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September 2017 AD

Robert E Lee
Unite the Right - and the Left

Robert E Lee was the central figure Americans reconciled around after the Civil War finished.

Robert E Lee was so revered by Abraham Lincoln before the war that Lincoln offered the command of the forces he was massing to attack and crush the States who seceded solely because of his election.

Abraham Lincoln cared less that Robert E Lee had slaves when he offered this command to him. Abraham Lincoln would have known at the time that Thomans Jefferson and George Washington both had slaves in Virginia as well.

This alone proves that the Civil War was not over slavery or instead, he would have had Robert E Lee locked up in prison.

Virginia was not a State which originally seceded, but was a State so offended that forces were massing in the federal government to attack seven fellow States who did secede, that two days after Abraham Lincoln made his proposal to invade, Virginia also seceded.

As did Robert E Lee, who had more allegiance to his home State of Virginia, than he had to the Federal government whom HIS STATE OF VIRGINIA, almost singlehandedly, created.
  1.  Virginia was the First State -- with the establishment of Jamestown,
  2.  Virginia was the State of Thomas Jefferson,
  3.  Virginia was the State of George Washington,
  4.  Virginia was the State of Patrick Henry, 
  5.  Virginia was the State of James Madison,
  6.  Virginia was the State of Robert E Lee.
So in a GREAT IRONY to the current degenerates falsely declaring themselves Anti-Fascists, or Antifa, Robert  E Lee's belief would be that he was fighting against a FASCIST Abraham Lincoln, who wanted to enslave all the States under the Federal Government.
But he lost, so after the war, Robert E Lee was a man who put his saber away and helped reconcile the union of this country once again as one truly united country.

Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln would be assassinated by a JEWISH actor at Ford's Theater.

The Irony of it all!!!

A statue of Robert E Lee was constructed in Virginia and both North and South would agree to respect and honor the man.

The Virginia of today, who wants to tear down this statue -- who wants to tear down this national reconciliation -- is a shell of its former glorious self. With a Jewish mayor and  a Communist governor shaming this great country of ours and shaming Virginia's heritage of famous American leaders.

This is the context of the Charlottsvile march by Unite the Right, against the mindless ISIS-level destruction of our cultural heritage by Jewish Marxists.

Who divided this country
 in the first place?

It is fairly well documented that blacks from Africa came to this country involutarily in Jewish slave ships. 

But, the hate from this slave culture, which grew and grew and grew all through the early 1800's, until war erupted in 1860, was all due to Jewish agitation.

Jews are actually quite proud of the fact that they ended slavery in America (once Great Britain's navy finally stopped the Jewish slave trade and all the money which could be made from that dried up.)

But to understand this, you must look to what was happening in Europe during this same time frame.

The world was set on fire in the late 1700's.

Americans knew Europe was a fouled mess and we managed to secede in the American Revolution in 1776. Americans had tired of the Jewish Rothschild family managing the British Empire to their own interests and using the American colonies as a collateral slave colony.

By 1787, we had succeeded in refining our system of government by the establishment of the Constitution.

Americans were free. 

Americans were truly free of Jewish control.  But this could not stand for long.

Two years later, France fell to the scourge racking Europe. 

In 1789,  the Reign of Terror would begin what most Jews lovingly call "The French Revolution".

Eventually, even the Rothschilds could not stop the people of Great Britain from fighting the last tyrant standing, Napoleon, and peace was reestablished across Europe by 1815 AD.

At which time, many, many, many European Jewish radicals knew better than to stay in Europe and headed to the United States.

Where they began radicalizing our country as well.

The Achilles heel for America was slavery, so slavery is what they attacked. 

If we had abortion in the day, abortion is what they would have attacked. 

If we didn't have either one of those, they would have attacked us for invading and taking Indian lands.

Didn't matter what the cause, just needed to divide.

Men against women, gays against straights, old against young, wealthy against poor, Islam against Christianity, and all those other Jewish-created division and conquer games would come a hundred years later.

At the time, slavery was an easy target.

The Civil War they wanted to redefine this country to their benefit had to be over something, so the Jews picked the war to be over slavery.

But there still needed to be more Jews for the cause.  And that came in 1848 AD.

Jewish radical Karl Marx released The Communist Manifesto in 1848, and in that year, as night follows day, Europe had a communist uprising over the entire continent. 

Again, Europe managed to put down this Jewish inspired revolt.

And once again, Jews needed to get out of Dodge fast.

So the second surge of Jewish radicals came in 1848, marking 12 years before Americans were radicalized into a Civil War -- as night follows day.

So how did Jews accomplish this feat of creating the Civil War?

There were no national news in the day, since Jews had not yet created a dominate radio, TV, and movie propaganda system to cover this country from coast to coast, as electronics would allow them to do just a hundred years into the future.

But there was a defacto national news service -- and Jews owned it.

Everyone knows all fashion came out of New York City and it was pretty much a Jewish owned enterprise.

These fashions needed cotton, so Jewish buyers would travel all over the South to procure cotton used in suits and dresses.

Everywhere these Jewish buyers went, Southerners wanted to know "the news" from up north.

Well, don't you know, these Jewish buyers told the Southerners that the Northerners hated their guts.

The Jewish buyers told the Southerners that Northerners thought they were knuckle-dragging, red-neck, hillbillies who were so inbred they could not think straight.

And don't get me started about Northerners wanting to force the South to give up their slaves.

The Jewish buyers told the Southerners that the Northerners wanted to force the Southerners to sell their cotton only to the North and to buy their goods only from the North. (This part is actually true, if you think of the "Northerners" wanting a trade monopoly being Jewish northerners from New York City)

Loading up on cotton, the Jewish buyers headed north to New York City and to the textile towns of New England.

Once arriving in New York City,  the people there wanted to hear "the latest news" about the South.

The Jewish buyers told the citizens of New York City and other New England textile towns, that the people in the South were knuckle-dragging, red-neck, hillbillies who were so inbred they could not think straight.

The Jewish buyers told New Englanders that the Southern Plantation owner whiped his male slaves every Sunday before Church. And raped his female slaves immediately after Church.

Once the dresses and suits were made, along with gathering up pots and pans, Jewish peddlers would load up and drive into the West to sell their wares.

Jewish peddlers had also escaped the 1815 and 1848 European Communist Revolts, such as Joseph Seligman, Meyer Guggenheim, Marcus Spiegal, Levi Strauss,

People in the West wanted to know what was happening back East.

So the Jewish peddlers would oblige them, by telling the Westerners that the South wanted to unfairly put their farms out of business,  by maintaining their plantation monopoly of unpaid slaves and expanding those plantations into the West.

The Jewish peddlers told the Westerners how much the New England states wanted to help them and to let them know that they felt their pain.

see: Guide to "The Jewish History of the World"

Yes, there is documented evidence of Jewish radicals actually violently agitating for war as well.

Bloody Kansas and the attack on Harper's Ferry were both largely Jewish endevours. There were three Jewish radicals,fresh from European agitation of 1812 and 1848, on the terror gang of John Brown.  Namely,  Jacob Benjamin was a Jew from Bohemia and August Bondi was a Jew from Vienna.  Theodore "Thomas" Weiner was a Jew from Poland who helped set up the Bleeding Kansas event known as the Pottawatomie massacre.

See: The Mental Cause of the Civil War

Who is dividing this country today?

By now you should know the anwser is Joooooooooos!

The mayor of Charlottsville is Jewish and ordered the Charlottsville police to stand down so violence would be assured so that the national Jewish MSM mouth-piece could scream that the extreme right was fighting with its own shadows from what you would learn from their biased and slanted take. Not a liberal in view to provoke a fight.

How would Michael Signer know how to manipulate the media so well? Easy, he is the son of Marjorie B. Signer, a communications director, and Robert Signer, a newspaper assignment editor. According to Singer, "My parents are both journalists; my father was a reporter and editor at the Chicago Daily News and the Washington Post, and my mother was Communications Director of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and President of the Virginia chapter of the National Organization for Women."

Jewish propaganda for abortion, Femi-NAZI and other Jewish causes runs in his veins.

To represent the good people of Virvinia, Michael Signer earned a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

From the marcher's side, it is rumored that the organizer of the event was an Obama supporter. White supremacists do not accept any other race that is considered to be outside of Europe, so a white supremacist supporting a black President is a rare sight.  Instead of a neo-Nazi as advertised, Jason Kessler just may be a liberal Agent Provocateur.

One of the biggest clues this was all agent provocateur driven was when the first "Nazi" was Doxed, the so-called "Nazi"  turned out to be a resident of the most liberal place on Earth, Berkeley California.

Wonder if Michael Signer met "NAZI" Cole White while he was in Berkely to get a good Virginian education (sarc)?  

Tellingly, there was a quick demand from the MSM to stop Doxing any other "Nazi".

Michael Signer wrote Demagogue: The Fight to Save Democracy from Its Worst Enemies in 2009, so he is just the man who believes he has the knowledge to put down a Trump demogogue you think? 

Or in my theory, Michael Singer is working to CREATE A DEMAGOGUE!!!!

And then there happens to be at the riot, a the Deep-State Obama State Department official to document the "atrocity" committed that day. 

He freely admits as much with his cover story stating that he could not miss being in harm's way, such the hero he is. (We have added all bold in Brennan's article)

Hours after an interview I did with Alex Witt of MSNBC, neo-Nazi commentators started posting about me on 4chan, Reddit and YouTube.

These crack researchers bragged that they had discovered I worked for the State Department
it’s in my Twitter bio),

that I have a connection to George Soros
(he very publicly donated to the campaign of my former boss,
Tom Perriello),

and that I spent time in Africa working [TCS added -- for the State Department, but working on behalf of the UN] in conflict areas
information available in major news outlets).

Desperate to lay blame on anyone besides the alt-right, they seized on these facts to suggest a counter-narrative to the attack, claiming there was no way that someone with my background just happened to be right there to take the video.

Even ignoring the fact that someone with my background—raised in Virginia, UVA graduate, lives in Charlottesville, worked to resolve ethnic conflicts overseas, politically progressive
exactly the kind of person you’d expect to find at a protest against Nazis, their theories were absurd and illogical.
--Brennan Gilmore  "How I became Fake News" August 21, 2017

What Brennan Gilmore does not admit is that the very publications showing his  background was also busy trying to hide his State Department background.

On August 24, 2017, Brennan came on NPR to whine about how much he feared the death threats to him and his family -- and then doubled down how he would double up on doing twice as much of what he was already doing that made him fear for his safety.

In other words, Brennan Gilmore was doing as the old Polish saying about Jews, "A Jew will cry out in pain as he is hiting you."

On the left side, agitating for war, are Jews Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and all the Jews of MSM and Holleywood.

The Democrats, who actually were the Confederacy, now want to erase all memory of slavery, EXCEPT when they condemn Republicans for slavery every single friggin day!!

On the right side, agitating for war, are Jewish-owned Drudge Report, Jewish-owned Breitbart, Jewish-owned Fox News and Jewish-owned Donald Trump, father and grandfather of Jews.

Donald Trump???  How can you say that????

The Real Problem
at The Unite the Right protest
The Creation of a Demagogue

  1.  Not a problem that people want to exercise their free speech rights to keep the Robert E Lee statue as a historical rememberance of our history, as the Unite the Right (UTR) group were doing.
  1.  Not a problem that UTR legally tried to obey the law by obtaining the necessary city permits to allow their free speech
  1.  Not a problem with UTR, that the city of Charlottsville refused to grant their legal request.
  1.  Not a problem that a federal court had to force the city to grant the free speech march.
  1.  Not a problem with UTR that they peacefully marched and were beaten, tear gassed, had urine thrown on them, and even flame thrower abused by leftist terrorists who never obtained a legal march permit to counter protest.
  1.  Not a problem with UTR that the Democrat city manager was hostile to their free speech and falsely characterized them
  1.  Not a problem with UTR that the Democrat city mayor was so hostile to their free speech rights, that he did not insure his police department kept the domestic peace. 
  1.  Not a problem with UTR that the Democrat governor of Virginia was hostile to their free speech and falsely characterized them.
  1.  Not a problem with UTR that the Democrat governor of Virginia  will never see fit to investigate the police department of Charlottsville placing the UTR in harm's way and not protecting their safety.
  2.  Not a problem with UTR that the Jewish controlled MSM totally switched the ones doing the violence and accused Unite the Right  as the sole perpetrators of this violence
The REAL PROBLEM, is that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are well known national  terrorist groups. BLM killed 5 police officers in Dallas and more elasewhere. Antifa tried to wipe out the Senate Republican charity baseball team. Antifa and BLM have been violently using the heckler's veto against the First Amendment freedoms of conservative speakers at university campuses for some time now and have been getting away with it.

  1.  Please do not tell me that the Department of Homeland Security did not have every movement of these vile movements under surveillance using all the Big Brother Internet and wireless bugging the DHS has been notoriously building "for our security".
  1.  Please do not tell me they did not already know every move and every step these radical anarchists were planning on taking that day.
  1.  Please do not tell me that the DHS did not have the entire park rigged with cameras and microphones on the day of the march to obtain evidence for arrests and prosecutions, much as JFK would have supported Freedom Riders in the South during the 1960's.

This is the REAL PROBLEM.

This is the sole responsibility I place directly at Donald Trump's feet.

If he is not securing the peace, then he does not want peace either.  Any more than the Democrats want peace.

Donald Trump will not even acknowledge that there is a problem in the left now.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of hatred, bigotry and violence,” Trump said in an impromptu statement on Monday after returning to the White House from his golf club in New Jersey.

“Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to what we hold dear as Americans,” he added.

Without acknowledging there is a problem in the first place, then the DHS will never stop the violent abuse on the left.

Fact is, Donald Trump has no interest in stopping any of this.

If this drags into a Civil War, Trump can declare himself dictator to "fix the problem" and we will all happily go along with it all.

Only years later will we wonder what happened to our freedom, our liberty, and our Constitution.

Once again, the Jews will have won in their age-old game of division and conquest.

And Trump will declare his Jewish son-in-law to be heir to his throne.


Alt-Right Activists Condemn Violence, Dispute Mainstream Account

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Conflicts with mainstream media and politicians’, including Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s, characterization of events surrounding the white nationalist Unite the Right rally emerged quickly over the weekend.

“I have a message to all the white supremist [sic] and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today … You came here today to hurt people and you did hurt people,” McAuliffe told reporters at a press conference Saturday night.

The governor repeatedly emphasized the violence of “nazis” but made no reference to violence by any left-wing group, despite being asked repeatedly about what role such groups may have played in Saturday’s melee. The implication was clear that the violence was an unavoidable result of far-right white identity political groups being allowed to hold a rally.

But a report on police conduct during and after the rally by ProPublica, a left-leaning investigative journalism non-profit, as well as eyewitness accounts by those who participated in the rally itself, have called the simplicity of this characterization into question. Both suggest mismanagement of police resources by political leadership may have exacerbated, rather than controlled, the violence surrounding the rally and the counter-protests, which included mainstream liberals and local faith-based “anti-racism” groups as well as radical leftist “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and “Anti-Fascist Action” (Antifa) outfits.

Saturday’s rally, ostensibly a demonstration against the potential removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s longstanding stature from the Charlottesville, Virginia, park that bore his name until renamed “Emancipation Park,” this year by the city council, turned into the biggest news event in the country Friday as torch-bearing members of disparate, explicitly white nationalist groups, including several “Alt-Right” organizations and a contingent of self-identified neo-Nazis, descended on the home of the University of Virginia. By Saturday afternoon, three people were dead, with several dozen serious injuries.

None of the deaths occurred at the Emancipation Park rally. One, that of 32-year old Virginia-native Heather Heyer, is being treated as an intentional homicide and resulted from one man, James Fields Jr., crashing into a counter protest march that took place in downtown Charlottesville after the Unite the Right rally had been dispersed by police. Fields, a 20-year old from Ohio, has been arrested and charged with murder. He is reported to have been in town for the rally and sources suggest he may have ties to one of the white nationalist groups in attendance, although the leadership of that group has claimed he was entirely unconnected to them. A federal investigation into the incident was also announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions Saturday.

The other two deaths were the result of a Virginia State Police helicopter suffering an accidental crash into a wooded area on the outskirts of Charlottesville. Lieutenant Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke Bates were killed in the crash.

The subsequent declaration of a local state of emergency turned the streets of central Charlottesville into a nearly deserted ghost town with the college town’s bars and restaurants, typically bustling with partygoers and vacationers on a summer weekend, mostly shut.

According to ProPublica reporter A.C. Thompson and his colleagues, “authorities took a largely laissez faire approach, allowing white supremacists and counter-protesters to physically battle.”

The report takes a similar stance to McAuliffe as to the moral culpability for the fracas around Emancipation Park. As ProPublica reports it:

At about 10 a.m. today, at one of countless such confrontations, an angry mob of white supremacists formed a battle line across from a group of counter-protesters, many of them older and gray-haired, who had gathered near a church parking lot. On command from their leader, the young men charged and pummeled their ideological foes with abandon. One woman was hurled to the pavement, and the blood from her bruised head was instantly visible.

ProPublica is a George Soros-funded investigative journalism non-profit. A.C. Thompson is, according to his bio, a reporter “covering the rise in hate crimes in America.”

The same report quotes Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy defending the police tactics, saying, “I’m not in the business of throwing our police department under the bus, because they’re doing the best job they can. I don’t think the police officers were just twiddling their thumbs.”

McAuliffe, in what the New York Times reports was an impromptu interview before addressing two church congregations Sunday, “strongly defended the police response to the violent demonstrations … saying that law enforcement authorities had done ‘great work’ in ‘a very delicate situation.'”

Miriam Krinsky, a former federal prosecutor who, according to ProPublica, has worked on police reform efforts in Los Angeles, told the non-profit that, while it was too early to assess Charlottesville’s law enforcement response, in general, “a strategy of disengagement works to embolden unruly crowds.”

“If things start to escalate and there’s no response, it can very quickly get out of control,” she said. “Individuals can and will get hurt.”

But an overly forceful response, she said, can also make the situation worse. Krinsky said attempts to seize weapons might have led to more clashes between police and protesters. “Trying to take things away from people is unlikely to be a calming influence,” she told ProPublica.

A good strategy, she said, is to make clashes less likely by separating the two sides physically, with officers forming a barrier between them. “Create a human barrier so the flash points are reduced as quickly as possible,” she said.

While they undoubtedly dispute ProPublica’s characterization of who was responsible for most of the violence at the official rally, multiple Unite the Right participants who agreed to be interviewed by Breitbart News were themselves largely in agreement about the failings of the policing strategy.

One man, who was vacationing in the United States from Finland, arrived with one of the last waves to get into Emancipation Park before the event was shut down. From his perspective, “these two groups of very polarly opposed political and social and moral views were forced into conflict” by policing tactics. He recounted his experience to Breitbart News:

I was expecting to enter a peaceful protest to protect this monument and part of United States history from utter and total rewriting. I entered with people from the United States who were aware there were going to be counter-protesters. They promised to keep me safe, which they did. But what happened was, the police force, which should have kept the protesting parties separate, in fact funneled the right-wing protesters, the people defending the monument, right into Antifa, [making them run] a gauntlet of Antifa to the monument … Then – I don’t know the details of it – on dubious legal grounds, [the police] declared the gathering of right-wing protesters unlawful. We were forced to leave the venue and run another gauntlet.

Similar accounts were given by two self-described Alt-Right activists in their mid-20s who came from the Midwest for the rally. Unlike the Finnish man above, the pair were with one of the first waves to get to Emancipation Park. They asked to be identified by the pseudonyms “George” and “Sean.”

“We’re seeing [projectiles] being thrown back and forth. The police seemed almost to misdirect people, sending them to the wrong side of the park so they would have to go through the crowd [of leftists],” George told Breitbart News, describing the progression into chaos.

The pair claimed that their pleas to police that Unite the Right participants, especially the featured speakers, were gravely endangered by running the “gauntlet” fell on deaf ears. “What was weird was that the police started forming a shield wall moving on to us, forcing us out onto this narrow staircase where we were right in front of Antifa,” George said of the scene as the rally was being dispersed.

Another Midwestern rally-goer, “Andrew,” in his early thirties, also came to the park with one of the early waves. His primary goal, he claims, was to stay out of the fray and capture video of the happenings. He spoke to Breitbart News about his own impressions of the policing:

We were told by police to walk around the perimeter, past one of the two parks where [the counter-protesters] had a permit to rally. Antifa came out and they started following us down a dead end where the police would not let us through to go to Lee Park, so we had to go back through the lines of [counter-protesters] … at that point a giant melee broke out. It’s hard to say who started it or how it started. It seemed to be some of the Black Lives Matter activists got in our faces and started assaulting us and the natural response was self-defense … What I didn’t expect was the inability or the refusal of the police department to respond to threats.

Andrew claimed the police made no attempt to apprehend the assailant and then related having projectiles including glass bottles thrown at his group by Antifa activists as they tried to make their way out of the what he insistently called “Lee Park.”

When asked whether orders were given on Saturday for police to stand down, Charlottesville Director of Communications Miriam Dickler told Breitbart News in an email that “no stand down orders were given on Saturday.”

When asked whether the tactic of physically separating the two opposing protests groups was employed, Dickler responded, “There were physical barricades to allow for separation and safety of those with opposing views, but ultimately the decision of where to collect is up to individuals.”

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Unite the Right event, responded to Saturday’s violence, telling NBC 29 in Charlottesville in a statement that the blame was “primarily the result of the Charlottesville government officials and the law enforcement officers which failed to maintain law and order by protecting the First Amendment rights of the participants of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally.”

Kessler continued:

We networked with law enforcement officials and safety arrangements were made months ago, but despite this, the Charlottesville Police Department not only failed to act per the plan but exacerbated the violence: they did not separate the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators, they were poorly underequipped for the situation, they stood idly by when violent counter-protesters attacked the participants of the rally and then they forced our demonstrators out of Lee Park and into a melee with Antifa

The statement continues, saying that “despite the safety plan that was in place, the Charlottesville government backed out of it at the last minute.”

Kessler added, “Charlottesville violated the federal court’s order by shutting down the rally at Lee Park after left-wing agitators began throwing bricks at us. Our right to free speech was violated when the police officers acquiesced to the unconstitutional ‘heckler’s veto’ raised by our detractors.”

Due to the police not maintaining order, many people were hurt. The media is not showing who instigated the violence.

The same condemnation of violence was echoed by the rally-goers who spoke with Breitbart News in the aftermath of the day’s events. In particular, all the interviewed activists expressed their horror over what had happened in the car attack on the counter-protest.

“I have no idea where this happened, who did it, and for what reason. Whoever did behave in that way should be classified as a domestic terrorist,” the Finnish attendee said hours before Fields’s name had been released.

“The moment the police told us [the assembly was unlawful], as law-abiding citizens or visitors to the United States, we immediately left,” he added. “We were there not to have a fight with the police, not to break the law, and we left … We got back in our cars and drove away. We did precisely what the police told us to do, which was disperse.”

In separate interviews, all four recounted that they and everyone else they had seen at the rally was nowhere near the Water Street site of the crash when it occurred, having dispersed as ordered. “At least the Alt-Right, we were told to leave the city limits. As soon as we were kicked out … by the time we had heard of the car crash, we were all already miles away,” Sean said.

All four also took issue with the idea they or anyone associated with them had been the prime movers in the violence that broke out around the Lee statue. Asked when the Antifa attacks began George told Breitbart News, “Immediately. The very first convoy was already being hit by Antifa. As we got into the entrance, you would have people pushing you.”

“We initiated, from what I saw, literally none of the violence. I would say, of the violence initated 98 percent Antifa, two percent ours, and that’s just out of margin of error,” George said.

“Reasonable and proportionate, at the very least,” Sean said of the Alt-Rightists’ responses to Antifa attacks.

The Finn, who was further away from the “front lines,” added his account:

Violence was at a level it should not be in a civilized society. People were using flag-poles, metal poles, mace, pepper spray, and, in fact, I did see, at a very close distance, someone using an aerosol can and a lighter as a flamethrower.

People attacked the people protecting me with hammers and pepper spray and batons. We got to the mound where the monument sits. I saw pretty normal people. In one instance it was probably a grandfather and his grandson who had probably come there to protect United States history and they were in a situation that was definitely not something that they deserved or were in any way prepared for. I think the behavior of Antifa and other leftist groups in this particular situation was dangerous, malicious, totally out-of-proportion, and directed at people who had no intention of being violent.

The media widely reported the rally as a “Ku Klux Klan” or “neo-Nazi” march. None of the Alt-Right activists or other attendees with whom Breitbart News spoke denied that self-identified “KKK members” and “Nazis” including a contingent of the decades-old National Socialist Movement (NSM) were present at the rally. All, however, downplayed their significance and claimed these groups mostly kept to themselves on one side of Emancipation Park. “I was on the side with mostly Alt-Right. The other end was the NSM,” George said.

Sean said it was difficult, while on the ground, to estimate the relative numbers of people from different right-wing groups, but that the Alt-Right contingent outnumbered the more colorful groups that have dominated media attention by “at least two to one.”

Like the other activists who spoke to Breitbart News, George and Sean categorically rejected “KKK” “neo-nazi” and “white supremacist” labels. “It makes for a good chant, but no, absolutely not,” Sean said, referencing the left-wing’s now ubiquitous “No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist U-S-A!” rally chant.

“In terms of the KKK, that’s a common lie the media like to tell. This was not a KKK march,” Andrew said. “This is a Unite the Right Rally. They are on the right, so they were here, but we don’t necessarily support what they do and they were clearly not the majority of people who were there.”

None of them, however, deny that they came to protest the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue largely because they see it as part of a wider attack on white people. “We came to defend white people,” George said. “I am a northerner through and through, but this is absolutely an attack on the people of the South and its part of a much wider system of anti-white politics.”

As Sean put it:

We’re seeing whites largely blamed for enormous problems. Just about every problem we’re seeing is, we’re told, caused by white privilege or colonialism, or whatever terms they come up with to use white people as a scapegoat for everyone elses’ problems. And on top of that, sometime in the 2040s, we’re projected to be a minority in this country. History tells us exactly what happens to scapegoated minorities in the countries where they’re unpopular.

In Andrew’s words:

The message is global and also local … Whites in Europe, in North American, and in Australia are having multiculturalism forced on them. Dangerous multiculturalism, not the positive kind where you get the best of the best, but the worst of the worst … We get Islamic radicals being brought into our countries. I felt this was a turning point in world events and that I needed to be here at the very least. I’m not necessarily 100 percent Alt Right. I want to be here to observe it from as unbiased a perspective as I can, but even with that I can’t ignore facts … We see what’s happening in South Africa, we see what’s happening in Western Europe. Those are prime examples of ethnic European dispossession and violence against whites. Based on that, we can tell what’s going to be happening here.

Breitbart News has also reached out to the Albemarle County Police, Virginia State Police, and Governor McAuliffe’s communication director for comment. As of publication, none of these offices have replied. 

Several individuals appearing to be coming from the opposing rallies and dressed in the trappings of left-wing activism refused to speak with Breitbart News about their own experiences on Saturday.

Ian Mason is Breitbart News’ DOJ Correspondent. You can follow him on Twitter at @IP_Mason.

Amanda House is Breitbart News’ Deputy Political Editor. You can follow her on Twitter at @AmandaLeeHouse.

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Christian Libertarian: Harmonious Union
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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008