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November 2017 AD

The Real Scoop on Judge Roy Moore,
"How's that Freedom of the Press
working out for you?

We will present a perspective on the Judge Roy Moore accusations which even Jewish-owned DrudgeReport, or Jewish-owned Breitbart News,  or Jewish-owned Fox News will not touch.

While these news organizations have gone after the the accusers, gone after the [HIGHLY PAID??]/[DEMOCRAT} "women" of Alabama who claim to have been sexually abused, we will instead go after the NEW YORK CITY Jewish media who present these women as credible accusers and in doing so, conspire to turn the Senate blue with no real Christians in office allowed.

We will present, not just bias, but outright TREASON by Jewish media interests.

But first...

Not to say they have not helped. Breitbart has been doing great service pointing out the inconsistencies in the accusers' stories against Judge Roy Moore.  Without these alternative news sources, we would not know any of the other side of the story:  
  •   Even if true, Beverly Young Nelson unknowingly exonerated Judge Roy Moore of his most serious accusation. By saying "I thought he was going to rape me!!!" She admitted to the fact that he did not rape her. No rape - neither by way of Jewess Whoopy Goldberg's famous definition of "rape, rape", nor as statutory rape, where an overage man would have sex with an underage girl.  Accusations of smoke, but no acknowledgment of any sexual fire.  Again, even if true, this proves Judge Roy Moore to be a man of considerable moral constraint, who stops when a woman, or even young girl, says stop. Isn't that what liberals say men are supposed to do to pass muster when a woman voluntarily jumps in the back seat with you - then says no ?   Unlike Jew Harvey Weinstein, Jew Al Franken, or Jew Kevin Spacey, who did not stop when told no or who did it when the women were asleep or when the women were not expecting it in a photo shoot, or demanded as a bribe to keep their job, or even underage boys in Kevin Spacey's case ?
  •  Just like Obama's birth certificates, appears that Feminist Icon Lawyer Gloria Allred will not present her sole physical piece of evidence against Judge Roy Moore of him supposedly signing Beverly Young Nelson's yearbook. In a real court of law, lawyer Gloria Allred and Judge Roy Moore both know that the defense is allowed to timely view and examine the prosecution's evidence. In this case, Judge Roy Moore wants independent handwriting experts to review the handwriting. Seems a reasonable request made in defense of an accusation of such a heinous accusation. But she refuses (until effectively after the election). Nevertheless, the key piece of evidence that the yearbook is actually a total fraud, is the fact of the letters "DA" were mistakenly added at the end of the yearbook signature by the forgers. Gloria Allred says this means District Attorney, even though Judge Roy Moore was not a District Attorney at the time, but just an assistant to the District Attorney. Thanks to Breitbart, we learn that still happily-married, man of outstanding principle Roy Moore officiated Young's divorce from a man she could no longer get along with; does this interaction between the two alone not show right here who has character? In fact, Roy Moore did not sign the divorce decree. He had a signature stamp that his clerk at the time stamped, then the clerk placed her own initials at the end of Roy Moore's signature to prove authenticity. The clerk's initials were "DA" for Delbra Adams. The forgery in Young's yearbook stupidly placed the same initials "DA" at the end of his "signature", just like it was in Young's divorce degree. Why does Gloria Allred not allow Judge Roy Moore to clear his good name by allowing an independent investigation by handwriting experts? As a lawyer, is she not interested in truth and justice?  Or just a ton of money? Or, instead of justice for an abused girl, or justice for a falsely accused man, is Gloria Allred really looking for a political outcome of Judge Roy Moore losing by insisting that she will only present the findings to a Senate investigation, which pretty much proves beyond a shadow of a fact what this is all about, since a man pursuing a young girl in Alabama is not normally a topic the Senate would even consider on a national level. This would be a local sheriff investigation at most.  Is Gloria Allred practicing malpractice and should she not be disbarred? 
  •   Why come forward now by a million women in a single week and not a single accuser ever in the 50 preceding years?  Why not when the accusations actually happened? Why not after the women became an adult able to speak up for themselves? Why not after the women became mothers of their own, wanting to protect their own? Not a single woman in 50 years of public service. Not a concern for justice in 50 years, only now? In Young's case, why not during her divorce when she could accuse Roy Moore of having a conflict of interest? Why not after her divorce, when she had no more honor as mother or wife?  Or when Moore ran for governor twice, or twice ran for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, or ran in the run-off against Luther Strange just a month ago?  Why not wait just one more month, till after the elections, so that no one would think this was nothing more than a dirty, shady, scandalous, political stunt?
  •   Judge Roy Moore says she is lying. And his word means far more than her word or the word of smear artist Gloria Allred.
  •  Leigh Corfman says she met Roy Moore at the courthouse, and he ruined her life afterwards, but in fact, the courthouse proceedings were because Leigh Corfman was already a ruined mess, her mother could no longer control her, and agreed to hand custody over to the father, so he could straighten her out.
  •   Speaking of mothers, from most accounts, the mothers themselves passed judgment on Judge Roy Moore, by giving their blessing and telling their daughters they were the luckiest girls in the world to date Judge Roy Moore, who was really looking for a wife.

The Jewish Media
Judge Roy Moore Story

Beginning the rest-of-the-story, which neither Jewish-owned Breitbart, Jewish-owned Drudge, nor Jewish-owned Fox News will cover....

The Jewish Media and Jewish Hollywood have defended CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST and FELLOW JEW Roman Polanski for decades. In those decades, while he escaped all justice by moving to a country with no extradition treaty with the US, they have actually tried to defend the "reputation" of this CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST.

Their morals are not capable of passing judgment on ANYONE, let alone a proved devout Christian like Judge Roy Moore.

But they MUST have us forget such evil in their past, in order to win the Senate back for Democrats. Therefore, with their media hypocrisy-morals thrown overboard, Judge Roy Moore's reputation has to be brutally torn asunder by them.

Unlike Roman Polanski, Judge Roy Moore will get no judicial trial to prove his innocence, nor do they intend he escape judgment.

The Jewish Press have been the ones who pressed charges against Judge Roy Moore, performed all the interrogatories, asked all the leading questions, and presented the "facts" of the case to the jury pool in Alabama.  

No rebuttal allowed from the defense, ESPECIALLY, if the defense is a WHITE CHRISTIAN MAN.

But as usual, there are plenty of Jewish rats in the feed grain, even beyond the obvious ones.

Take the three leading so-called "Alabama" newspapers for instance, who say they only want the decent citizens of Alabama to reject Judge Roy Moore, by their slogan "STAND FOR DECENCY".


Breitbart article on Alabama endorsement of Democrat against Judge Roy Moore

Some argue that the alternative to Judge Roy Moore, his Democrat opponent Doug Jones, has no decency at all, being in favor of the murder of babies, still in the wombs of their mothers. Or Doug Jones will not have the decency to save America from foreign invaders, often called illegal immigrants. Or that Doug Jones will not have the decency to allow Americans to protect themselves with guns from assault by same these unknown and often criminal aliens.

But we go further to say that the so-called "Alabama" newspapers themselves have no decency.

The Birmingham News, the Huntsville Times and the Alabama Press-Register, along with, all endorsed Hillary Clinton for President over Trump.

Where is the decency in that may we ask?  

Hillary's own husband, whom she continues to stand by, has made 23 trips to Jeffrey Epstein's UNDERAGE SEX SLAVE ISLAND in the Caribbean where Bill Clinton engaged in orgies with underage girls who didn't even have the ability to object, as they were sex slaves.

This was not statutory rape,
this was not even ordinary rape,
this was and is
sex trafficking in a girl slave rape organization!!!

Yes, Jew Jeffrey Epstein took many prominent officials to his child sex slave island AND VIDEOTAPED THEM.

Yes, he now blackmails all these men with those videos to get them to do what the Jews want.

But what does this have to do with the three leading newspapers of Alabama you ask?

Why does that malign their decency so much more you ask?

After all, Donald Trump also went to those child sex slave islands and is therefore also blackmailed by Jews.

(That alone explains a lot of Trump's "MATURING IN OFFICE", as the Jews like to call a President being forced to do what they like.)

So, if these "Alabama" newspapers have no decency whatsoever, by defending sexual violators of enslaved little children, then why are they after Judge Roy Moore, when by most accounts, the mothers themselves passed judgment on Judge Roy Moore, by giving their blessing and telling their daughters they were the luckiest girls in the world to date Judge Roy Moore?

The reason the headlines of all three leading "Alabama" newspapers all look the same is because they are all owned by the same man.

And who is the owner of these three Alabama newspapers?

  •  Is that man a fine Alabama native, an Alabama citizen journalist and editor intensely looking out for the best interests of Alabama?  
  •  Is that man a man filled with strict moral Alabama scruples?
  •  Is that man a devout Christian who is such a great Christian, that he can rightfully throw the first stone at Judge Roy Moore's reputation?
I can tell you.

That man is none of those.

  1.  He is a Jewish carpetbagger from New York City.
  1.   He is not looking out for the interests even of his self-defined "decent" people of Alabama.
  1.   He is not looking out for the interests of the Christian majority in Alabama
  1.   And he is fraudulently not setting the record straight about his agenda in Alabama, where he tries to hoodwink moral Alabama Christians into rejecting a true moral Alabama Christian, by falsely invoking the image of LOCAL, HOME-GROWN, OLD-FASHIONED  "ALABAMA" newspapers rejecting Judge Roy Moore.

Free speech all right. -- Freely Yelling FIRE! in a theater - with no real evidence -- by secretly making it appear that the movie theater establishment were giving the fire warning -- only yelled if the false threat of a fire in a theater helps Jews get control of the Senate back again.

Any respectable State would say, "OK, we cannot shut down these "free press" stains on society, but we can at least exercise our own constitutional right of owning our-own free speech and refuse to allow their Jewish propaganda to be spewed such hatred and lies using our good name!"

No longer can a New York City Jew own a newspaper in Alabama who purports to represent the people of the Alabama city of Birmingham by calling his newspaper the Birmingham News. It's not the Birmingham News, it's the Manhattan News through Jewish eyes and should be so truthfully labeled.

No longer can a NYC Jew say the city of Huntsville rejects Judge Roy Moore in a so-called Huntsville Times, unless the city of Huntsville actually uses their own free speech to say so.

No longer should the State of Alabama allow their State designation of "AL" to be used to undermine the free elections of Alabama by Jewish carpetbaggers from NYC; free State elections being actually embedded in the Constitution, not just a First Amendment add-on; with free State elections being a more fundamental part of our Constitutional rights.

Breitbart News, Drudge and Fox were close to the truth, but they did not tackle this fraud face on, the Jewish fraud interest in this story.  

First I will demonstrate who the owner of these newspapers is, then I will show how all other New York City Jewish media have fraudulently used the NYC Jewish owned "Alabama" newspapers editorial as circular evidence of Alabama people not wanting Moore. and GQ
both owned by the same Corporation.

GQ and Alabama Newspapers related

As you can see above. is owned by Advance.Net, otherwise known as Advance Publications, as are the three biggest newspapers.

But is and its owner Advance.Net truly patriotic Americans with an impeccable moral base?  

Not if you read one of their other publications, GQ, who just named Colin Kaepernick as the American "Citizen of the Year".

As Jewish-owned Fox News likes to say, "We report -- You decide".

Anti-American Flag
Cop Hater,
Colin Kaepernick

named GQ
"Citizen of the Year"

Colin Kaepernick "Citizen of the Year"

wanting to destroy

Thanksgiving Civic Duty

So let's see who owns the "Alabama" newspapers who endorse OUTSIDER Hillary Clinton, but reject INSIDER Judge Roy Moore while saying Colin Kaepernick is America's "Citizen of the Year" and wanting our President served up for Thanksgiving.

Jew Donald Newhouse
Publishing Tycoon
of Advance Publications

NYC Jew Donald Newhouse owns the three biggest Alabama newspapers

Wow, it's been an OUTSIDER man influencing Alabama elections from the INSIDE.

Donald and Samuel Newhouse own Advance Publications, which own the three 'Alabama" newspapers.

Donald Newhouse is a Jew who lives in NYC.  -- But he thinks he can speak and think for the Christian people of Alabama.

Donald Newhouse is the NYC Jew who hides behind the good name of the cities of Birmingham and Huntsville, as well as the good name of Alabama, to smear great and just Alabamans like Judge Roy Moore.

Why can't Breitbart News point this out?  You thought you could trust them?  Thought they were the good guys.

Nope, Breitbart News, along with DrudgeReport, along with Fox News, are just the right-wing Jews running our news, to provide a false balance to the left-wing Jews running our news. 

Most of the comments by people in Alabama in a recent "Alabama" article about Judge Roy Moore are totally oblivious to how they are being manipulated by non-Christian outsiders, but there are a few who understand a small part of what is at stake in this cultural fight, as shown here.

The most enlightened Comments
among a sea of lost souls


But what about the known Jewish news patting each other on the back?  

In circular pattern, one Jewish NYC newspaper, pretending to be from Alabama is cited by another Jewish NYC media conglomerate, as proof Alabama does not want Judge Roy Moore.

Jewish NYC CBS
Jewish NYC Donald Newhouse
as evidence that
"Alabama newspapers"
reject Roy Moore

NYC CBS backs NYC-owned Alabama papers

Do you see CBS giving you the entire story about who is the real backer of the three "Alabama" newspapers?  Nope, neither did we.  And CBS was not along. All the NYC elite Jewish media were covering the same story, as if it were independently collaborated.

A serious breach of Journalistic ethics!!!!

Again, time to stop NYC Jews from misconstruing the good name of Alabama, in order to run their fraudulent outsider election influence peddling in Alabama.

In the article below, we will let the three "Alabama" newspapers have the last word about who stands for decency.

Even when asked if the three "Alabama" newspapers were "Out of Step with the people of Alabama" (they absolutely are), the VP of the newspapers lies and states that they are not out of step with "the multitudes of Alabamians -- who stand for decency"

Their definition of "decency" however would give the statement an aura of truthfulness I suppose, but you can read the NPR story yourself here...

Monday on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Alabama Media Group’s vice president of content Michelle Holmes offered details on her news organization’s decision to put an editorial on the front page of the Sunday editions of The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times and Mobile, AL’s Press-Register.

The editorial criticized Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore and urged readers to vote for his opponent Democratic Party nominee Doug Jones.

Holmes justified the decision by saying it was the outlet’s view that “decency comes first.” However, she was also asked by NPR’s Ari Shapiro about their endorsement of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in a state that went overwhelmingly for Trump, and how that might be perceived as being out of step with Alabamians.

Holmes told Shapiro they were not “out of step” with Alabamians that stood for “decency.”

Partial transcript as follows:

SHAPIRO: Your newspapers took a similar position on Donald Trump, endorsing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign. And Alabama overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Are you out of step with the voters of your state?

HOLMES: We’re not out of step with the multitudes of Alabamians who stand for decency, who stand for loving their neighbors. One out of 3 people here voted for Hillary Clinton. That’s certainly not going to win any election. But in terms of the fabric of society, we are not the monolithic right-wing state that many outside of Alabama see.

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