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June 2017 AD

Jesus was White

First, as naturally angry Christians, we are asked to be extra nice to Jews, since don't you know,

                                    "Jesus was not really a Christian, but was a Jew".
                                     - Jewish sources

That's a laugh, as I thought we had already been through all this together. Both Joseph and Mary were Jews who had been baptized into Christianity by the Angel Gabriel when visited by him to deliver the Good News of the upcoming birth of Christ. Christ was then born into a loving Christian home and baptized a Christian by the Christian John, also baptised by a vision from the Agegel Gabriel, who baptized ...Christians.

Jesus is the very essence of Christianity for God's sake!

For sake of DNA ethnicity ONLY, we'll agree that Jesus was a Jew. -- in the context of the Old Testament.

But that too no longer matters.
In the New Testament which Christians follow, the DNA you are born with is totally irrelevant.

We are all to be Christians, from the DNA of Jews, to the DNA of Germans, to the DNA of Chinese, to the DNA of Down's children.

So Jesus is Jewish -- by DNA -- SO WHAT!!!!!

If that cultural approbation of Christianity by Jew were not enough, here comes another belief you are to espouse in order to be called politically correct.

Now, because we are naturally angry white Christians as well, don't you know, we are also asked to be extra nice to brown Muslims from the Middle East who immigrate here because, don't you know, Jesus was not a white man, but was a brown man of semitic roots.

Really?   I'm so heartened that Jews are feeling an loving affinity toward our beloved Christ these days.

There you have it...Jews tell us that Jesus was both a Jew ethnically by DNA and by virtue of  this same exact DNA, Jesus was not white!!!

No angry white Christians allowed in Christianity

But I think they lie!!!!

From the pics below though, Jewish logic would NOT take you very far out on a limb to say....

was a
Chosen People
Azkenazi Jew
The Promised Land


was a
White Man


Only White People
The Chosen People


Only White People
belong in
The Promised Land!

Proof White People rule

White Leader of Israel
Far whiter than our own guy

White Leader of Israel

White Ultra-Orthodox Jews

White Ultra Orthodox Jews

White Jewish Soldiers
White Jewish Soldiers

White Jewish Businessman
Far whiter than a leader of Macedonia

White Jewish Businessman

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