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October 2017 AD

Can Jewish Campaign cash
buy the Supreme Court?

Instead of wasting all our time fruitlessly investigating whether or not Christian Russia influences our Presidential elections, how about we investigate the already known fact that Jewish Israel influences our Supreme Court appointments.

Six of the last eight Supreme Court picks from the last 4 Democrat Presidents have out-right been Jewish dual citizens of Israel.  A seventh has Jewish roots and was selected during immigration debates for Hispanic PC purposes, while the eight was a black man selected during the Civil Rights era for Black PC purposes.

PresidentSupreme Court PickJewish or not Jewish?
JFKArt GoldbergJewish
LBJThurgood MarshallBlack for PC purposes
LBJAbe FortesJewish
ClintonRuth Bader GinsbergJewish
ClintonStephen BreyerJewish
ObamaElena KagenJewish
ObamaSonia SotomayorJewish background
ObamaMerrick GarlandJewish

Today, there are NO PROTESTANTS on the Supreme Court.  

But there are 3 Jews and a fourth who has a Jewish background.  Let that sink in knowing that the DEMOCRATS advertise this country as a DEMOCRATIC country with a Protestant ruling majority; meaning, we should have at least one token Protestant.

Americans do not knowingly select Jews to be President, ever, so who would think Americans would want the President they had just selected to make half their Supreme Court Jewish?

We all know the facts of the case, should not be too hard to prove:

    A) The DEMOCRATS are immoral corrupt politicians who will do anything for money.

    B) While Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not even as smart as your Golden Retriever.

    C) Which adds up to bought and paid for Supreme Court appointments.

Can we investigate the connection between tens of millions of dollars donated to DEMOCRAT Presidential campaigns by Jews and the "possibility" that those millions of dollars bought Jewish seats on the Supreme Court for the 2.5% of America who is Jewish?  

It's not like we don't already know this has happened in the past.

We have documented how the first Jewish Supreme Court justice came to be appointed.

Turns out that Louis Brandais very well may have NOT been the best candidate to decide Supreme Court cases for a hundred million Christians after all.

Progressive DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson had had an adulterous affair with the wife of a fellow professor while he was at Princeton University.  The love letters were given to DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN DONER and Jewish lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer, who took the love letters to President Wilson with a request from the secret lover for $40,000 to help the son of the new man she married. Woodrow Wilson did not have the $40,000, as that was a huge amount of money in that day, but Mr. Uttermey "generously" offered to help our President out of the fix he was in by offering to pay the $40,000 himself. The only string attached was that Mr. Untermeyer was to name Woodrow Wilson's first Supreme Court appointment, which was of course, Louis Brandais.  

Mr. Untermeyer retained the love letters for "safe keeping".

Could very well be that an unknown university professor was selected by prominent Jews to be President of the United States exactly because they already had this dirt on Woodrow Wilson and had already planned to use it on him once they helped him win the nomination.

Why did otherwise moral JFK put a Jew on the Supreme Court instead of a Catholic?  

Most likely for the same reason Woodrow Wilson did - blackmail.

Jews had knowledge of his affairs with Marlyn Monroe and his pain pill addictions.  

We only know these things today because Jews turned on JFK when he demanded Israel open up their Dimona nuclear plant where Vanunu gave evidence of Jews constructing nuclear bombs there in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. They also had to kill RFK who would have gotten revenge for his brother if he had been elected President.

Let's investigate, let's impeach Supreme Court justices, and let's hang our former Presidents for treason.

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