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September 2017 AD

Faning the Flames
in America's Crowded Theater
Shut down Free Speech
War on American History

Tiki Torches

White Supremacists

flame thrower

Liberal Tiki Parade

Talk about the proverbial screaming FIRE!!! in a crowded movie theater!!!!

The Jewish Media are fanning this multi-flame forest fire of Charlottesville as much as they possibly can, using as much kerosene as they can throw onto the multiple fires they built.

In other words, the Jewish MS media are unabashidly using their :

"Black Civil Right protected",
Right of Free Speech ... shut down, the ordinary man's
Right to Free Speech.
To Declare War on American History

Thinking ahead, the Jewish MS media have even left themselves an out to cover this scenario.

We are constantly reminded that First Amendment protections do not cover yelling fire in  the proverbial crowded theater  -- BY THE ORDINARY CITIZEN IS THE IMPLICATION.

Yes, the Jewish media can yell fire in a crouded theater, if they were at the theater covering a story, but you, the private citizen, have no right whatsoever to do the same.

So says Nasty Pelosi.

you do not have a Free Speech right to
with that
causing deliberate injury

Nasty Pelosi is now on record incorrectly saying
 "you cannot scream WOLF! in a crowded theater".

Amazing how these quotes get screwed up by liberals.

Of course you can scream FIRE! in a crowded threater, IF THERE IS A FIRE!

No one will go to jail for saving people's live in a fire by telling them there is a fire.

What you are NOT allowed to do, even according to the Supreme Court by the Constitution, is to FALSELY make a statement that deliberately causes injury and/or death.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in the landmark free speech case, Schenck v. United States (1919). 
“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic,”

This is story of Charlottesville, a story about Jewish MS Media creating FALSE SPEECH Fake News event which has caused injury and death.

Of course Jewish MS Media deliberetely lying and deliberely advocating for a revolution which will result in the overthrow of the Constitution is not protected free speech either.

Let us be clear here, the Supreme Court decision in Schenck should not be interpreted by anyone as NOT ALSO applying to a man who happens to work for a multi-national  Media conglomoration who falsely screams fire in a crowded thearter.

In fact, with its massive power and influience, the multi-national media conglomerate  should be held to a much highter standard of truth and honesty, as is expected of law enforcement, NOT to a much lower standard, or even non-existent standard, which is what we have at present.

Leftists hold torch lite procession

Want to know what is really shameful?

The Jewish MS media even covered the torch procession on their own side, lol!!!!  Wow, that was displaying pure heartless sensitivity.

Leftists looking like Nazi stormtroopers, but this time to gain sympathy for their cause.

How does that even work in this context?

Lessons Learned

So what did we learn from all this? 

Answer: we are now afraid of the Tiki torches on our own back patios.

What we also learned is that President Obama did nothing about "racist" statues for his entire 8 year reign.

Finally, we learned a little about Nasty Pelosi, and I think I now understand more about what motivates Nasty Pelosi.

Her real concern is the pigeon dung disgracing the image of her father's hero, Robert E. Lee.

So, Pelosi's Own Father Once Dedicated a Statue to Robert E. Lee

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi woke up from her 30-year slumber last week and suddenly decided to be outraged by the Confederate statues standing in the halls of Congress. She finds them "reprehensible" and is demanding House Speaker Paul Ryan have them removed. 

Her family tree history makes her outrage a bit awkward. Red Alert Politics dug up a bit of history to find that Pelosi's own father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., dedicated a statue to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee when he was the mayor of Baltimore.

The BLM Black-KKK Strikes

But what about that black-KKK man with the "black hood", using a frigging FLAME THROWER!!

Does he have a Constitutional right to free speech here?

Claims he was an "innocent black man protesting peacefully" -- who just happened to find an aerosol can lying on the ground.

...No mention of where he found his black-KKK mask which sadly hides "his loving, peaceful and perfectly legal protest face".

...No mention of why this BLM terrorist, aka Black-KKK was not pointing the aerosol can at the police, since he emphatically implies he hates police just as much as white supremacists.

A care worker who fought off white supremacist attackers in Charlottesville with an improvised flame thrower said he had set out for a peaceful protest against “Nazis who took over my town”.

But the 23-year-old said the scene quickly turned violent when one of the thousands of extremists who had taken to the streets fired a gun next to his feet - while police nearby failed to react.

Another extremist later lunged at Mr Long with a confederate flag and he fought back with a spray can he said he found on the ground, putting a lighter to the nozzle and turning it into a weapon.

“At first it was peaceful protest. Until someone pointed a gun at my head. Then the same person pointed it at my foot and shot the ground.”

But he claimed the police stood by and did nothing when the right-wing marchers turned violent against counter-protestors in clashes that left 19 injured.

The cops were protecting the Nazis, instead of the people who live in the city,” Mr Long said. “The cops basically just stood in their line and looked at the chaos. The cops were not protecting the people of Charlottesville. They were protecting the outsiders.”
-- BLM Protester Corey Long

If you don't know what "trying to incite fear" is, this article copied below about Jews living in fear is the prime definition. 

"The Jew will NOT Replace us", seems like a fairly sane, fairly appropriate response to what the Jewish media has been presenting to America.

White Russian Christian Devils
replaced by
White American Christian Devils

Gotta love the Jewish Media, for they have tons of gall.

Yesterday, it was all about the bad White Russian Christians.

Today, it's all about the bad White American Christians.

MOB RULE controls our streets. SCORES OF THOUSANDS gag a tiny majority and SCREAM "FIRE" in a crowded theater. ANTIFA and BLM are terrorizing American Cities because the MEDIA legitimizes the threat of violence that they use to suppress the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of others.

And it's all about White Americans.

When you think about this cherry-picked piece of propaganda (see article below), it's actually anti-Semitic, promoting fake ideas that Jews are somehow threatened in the U.S.

In fact, to call Trump a Nazi should be seen by Jews as cheapening the so-called Holocaust and so-called the death of 6 million Jews.

Lost in all the confusion is that lefties have gotten so rabid, that they have totally forgotten Russia, and are now fighting statues. 

In response, a few "deplorables" show up to protect the defenseless statues.

The left are marching and attacking people who only want their statues to stay in place, love their heroes, and want to honor their dead family members , which becomes a great recruitment vehicle for the white supremacists who, until all of this had very few followers or power.

And in case you don't know, a few hundred marchers at Charlottesville, that 99% of the country disagrees with, is not an imminent second "Holocaust".

Sorry Jewish idiots, the non-socialist Confederates, fighting against a despot federal president Lincoln sending troops into their States, could never be Nazi, since socialist Nazism would not be invented for another 60 years.

Are we not told over and over about the evils of stereotyping by these leftist "moralists"?

Just like not all blacks want to be grouped into a few bad ones known as BLM, and not all Muslims want to be associated with the Barcelona truck killings of innocent tourists on Las Ramblas, then not all whites should be grouped with a few bad ones known as white supremacists, right?

Which begs the question.

Why does minimal violence between two groups looking for a fight
demand so much more outrage than
Muslims looking for a fight,
by massively attacking totally innocent tourists in Barcelona?

and just as bad
orginally wanting to target the Christian namesake of Barcelona,
the Sacreda Familia Church

The liberal media portraying these marchers as mainstream republicans is shameful.

How does one paint Trump as an anti-Semite when all Trump's children are married with Jews? Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr, with Trump's beloved favorite child, Ivanka, even changing her faith to Judaism. An anti-Semite does not fill several key positions in his companies and in his Cabinet with Jews, and have a good working relationship with Israel and Netanyahu.

I mean, I wish Trump displayed a basic understanding of dominant Jewish control in America, but this is just garbage propaganda -- Bolshevik style.

Why are Jews worried?

  1.  They totally own the U.S. government through AIPAC and the unconstitutional cabal of privately-owned Jewish banks known as the "Federal" Reserve System.
  1.  They own 99% of all U.S. media, which allows them to propagandize the American public at will.
  1.  They control U.S. foreign policy, which is really Israeli foreign policy.
  1.  They have bought and paid-for, Israel-first politicians like John McCain and Lyndsey Graham.
  1.  The Israel and their Zionist counterparts in the U.S. launch false-flag terror attacks on the U.S., like the 1967 USS Liberty attack and 9/11 so that the U.S. fights wars for Israel, not for the United States.
  1.  America is nothing but a puppet state of the Rothschild Jewish banking dynasty, who also founded and own Israel. And on and on.
  1.  So these Jews are crying crocodile tears when they say they're worried about antisemitism - they're always playing the victim, even though they're almost always the aggressors.

An old Polish proverb goes, "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

Jews outnumber "white nationalists" in the USA by hundreds of thousands to one. The odds are far greater that this writer will have the Mossad show up at his door than any Jew has to fear that a "White Nationalist" would confront him.

The nation of Israel proudly boasts that it stands up to 100 million blood-thirsty Muslims surrounding them, but 5 million American Jews cannot stand up to 100 white supremacists from Alabama, a state they never go to?  ROTFL !!!!

In fact, we have documented over and over again that Jews run many false flag operations targeting their own Jewish properties in order to send menacing bomb threat emails and to destroy Jewish property just to gain sympathy for Jews. (see here and here.)

Jews have used hatred, having nothing to do with white supremacists, in their hate speech against White Supremacists (see here)

Jews have even been outed running White Supremacist groups. (see here)

A couple of young white idealists facing off against an avalanche of anti-white propaganda does not equal Germany in 1938.  These groups have rallies all the time but it is just special timing for the liberal media now.

The Jewish MSM is the modern day Joseph Goebbels.

Or were Jews of the day just creating a false Joseph Goebbels story and they were the true Joseph Goebbels all along.

You have to question everything you think you know about history.

You can call it bigotry all you want, the fact is; the overwhelming majority of terror attacks or mass shootings are conducted by Islamic Extremists. 

And for blacks, their most famous leader, Jessie Jackson, was made famous for calling Jews Hymies, and New York City Hymietown.

As always, the Jewish media only will attack white Christians.

With universities beating people for speech, Leftists attacking people in the streets all over the country, and in this case, a Jewish Mayor telling his police to stand down, we have a far better chance of a new Soviet Union and an new Lenin popping up.

I'm so skewed up that I think I'll hide under my bed until the media moves on to another unfounded fear to exploit.

The counter protesters in Boston (was it 50,000) tell the true American story and demonstrate these angry punks will not prevail.

This is interesting coming from a Jewish commenter, "I'm Jewish and have no worries except for the police who protect me being shot".  (translation, he is more concerned with putting down BLM, than white nationalists)

Anyone who thinks we as a society are getting ready to start mass murders based on religion is much much better leaving. We don't need your kind of crazy here.

What's the difference between American White Nationalists and Israeli White Nationalists in Apartheid Israel anyway?

Answer: Israeli White Nationalists are actually in control and American White Nationalists are a tiny despised minority.

Isn't a Zionist in Israel just a Jewish "Chosen People" White Nationalist putting down Palestinian People of Color?
This kind of "journalism" is completely irresponsible -- and dangerous.

Where is this headed?


  1.  The University of Virginia was founded by slave owner Thomas Jefferson and is therefore a racist institution.
    1.  What to do? 
    2.  Tear down the entire campus, brink by brick!
  1.   The New World was founded by Christopher Columbus. who enslaved the natives, therefore, the entire New World is racist.
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Throw out all 500 million Europeans living here then!
  1.  The University of Southern California has a slave-owning Roman Centurion as a mascot making it demonstrably racist!!!
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Blow up the campus, imprison all the professors for race crimes
  1.  The Constitution was written by James Madison making our government irredeemably racist.
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Tear up this racist document written by a racist!
  1.  Andrew Jackson moved Indians to Oklahoma, showing how racist the entire East Coast really is.
    1.  What to do? 
    2.  Seize the entire Eastern Seaboard from whites and move the Indians back to their homelands!
  1.  General Ulysses S Grant defeated Confederate general Robert E. Lee, but who cares, as he also ordered corrupt Jewish cotton traders out of the war zone instead of arresting them through General Order # 11, nevertheless allowing Jews to call him an anti-Semite.
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Tear down Grant's tomb in New York City, home to  millions of Jews
  1.  The White House being white is obviously racist and we are told, regardless of white architects, white taxpayers, and white supervisors, that blacks were the ones who actually built the White House
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Repaint it black and call it the Black House or just tear it down
  1.  FDR was a racist for imprisoning all Japanese after Pearl Harbor
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Destroy all his monuments plus all his racist New Deal laws such as Social Security
  1.  Bill Clinton signed into law the bill which would round up another million plus American blacks under Constitutional Amendment 13 which still allowed slavery and involuntary servitude in cases of punishment for crimes.
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Rip apart the Democrat Party who followed and believed in the Clintons.
  1.  Dolly Parton will have to be denounced as a racist. She hosts a Dixie Stompede pitting the North against the South in a friendly Disney-like reenactment of a horrid event in American history
    1.  What to do?
    2.  Well, both Dixie Stompedes will have to be shut down and Dolly arrested of course.
  1.  Israel was founded by Jews who had lead a communist revolution killing a hundred million while still in Russia, and stole all the land from Palestinians.  Being the self-prescribed "Chosen People", all Jews are inherently and evilly the epitome of racists.
    1. What to do?
    2.  Throw them out of Israel and give it back to its rightful owners -- Christians.

End Game
Censorship of Christian views
Destruction of American Society

Jews were the original promoters of "free speech" -- for themselves -- so they could persuade the peoples of each country to turn against their own government, in this case Christian Kings and Queens, in favor of secular Democracy, which they could control through their "free speech" and "free press".

Afterwards, when they controlled both the government -- and still controlled the press -- they were still staunch defenders of free speech.

Jews took the principles of free speech and made it into a religion. Never to be questioned, just as God was never to be questioned.

....And then they used their Jewish free speech to question the Christian God.

But as the Internet became the great equalizer in free speech, the Jewish media no longer seem at all committed to the bedrock principles they once divinized.

Recent events in particular.

First, the Jewish press ratchetes up the paranoia by outlandishly agrandizing a peaceful protest to defend Conferderate statutes in Charlottesville as a Nazi rally for death camps, then comes the crackdown on all dissenters from the right in the name of fighting Nazism.

It's already happening.

Websites with dissenting views are already being shut down right but not left.

As one rational Jew says, "What scares me is not "Natzies," it's the impulse of the Left towards authoritarianism and control."

This "rational Jew" should be honest about the Jewish influence over the Left he rails against. 

The left is wholely owned and controlled by Jews, just as much of the right is controlled by Jews like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson as well.

Of course, the rational Jew is doing a very rational act. He is shutting down all speech which would threaten his choke-hold on America.

When the Christian Czar of Russia did the same in 1917, or the Christian King of France did so in 1789, and so on and so on, the Jews were calling for revolution and won.

With the Jews worst the tyrant of any Christian King or Christian Czar against  their fellow Christians, calls for a Christian Revolution against our Jewish masters may indeed be warranted.


American Jews hear the footsteps of white nationalists and worry

Garance Franke-Ruta  August 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — The day after the election in 2016, Nancy Goldstein, a 55-year-old Brooklyn writer and academic who has never been to Israel, opened up her computer and began the process of applying for Israeli citizenship.

In Washington, D.C., 49-year-old entrepreneur David Bennahum began the complex process of moving his family and startup business to Montreal, finally establishing all four of them and the company there in July.

The one thing they had in common: They are both Jewish. And both had looked at the campaign of Donald J. Trump and decided they would be safer as Jews and as liberals if they had an exit strategy from America.

The question of living as a Jew in America under Trump has provoked varying degrees of anxiety in the year since he tweeted out an anti-Semitic meme about Hillary Clinton — the infamous Star of David tweet — and then sought to defend it as a “Sheriff’s Star.” That’s when I first started to hear the half-panicked, half-joking conversations about exit strategies if Trump won and considerations about where to go if America were ever to become unsafe. A friend whose grandparents had fled Germany talked to her mother about going back there. A half-Jewish, half-Australian friend decided to pursue — and ultimately secured — dual citizenship and an Australian passport.

Contemplating worst-case scenarios is something practically encoded in the Jewish DNA, a legacy of 2,000 years of persecution culminating in the slaughter of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust less than a century ago. And given that most American Jews are Democrats and political progressives, the sense of foreboding that Trump has provoked has been compounded by his actions and rhetoric against other groups Jews have stood in solidarity with in America: refugees, immigrants, religious minorities, people fighting for civil rights.

Now the events in Charlottesville, Va., have triggered more difficult historical memories, and forced some Jews to freshly confront troubling questions about their personal and community safety. And it’s forcing many of them to weigh how much they trust America against how much they trust their own fears about where their country is going under Trump.

“What happened last Shabbat was terrifying. Seeing Nazis marching with torches on American soil touches our deepest vulnerability, our collective trauma. Hearing the leader of our country refuse to take a stand against them reminds us of so many closed borders, so many who turned away when our parents and grandparents were running for their lives,” Rabbi Rachel Timoner of Congregation Beth Elohim wrote in a letter to her Brooklyn, N.Y., congregation urging them to not feel alone in their fears, and to stand with in the wake of the Charlottesville car attack.

Three days after Charlottesville, Eran Greenberg, a 42-year-old doctor who works in Northern Virginia, had a different response: He retook possession of the gun he’d bought years ago but kept stored outside his home. “Seeing this up three blocks from my house set me off,” he said, sharing a photo of an Identity Evropa poster proclaiming “Our destiny is ours” on a lamppost in Old Town, Alexandria, Va. Identity Evropa is an American white supremacist group, and the offices of “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer are in Alexandria, making the city a hub of white nationalist activity.

“Every Jewish person I know feels pretty much exactly the same way. And it’s this sort of sense of dread because we don’t know when we’re being unnecessarily frightened and when to take it seriously. It’s the question that’s been asked by Jews around the world: When is it time to go? When is it time to leave? And when is it too late?” asked Kaili Joy Gray, 39, a D.C.-based senior editor at Share Blue media, who unspooled a Twitter thread asking similar questions after Charlottesville.

“Most of the time for American Jews, now, in 2017, we feel pretty safe. We don’t necessarily stand out. We don’t necessarily get a lot of attention, and we are used to thinking about the horrible things that have happened throughout our history as historical things. And in the last few days we’ve seen Nazis, saluting Trump and saying ‘Heil Trump’ and it stirs anger and frustration and fear and makes you realize it’s not history, it’s right now and this movement — this hatred — is being fueled by the president of the United States and that’s terrifying,” she said.

D.C.-area residents, like New Yorkers, have since Sept. 11 been urged to develop evacuation plans in the event of a terrorist attack, and many work in offices that continue to hand out emergency kits with items such as whistles and face masks. The fact that so many Jews live in communities that have already been on high alert or targeted by al-Qaeda doubtless contributes to the conversations about exit strategies and escape routes, along with the political environment and recent worries about a conflict with a nuclear North Korea. But mainly it’s Trump.

“My husband and I have talked about [having to leave] only since Trump took office. In the last half-year, we’ve said, you know it’s a possibility,” said Maia, 40, a business development specialist in Washington, D.C., who asked that I not to use her last name or place of employment.

“Thank God there’s an Israel and we have property there,” she added, noting that that would be the couple’s destination if they ever felt truly threatened in America. Israel, of course, routinely comes under rocket fire from armed militias and has been subjected to waves of terrorist attacks that dwarf anything seen in America.

“Personally, it’s not as threatening to me as 9/11,” Maia said of the neo-Nazi marchers. “That felt more like an assault. This feels like a lot of empty rhetoric without a lot of planning. I hope that this can bring us together like 9/11.”

Bennahum’s reasons for moving to Canada were more complex than just the attentiveness to politics that comes with being a son of a Jew who survived World War II in Nazi-occupied Romania. There were serious business incentives, such as not having to pay healthcare costs for his employees, thanks to Canada’s single-payer system. And he speaks French.

“What opened the deal was the election and then what closed it was the incentives offered by the federal government and the Quebec government to companies like mine to relocate engineers and resources,” he said.

But he also has a dark theory about what’s happening in America, where he sees a democracy that has been under assault since the 1994 Gingrich revolution. The “deeply bad” Bush v. Gore decision, the “nihilistic Republican Congress from 2010 forward,” and Clinton’s loss of the White House despite winning the popular vote are, along with Gingrich’s move to polarize Congress, “four sequential fundamental battering rams to the social norms of the republic” that have helped weaken the American project, he said.

“I put the chances at one in three that the republic is over. Full stop. That the grand American experiment, the world’s oldest continuous democracy — 240 years young — I put it at a one in three shot that it’s out. If Republicans hold Congress in 2018, it goes to one in two. And I think if Trump is reelected with a Republican Congress in 2020, it’s one in one. It is over. … It’s all going to be decided in the next, what, 41 months,” he said. “If I’m wrong, great, then I’ll come back. It’s not complicated. If I’m right, I’m really sorry.”

“I think everyone needs an exit strategy. It doesn’t mean you have to exit right away. But if you have not executed on your path out, you’re naive. If your plan is just to wait and see, that’s not a good story. We know how that ends. That ends in tears, at best,” he said.

Not everyone is so apocalyptic about the future for Jews in America.

“Give me a country and I will tell you we are a lot better off than that country in the Jewish community,” said Ira Forman, the former special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism at the U.S. State Department. “I’d much prefer being a Jew in the United States in terms of anti-Semitic threats than even Canada, France or the U.K.”

“Anti-Semitism in the U.S. has been almost qualitatively different from what we see overseas,” he said. “We are not in the ’30s, and we are not the German Jewish community in the 1930s. It is sure as heck not that. But we can’t be complacent.”

Fighting anti-Semitism is hard, and some of the most obvious approaches, such as taking down Twitter and Facebook accounts of white supremacists, don’t do as much to solve the problem as people might hope. What works best, what is most powerful, Forman said, is the power of social opprobrium.

“One thing we know a fair amount about is civil society speaking out. Heads of churches, civic leaders, business leaders, even common people — when people speak out and the haters pay a social cost, that’s a very powerful tool. We need a lot of folks to speak out. Not just political leaders. We need civil society to rise up,” he said. “It’s got to be consistent, it’s got to be long term and it’s got to be a lot of people.”

The Jews I’ve spoken with are less afraid that the U.S. government will turn on them with the organized ferocity of the Third Reich than that independent armed bands of anti-Semites and white supremacists will gain enough strength and engage in enough acts of terrorism, harassment and negative propaganda to bring what has been the golden age of America for Jews to an end.

Fear of civilian anti-Semitism and mob violence, and not just official state actions, is deeply grounded in the Jewish experience of non-state actors being the vanguard of anti-Semitic violence when egged on by government officials.

“The ‘very fine people’ comment sent shivers down my spine, because the Latvian man who led the murder of my grandfather’s family and the rest of the inhabitants of his tiny village ended up immigrating to Canada after World War II. He settled in Toronto, where I grew up, and in fact lived in the same suburb as I did, not far from my house,” said Lavi Soloway, 50, an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles who in 2004 became a U.S. citizen. “Why am I afraid? I know that ordinary people, patriotic nationalists, people with hatred for the other, specifically hatred for Jews, can be driven to insane acts of violence.”

“Those Charlottesville marchers are a danger to us all. And I cannot simply write them off as a small band of loonies, not with the president giving them succor,” he said.

And then there is the deep pain caused by watching elders taking note of the new anti-Semitism in their waning days.

“When the Nazis invaded [my grandmother’s] hometown of Lodz, Poland, she was 18 years old. She watched as her parents and all the members of her family were killed. She survived three years in the Lodz Ghetto and internment in Auschwitz, Hainichen and Theresienstadt concentration camps,” said Soloway.

“She has lived a remarkable life, and thus it is so monstrously unjust that after having succeeded to rebuild and raise a family, and see her grandchildren grow to adulthood and start families of their own, she is now confronted with the rise of racist nationalism and anti-Semitism, not just in the U.S. but certainly in Europe as well.”

Children too have been frightened in a way that hurts. “Yesterday my 9 year-old saw some footage from Charlottesville. Then she asked me if there would be a second Holocaust,”  tweeted writer Peter Beinart on Friday.

Younger Jews in general are having trouble reconciling the idea of Nazi marches in America with how they think about this country, said Michael Uram, executive director and campus rabbi at the University of Pennsylvania, Trump’s alma mater.  A lot of students, particularly those at large universities in major cities who grew up on the coasts, “think of anti-Semitism as something that existed for their grandparents and parents.”

To confront it as something they too might have to fight is jarring. “There was an incredible sense of shock and disorientation that all this bubbled up,” he said. “They have not felt marginalized or prohibited from doing anything — and yet the story of anti-Semitism is coming up. It’s very hard for students on campus to integrate, to understand how it fits into their Jewish story.”

Some scoff at the idea that Americans would ever turn against Jews in a threatening way. Jewish Americans are, by and large, well assimilated, educated and successful. Trump’s own daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner, one of the president’s most trusted advisers. The public views Jews more warmly than any other religious faith, according  to a Pew Research Center study from 2014, although the numbers are higher among older Americans than those under 30. As well, “Jews receive their most positive ratings from whites,” according to Pew, demonstrating that there is a deep well of good faith toward Jews among the population from which white supremacists seek to recruit.

The widespread public condemnations of the marchers in Charlottesville and the rejection of the president by business, arts and charity leaders since his widely panned remarks Tuesday has been heartening to opponents of white nationalism. In Boston on Saturday, thousands of anti-white-supremacy marchers — the official police estimate was 40,000 — turned out to counter a “Free Speech” rally by Trump supporters and white supremacists that drew fewer than 100 attendees.

But fear is visceral, not rational. “Rationally, the reaction to Charlottesville by everyone in America who isn’t Trump is reassuring — it suggests there is no significant constituency for anti-Semitism in America. Irrationally, I’ve been thinking about the mechanics of leaving the country and even of last-ditch resistance, ever since last November,” said Adam Kirsch, a poet and literary critic in New York City.

Jews make up only 2.2 percent of the U.S. population, so even if only a tiny minority of white Christians choose to agitate against them, it could be felt profoundly given the broader demographics of the country. The Ku Klux Klan at its peak in the 1920s had a membership that constituted roughly 4 percent of Americans and was able to wield terror against African-Americans throughout the South.

The increasingly bitter polarization of U.S. politics is also a troublesome turn for Jews, in that they overwhelming vote for only one political party: The Democrats, now out of power at every level of national government. Of all the measured religions, Jews voted for Clinton at the highest percent, casting nearly three-quarters of their ballots for her and 24 percent for Trump, according to Pew . By comparison, only 16 percent of white, born-again Evangelical Christians voted for Clinton.

“The Jewish community has learned to live with the fact that one of the parties nominated — and White House came to be inhabited by — someone whose most fervent supporters are white nationalists racists and anti-Semites and those are the supporters he takes care not to alienate,” said Yehudah Mirsky, associate professor of the practice of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University in Boston.

“Does [Charlottesville] make Jews feel more threatened in America? It can’t not,” he said. That said, he added: “I don’t think American Jews have reason to be terrified. American society and American democracy are strong and healthy in all sorts of ways, but there are disturbing currents around, and president of the United States takes every opportunity to fan the flames.”

“Jews with historical memories always have their passports up to date, that’s just a matter of course,” Mirsky said. But “this isn’t France, where a Jew can’t walk around with his yarmulke on his head without fear of being beaten up.”

“Frankly one reason we don’t have that in America, is that as far as I can tell American Muslims are not anti-Semites,” he added.

Indeed Benjamin Sax, 42, a scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies in Maryland, said his group has found that Jews, with their refugee experiences, and Muslims, currently fighting Trump’s ban on refugees and Muslims, have been coming together since the election to build bridges around opposition to the president. Rather than fueling anti-Semitism, he sees Muslims in America making common cause with Jews.

“One silver lining is that my organization has responded to numerous requests, mostly by Jewish and Muslim women, looking to connect, so that’s actually been a pretty amazing community. And allies who wouldn’t normally align are finding their ways to our organization.”

“I live in Baltimore so I don’t feel at all under siege,” says Sax, but he too has felt compelled to consider over the past year to consider where he would go if he couldn’t stay in America. “I wouldn’t move to Israel, I lived there for five years. I thought about Germany. And I know that there’s a strange irony in that, but my wife grew up in Europe.” Denmark, which they visited on a recent trip, also looked attractive. “It’s very easy to get swept away in a European culture and ignore the demons that are in their closets,” though, he noted.

There is also the option that many Jews are taking for now, to stay and fight. Build the self-styled resistance movement. Protest, organize and trust in America. “As the white Jewish mother of a black teen, I deal with my ‘Jewish anxiety and safety concerns’ by teaching marshaling for demonstrations and nonviolent civil disobedience and by helping to organize fierce, disruptive but peaceful protests of varying sizes. Building resistant, defiant, loud community is my jam,” Alexis Danzig, a member of the anti-Trump group Rise and Resist said, quoting from my query.

“And then I lie awake at night wondering how to get my kid out of the country.”

Seven months into Trump’s first term, Goldstein has completed all the paperwork and been approved for Israeli citizenship upon completing one week of residency there, but it’s a step so fraught, she is still hesitant to take it.

The president’s reaction to Charlottesville wasn’t a wake-up call for her but an example of what she feared and expected from his presidency. What she really wants, though, is to feel safe here again, not to leave America.

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