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August 2017 AD

Division and Conquest

Sean Spicer is mocked
by SNL as a transgender.

  1.  Expected benevolent liberal response:  Sean must be a great guy then
  1.  Expected hateful liberal response: How DARE anyone denigrate wonderful trannys by comparing them to a Republican
  1.  Actual agenda : Divide and conquer the Republicans by getting them to see one of their own as a tranny

Ron Paul is mocked
by many liberals as RuPaul.

  1.  Expected benevolent liberal response : Ron Paul is one of us
  1.  Expected hateful liberal response : How DARE anyone suggest that drag queens can be Republican
  1.  Actual agenda : Prevent Ron Paul from becoming President by having Republicans think of him as too "liberal"

Trump is reported
to have Russian ties.

  1.  Expected benevolent liberal response : Now Republicans are finally coming around to see things our way, as we had always vehemently supported a real Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.
  1.  Expected hateful liberal response :  How DARE Trump get cozy with our own Russian friends, who gave the Clinton's millions of dollars in bribes.
  1.  Actual agenda : Keep Christian Russia and Christian America at each other's throats now that Russia has a Christian leader who could decide to retake Constantinople, the rightful capital of the Eastern Orthodox religion.

Insurance companies have freedom,
American Citizens have no Freedom

    1.  American citizens have NO FREEDOM to opt-out of Obamacare
    1.  American insurance companies have FREEDOM to opt-out of providing Obamacare insurance to only counties they decide are profitable enough.

Our enemies
are NOT Jews (lol)

    1.  In the Senate, Jew Chuck Schumer opposes America First
    1.  In the House, Jew Adam Schiff opposes America First
    1.  In Chicago, Jew Rahm Emanuel opposes America First
    1.  America First is said by Jews to be fascist, but Americans fought fascists like Mussolini whom Jews supportted, were tricked by Jews into joining with fascists like Stalin whom our own American, Jewish-loved, fascist FDR called Uncle Joe, all to fight the one fascist who disliked Jews.

How Google sees American Inventors :
one set in English
another set in Spanish.

Google American Inventors in English

Google American Inventors - Spanish

The Reason given by Google
for firing James Damore

    1.  The reason why James Damore was fired by Google is because he was sexist in suggesting there is a difference between men and women in abilities and interests at Google.
    1.  Meanwhile, Google has decided to step up its Affirmative Action program to promote women because -- there seems to be a difference between men and women in abilities and interests.

The Real Reason why Google
Fired James Damore
(See highlights below)

Google Firing of James Damore

Most Favored Nation

    1.  America gives Most Favored Nation status to nations we trust and whom we want stable trading relations
    1.  America gives Israel a special category of Most Favored Nation, as most Christians falsely believe God gives the Jesus-denying nation of Israel Most Favored Nation status himself.

Hard Times to Good Times and Back to Hard

Hard Times Leads to Good Times

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