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September 2017 AD

Jew writes Hate Speech

Shahak Shapira proudly showed the world that it was him who wrote this vile hate against Jews in front of Twitter in Hamburg Germany, a place where hate speech is illegal; so please tell me why I should I believe Shahak did not send himself this vile hate in the first place?

Is he not just a punk Jewish agitator who scrawls hate graphiti on the sidewalks and street for innocent children to read.

How exactly is he any better than the ones he complains of?

I am sick and tired of this fake victim-hood.

Time after time, we find a black man destroying a Jewish cemetery because he just broke up with his Jewish girlfriend, or we find a punk Jewish teenager in Israel sending out hate speech against Jews, trying to incite hatred against Christians and sympathy for Jews.

Just the fact that these Jewish social media companies are not censoring this hate, but do censor this website's well-researched and fair assessment of the news they fail to report on, is all the proof I need to know evil Jews like Shahak Shapira are total frauds and lying manipulators.

Seen too much in my seven years of documenting this abuse of Christians at the hands of Jews.

Not going to cry any more tears Shahak. Sorry.

WATCH: Anti-Semitic Tweets Painted Outside Twitter’s HQ by Jewish Comedian

An Israeli-born Jewish comedian in Germany daubed anti-Semitic tweets on the street outside Twitter’s headquarters in Hamburg to draw attention to the social media giant’s inaction in tackling online hate.

Slurs including “Jewish Pig”, “Let’s gas some Jews together” and “Gays to Auschwitz” were chosen to be spray-painted by Shahak Shapira.

Shapira has produced a YouTube video (see above) to highlight his protest called ‘#HEYTWITTER’, in which he claims that he has reported almost 300 obnoxious tweets and more than 150 hate comments to Facebook so far this year. Shapira says around 80 percent were removed, but has only have received nine answers for Twitter.

“The statements I reported weren’t just plain insults or jokes, but absolutely serious threats of violence, homophobia, xenephobia, or Holocaust denial,” he says in the video. “Things no one should say and no one should read. If Twitter forces me to see those things, then they’ll have to see them too.”

A spokesman for Twitter told Reuters the company would not comment on the specifics of individual accounts for reasons of privacy, but said it strictly enforced its rules and had stepped up the policing of abuse on its network.

Twitter is now taking action on 10 times as many abusive accounts compared with the same time last year, he added.

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