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November 2017 AD

Washington Post's
Dirty Underwear Edition
"comes" to Alabama

The real scandal in the Senate special-election campaign:
  •     Democrat Doug Jones wants to bring New York values to Alabama.
Which can only happen if:
  1.     Democrat Media brings Hollywood scandal to Roy Moore.
First off, the Washington Post has no right to be involved in the Alabama Senate race. That is for the people of Alabama to decide and that is for the Alabama press to watch-dog over.  

By the way, by saying that this is for the Alabama press to watch-dog over, this is not for false "Alabama" press to report who are actually themselves also NYC liberal Jews.

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, but he doesn't own Alabama.

Bezos cannot squawk on and on about OUTSIDE Russians influencing our national elections when he is a crazed OUTSIDER influencing Alabama's State election.

Second, the truly disgusting part of the Washington Post story is the story itself.

The real story is a national press having no other national or international news to report on, than to resort to its journalists digging, like the filthy perverts they are, into people's private drawers, through their underwear 50 years back, looking for stains.

The journalists at the Washington Post probably get a kick out of sniffing them as well.

Roy Moore no threat to women

There is a reason why we have statute of limitation laws in our courtrooms, but trial by press seems somehow always to be legal even weeks before an election.

Yes you "I have nothing to hide" silly people, facts are that even "almost" saints have dirty underwear somewhere for a perverted Washington Post to exhibit to all your neighbors, friends and family, should you be on the "right" side of political correctness.  

Even if you are an out-right saint, the press can and do lie about you, which seems to have happened a lot in the Judge Roy Moore allegations by the Washington Post.

The Washington Post has degenerated into the gutters to become the new National Enquirer.

Funny thing is, we are finding out more and more each day that the National Enquirer has always been more fact-based about Hollywood than the Washington Post has been about news - or about events in Hollywood.

"The National Enquirer news was trash", so said The Washington Post and their ilk.  "You should believe our news instead, as we are a 'decent and respectable'" news organization.

Facts are that Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood "elites" have always had their filthy underwear sent out to the Washington Post to have them cleaned on a weekly basis.

Even the toughest stain was not too much for the Washington Post to tackle, if you are on the "left" side of political correctness.

But not the Boy-Scout-clean, Clorox-white-treated underwear of Judge Roy Moore.

For him, the Washington "Inquiring minds want to know" Post has to rub dirt into Judge Roy Moore's shiny underwear before hanging his unwashed on a clothes line for all to see.

You see, they lied!

How else would they be able to sell their version of the news?

Totally unable to defeat Judge Moore on issues important to the people of Alabama, the Washington Post Yankee carpet baggers made plans to defeat him on his dating habits of 50 years ago.

Which when you read the details, we are finding actually makes him out to be almost a saint.

A better man than I was with the girls for sure, and I'm sure in the minds of most voters as well.

It's not like Judge Moore was criminally slipping girls Mickeys (like their beloved Bill Cosby), or criminally beating off in front of girls (like their funny man Louis CK), or humping his own staff and raping others (like their worshiped Bill Clinton), or adulterously running slutty girlfriends to their death off bridges (like time-honored Teddy Kennedy), or even accused of rape and convicted (like their master director Roman Polanski who was feted and cheered by all these Hollywood "elites" for decades), or enticing our elites to child sex slave islands and then blackmailing them (like their fellow Jew Jeffery Epstein).

Judge Moore was the exact opposite. He was seen by moms as great marriage material.

When one of the women, Debbie Wesson Gibson, 17 when Moore allegedly approached her, asked her mother what she would say about Debbie dating the 34-year-old Moore, her mother replied, “I’d say you were the luckiest girl in the world,” the Post relates. After all, Moore at the time was a hero in his relatively small home town of Gadsden, having graduated from West Point; served in Vietnam; and, during the relevant period, 1977-’82, being assistant district attorney for Etowah County in northern Alabama.

The only real concern was Leigh Corfman dating Judge Moore at the age of 14. Which is already found to be partially a lie from the accuser. Leigh Corman's mother says Leigh never had a phone in her room.

That is a Washington Post quoted lie from a liar. As I'm sure most of it is, once we find Leigh Corfman had been given $200,00 from the Clinton Foundation. (Just give it a week. Hillary can't keep nothing a secret)  

After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they surely should have been made public long before now. The Judge has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice. He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious law and traditional marriage.

Used to be that the word of a West Point graduate, happily married for 33 years, head of the Alabama Supreme Court which judged all Alabama law, with not a hint of scandal in those 40 years, would be given perhaps slightly more weight than against the word of a thrice divorced, bankrupt drunk and drug user, who attempted suicide at the age of 16 - and lied about getting calls to her bedroom at the age of 14 from Judge Moore when she didn't have a bedroom phone.

But then again, we have Mega-rich liberal Jeff Bezos, using his super media weapon, the Washington Post, er National Enquirer, desperately wanting to decide the outcome of Alabama's Senate race.

There should be a law that a national news service cannot even endorse a local candidate, in a local race, to be decided by locals, let alone provide fake positive news to help the candidate they like while providing fake negative news to harm the candidate they oppose, and especially, a statute of limitations law, much as courtrooms have, that no news service can bring these allegations as "October Surprises", after Republicans (and Democrats) have already had a primary campaign where the facts should have been given, discussed and voted on.

To do so otherwise, is unfair, unjust and the Washington Post way.


Moore or Less? Are sexual accusations against Roy Moore Dirty Tricks? 

by Selwyn Duke

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