeli Collusion

Michael Fynn and Jared Kushner

Bloomberg News cites “[t]wo former officials with the Trump transition team” claiming that Flynn was acting on Kushner’s say-so when he called diplomatic officials of other United Nations Security Council members, including Russia, and asked them to delay an expected vote condemning Israeli settlements.

Could the real focus of the Mueller Special Prosecutor's investigation be to run a fake Russian collusion investigation as Mueller's cover story to keep the Jewish media off his back, and even supporting his team; all the while, Mueller slowly and methodically documents the real and persistent Israeli Collusion in our presidential elections ?

We can only dream, even if too little too late, with the latest American lap dog for Israel, Donald Trump.

"MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN" to paraphrase Trump in moving our embassy to Jerusalem.

Here are the facts of what we now know of Robert Mueller's year long investigation of Russian interference with our politics, all boiled down to and based upon Michael Flynn turning state's evidence against the Trump Administration after being caught lying to the FBI and entering into a plea bargain with the Mueller special prosecution investigation.

Michael Flynn's confession proves that Israel was successfully colluding with the United States, in order to unsuccessfully get the United States to collude with Russia.

A) There was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION with the Trump Administration

     with BOTH the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration
      and if Hillary would have won, with a Hillery administration too

Had there actually been Russian collusion, then Michael Flynn would have been successful trading something of great value to the American taxpayer, by handing over American treasure to the Russians, in exchange for Russia delaying the United Nation's Security Council vote to condemn Israel as a rogue terrorist state for its genocidal East Jerusalem ethnic cleansing policies.

Can Trump still give Alaska back to Russia, in exchange for Russia helping (not America) Israel ?   

The fact that the Trump Administration was not successful selling valuable American interests away to Russia in order to help the now UN-Sanctioned rogue genocidal terrorist state of Israel, shows that indeed, Donald Trump can honestly say there was "no "Russian" collusion".

To be clear, we know Flynn's efforts to get the Security Council to delay the vote failed because the vote was taken and all voted against Israel.  

We covered this back in January of 2017. The United Nations was denounced as anti-Semitic, but 8 Christian nations voted against Israel, and even our own Christian nation of America did not vote for Israel.

The Christian nations of New Zealand, England, France, the Ukraine, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Spain all voted to say Israel is wrong to settle ethnic Jews on ethnic Palestinian land in the West Bank (& East Jerusalem).

You can argue all day how evil the UN and Obama are, but there is someone here for everyone to love who is against Israel. Nobody hates New Zealand. Liberals love communist Venezuela. Conservatives love England and France. Everyone loves to pretend to love the Ukraine. Hell, I love that Russia finally has a leader who is making them great once again.   

MY GUESS?  The Security Council probably voted against Israel even more strongly when they felt the Jewish pressure of Israel getting America to push them around.

Attempted Trump Russian collusion? YES!!!  But actionable Russian collusion? NO!

Attempted and actionable Israeli collusion? Yes and Yes!!

By both Obama and Hillary and Trump?  Yes and Yes and Yes!!!

We now find this year long witch-hunt investigation was all about Israel getting its American lapdog to roll the United Nations for its own evil and immoral Jewish interests.

The details are still left to be worked out.

For instance, there is the question of "What Trump knew and when did he know it?"


Did Israel and Jewish multi-million-dollar campaign mega-donors order President Trump --to order his Jewish Brother-in-Law Jared Kushner -- to order Michael Flynn to delay the UN vote on condemning Israel as a rogue terrorist state for it's genocidal East Jerusalem ethnic cleansing????


Did Israel totally bypass President Trump (as he says he knew nothing about any of this), going straight to a Jew they could trust, straight to President Trump's Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner (still without a security clearance) -- to order Flynn to delay the UN vote on condemning Israel as a rogue terrorist state for it's genocidal East Jerusalem ethnic cleansing?????

I don't personally think Michael Flynn actually lied. I think he is a fine patriot doing what he was asked to do for his country. I absolutely think he forgot making the phone calls, not knowing at the time that the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump transition team. Mueller's team was then able to take the appearance of Flynn's lying as blackmail leverage against him to bribe him with a plea bargain. that would rat out that rat Jared Kushner, and for that, I'm well pleased.

Keep reading below, with a trip back to the beginning, to also see Obama and Hillary's collusion with Israel as well...


September 2016
Israeli Collusion
at the Post-Required-Presidential-Campaign meeting
 with their soon-to-be boss, Israel's President.

Hillary was to win. That was that!  (She still thinks she won.) And so the plan for the Muddled East dilemma of an upcoming UN Resolution condemning Israel's ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem, Obama wanted to be the bad cop who "pushes Israel to the negotiating table" by abstaining in the Resolution vote, so that Hillary could play good cop after the election and fix the Israeli/Palestinian two-state issue.

In a word, there was COLLUSION with Israel's US Ambassador to Israel, where Obama would make it appear to American citizens and more importantly, to Arabs, that American leaders were not Israel's lap dog. Then Hillary would come along later and make right.

Israel would be made to look like they were the ones being coerced, instead of the other way around.

Another word for this COLLUSION with Israel is FRAUD, because $200 million dollar Clinton Foundation Hillary is a high-priced lap dog of Israel.

Good Cop Hillary to Bad Cop Obama
The first public hint of the move came in the heat of the U.S. presidential campaign in September, just after nominees Trump and Hillary Clinton held meetings with Netanyahu in New York.

In an Israeli television interview, Dan Shapiro, U.S. ambassador to Israel, said Obama was “asking himself” about the best way to promote a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“This could be a statement we make or a resolution or an initiative at the U.N. . . . which contributes to an effort to be continued by the next administration,” he said.

Shapiro clearly anticipated a Clinton victory, reflecting thinking within the administration that if Obama took the heat for a critical statement or resolution, she would be in a better position to play the “good cop” and move Israel toward substantive negotiations. For her part, Clinton had expressed no interest in a resolution.

November 8, 2016
US Presidential Election:

Oops!  Donald Trump was elected President and he would become the "good cop".

Dems and Repub agree on everything Israel, but they do compete on which side can "suck" the best.

Per the Dems' game plan, President Trump could not be allowed to be the good guy toward Israel. He simply had to be the bad guy.

Donald Trump was elected President on November 8, 2016, promising to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and with that recognition, to move our US embassy to Israel's "capital".

December 22, 2016
Michael Flynn asks Russia to delay vote

Donald Trump begins his presidential transition activities by "sucking" better than Hillary.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council is still proposing Resolution 2334 to condemn Israel specifically for illegally occupying East Jerusalem with the intent of ethnic cleansing.

Jared Kushner sends Michael Flynn to talk to the Russian ambassador, promising what in American treasure for the sake of the Israelis we do not know yet.

December 23, 2016
UN vote to condemn Israel:

The Obama Administration continued its originally stated plan to abstain from voting on the resolution, knowing that Hillary had lost.

Why? Because the Obama Administration had violated all 4th Amendment protections and had bugged Trump Tower.  They knew Trump had initiated plans to delay the vote on the Israeli Resolution.

The Obama Administration abstained from UN Security Council Resolution 2334 passed by a vote of 14-0 on December 23, 2016 to specifically condemn Israel from illegally occupying East Jerusalem. Counting all the votes who were not for Israel, including the US who also could not vote for Israel, the real vote was a unanimous 15-0 condemning Israel's ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem.

One week after the UN Resolution vote
Michael Flynn talks to Russians about Sanctions against Russia

More bugged taping of Flynn.

They now had a new plan -- RUSSIAN COLLUSION!

By first vaguely accusing Russia of meddling in our elections, then eventually bringing the Trump Administration into the fold of that, adding in the known lying to the FBI to make it appear like a "Cover up of the election shenanigans", then the Dems could take down the President, as they had done to Nixon.


Reports in multiple outlets Friday claim White House Adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner is responsible for directing then-candidate for National Security Adviser Micheal Flynn to make the phone call about which he later lied to the FBI.

UPDATE: The Associated Press appeared to confirm these reports later, saying Kushner is the “very senior” official named in Flynn’s guilty plea.

Bloomberg News cites “[t]wo former officials with the Trump transition team” claiming that Flynn was acting on Kushner’s say-so when he called diplomatic officials of other United Nations Security Council members, including Russia, and asked them to delay an expected vote condemning Israeli settlements.

“On or about December 22, 2016, Flynn did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution,” reads one of the statements to the FBI that Flynn has now admitted is false, pleading guilty to a felony in the process.

Flynn, according to these sources, did make such a call, and he did so because Jared asked him to intervene to prevent the Security Counsel vote coming up while Barack Obama was still president.

The Obama administration had made clear its intention to abstain from the vote after a 36-year-long U.S. policy of vetoing condemnations of Israel’s settlements, despite President-elect Trump’s stated opposition. Obama’s Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power did, in fact, abstain, allowing the resolution to pass in a major international embarrassment for Israel.

At the time a senior Israeli official told Breitbart News:

President Obama and Secretary Kerry are behind this shameful move against Israel at the UN. The US administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory.

“Jared called Flynn and told him you need to get on the phone to every member of the Security Council and tell them to delay the vote,” Buzzfeed News quotes a source that may be the same as those cited by Bloomberg.

Kushner allegedly called Flynn at the Trump transition team’s headquarters in Washington, DC, claiming that “this was a top priority for the president.” Flynn then told the room that “the president wants this done ASAP.”

Kushner’s lawyers responded to neither Bloomberg or Buzzfeed’s requests for comment.

If the sources cited in these reports are correct, they would represent yet another example of the president’s son-in-law playing a central role in a major setback for the administration. Kushner’s tenure at the White House has included a series of missteps that have undermined the administration’s credibility and effectiveness.

Referred to in his family’s investment materials as “Mr. Perfect” and one half of “Javanka,” along with first daughter Ivanka Trump, Kushner is reportedly taking a smaller and smaller role in the White House after initially being given a massive, wide-reaching portfolio. A Friday Reuters report suggested he may be on the way out of the administration after tax reform is passed.

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