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May 2017 AD

First they came for Jews
...then no need to go on?

  •   First they came for the Communists,
  •       but I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Communist.
  1.   Then they came for the Zionists,
  2.        but I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Zionist.
  1.   And then... they stopped coming for people,
  2.        because they realized
  3.        most of society's problems
  4.        had been solved


On this text to a friend,
a friendly debate pursued

That must have been in a parallel universe.

In this universe, they should have come for
black lives matter folks, liberals, snowflakes...

That is exactly why this text was so concise and  relevant.

Without the backing of Jews there would have been

--- no backing for Black Lives Matter,
--- no power for liberals,
--- no sympathy for snowflakes.

...most of society's problems solved.


Well I personally don't have a problem with all that.

I am a Zionist.

I strongly believe that one of the main reasons
that God has blessed the USA amongst all nations
is because of their commitment to Israel.

Obama and Trump is God's blessing?

Abortion of our children is God's blessing?

Gay marriage as parents of our children is God's blessing?

Largest debtor nation on Earth to hand to our children is God's blessing?

Running six losing wars at the same time is God's blessing?


I do not know if Jews are a blessing or curse. Time will tell.

I am just describing my stance toward Israel, as a promise based in the Bible.

You are not cherry picking parts of the Bible to support guys who do NOT recognize Christ as the Son of God are you?

The Old Testament
...was preparation for the coming of the Messiah,

The Messiah, Jesus Christ
...said salvation was only through him,

Today's Chosen People
...are the Jews and descendants who followed Christ,
as in the 12 Apostles,

Today's promised land heaven,


Yep salvation is for everyone thru Christ only.

However this is not cherry picking.

You can't toss 2/3 of the Bible because of the new covenant.

The old part is still there and has validity.

One thing does not cancel the other.

The promises for Israel friends are for this time.

The promises of heaven are for the next life.

Sure God loves Israel does not mean that all Jews will be saved, because salvation is thru Christ.

But that is an individual choice and each jew and others will face God himself before the throne.

My premise is that the Israel of today is a fake and a fraud.

First off, most of so-called Jews in Israel are whiter than you are. They are not genetically the Jews of the Old Testament.

So their Jewish ethnicity is fake.

Religiously, you cannot call yourself a Jew either if you do not follow the teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So their Chosen People status with God is a fraud.

Thirdly, God himself stopped blessing Israel after

...Israel's religious leaders handed Christ over to
...Israel's government leaders, who handed him over to
...Rome's governor Pontius Pilate
...who had him crucified.

So, it's all a lie from start to finish.

God know this, why don't you?

Shortly thereafter,
God allowed those same Romans to destroy the Jewish temple
and to this day the temple has never been rebuilt.

God was certainly not cursing the Romans for cursing the Jews.

That's to say that if you believe God has been blessing OUR country since this fake Israel was created in 1945 and since OUR helping them,
.....then it stretches logic all out of whack to know that God himself had not been blessing Israel these last 2,000 years, since even today there is no temple for Jews to worship him, while they spit on his Son's image.

I will still honor and respect Israel, because it's still God's will for this time.

I believe in Jesus for a promise of the next life.

This is akin to saying to a black guy "you are my best friend" I can still honor and respect the friendship. Does that make me black? No. But the respect is still there.

But the black Obama was a fake and fraud of a black man, so does that still make him your friend? 

His mother was a fake Jewish woman, so haha, more "truthfully", Obama was a fake Jew.

LOL he was NEVER a friend of mine. Worst president in history.

Remember what I was saying about Jews being able to put on a good show and get you to believe it ? 

This belief everyone has of them still being the Chosen People in the Promised Land is a great example.

You believe that if we do not bless Israel with advanced fighter jets and missiles, then God will not bless America!!! 

Many great Christian leaders of the past would have called this fake Jewish propaganda the work of the devil.

Even Christ was confronted by the devil.

The devil told Christ to jump to his death and the devil promised Jesus that angels would Make Him Great Again, lol.

That is what the satanic Jews are telling you -- "Become a vassal state of Israel and God will Make You Great Again."

And you are eating it up.


Hell, who am I kidding.

I need to get people to worship me and let me live free on other people's land as well, which I have stolen without being arrested.

I'll tell you what I will do.

I'll completely throw out the entire New Testament - totally irrelevant in the minds of Zionist Christians.

Then, in my Judaic religion, there will be no Old Testament books either. I would throw them out as well.

Not only do I NOT want to celebrate Easter under Christ, but likewise,  I don't want to celebrate Passover under Moses either.

All I need is the very first book, Genesis. (Nobody reads anymore anyway)

I will demand my religious rights and my ethnic rights to have both sea-front Mediterranean property and my right to be loved and worshiped by all, on a mere 4 sentences in the book of Genesis...

Genesis 12:1-3
And the Lord said to Abram: Go forth out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and out of thy father's house, and come into the land which I shall shew thee. And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and magnify thy name, and thou shalt be blessed. I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and IN THEE shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed:

Genesis 15:18
That day God made a covenant with Abram, saying: To thy seed will I give this land, from the river of Egypt even to the great river Euphrates.

I will have to enlist a small army of like-minded invaders of course to steal my inherited rights to Jerusalem back from the current squatters on the land, but I would call my newly created country something very Biblical-sounding, like Judea.

Care to join me?

Or do you just feel more comfortable being a member of my fan club of "God will bless those who bless Judea and God will curse those who curse Judea"?


Hi, wondering if my email came through? I was responding to the link you sent to me and it was too long to text a reply.

...because not a single New Testament quote cited in your link told Christians they should give even a hint of special treatment to Jews who have rejected their very own Messiah.

If I were to cherry pick my own list of Bible quotes from the Bible to give you, I could present you an opposite view, in that many parts of the Bible state that Jews who have rejected Christ were his worst enemies and clearly state they do not at all have the backing of God.

Sure Christ told us to turn the other cheek, but from his own mouth, there is clearly one exception. Jesus did not turn the other cheek  to his own people who refused to accept the almighty gift of his salvation.  Christ's salvation did not have exceptions for Jews who called his mother a  harlot and Jesus a bastard.

….. his death, Christ asked God to forgive those who "knew not what they were doing".

The only ones who knew not what they were doing were the Roman pagans for sure, and ordinary Jews condemning him who had not yet heard his revelations. 

But you have to be honest in saying -- Christ was not turning the other cheek to the Scribes, Pharisees and Herodians or to any who consciously continue to this day to follow these false prophets of doom and gloom.

No one believes Christ meant we are to turn the other cheek to Satan, and yet Christ clearly called Jesus-denying Jews, and I quote, "the synagogue of Satan"

A Christian would NEVER be forgiven by a Jew for being a Holocaust denier. (And we do question many aspects of that)

A far more moral stand for a Christian, would be for a Christian, to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forgive a self-proclaimed "Chosen Person" for being a Jesus denier ....for denying his own Messiah.

If I as a Gentile should bow my head to Christ, so much more should a Jew.

Am I making any sense?  That's all I'll have to say about it, lol.


First they came for the Czar

First, the Jews came for the Czar of Russia, a Christian leader, but I did not believe in Kings and Czars, and I believed the Jews when they told me he was behaving un-Christian, so I did not speak out;

Then, the Jews in control of Russia came for the Russian intellectual Christians, competitors and potential opponents of the Jews, but I believed the Jews when they told me they were the fat Bourgeoisie oppressors and I knew I was not one of them, so I did not speak out;

Then the Jews came for the Christian Ukrainian poets, editors, writers, reporters, professors, teachers, political leaders and industrial leaders, but I could not believe the Jews because they never told me, so I did not speak out;

Then the Jews came for the rest of the Ukrainian peasant Christians, but I did not know Seven million of them were starving in their Holodomor, so I could not know to speak out;

Then the Jews came for Hitler, but I was not a German Christian who had walked in their shoes of wars, hyper-inflation, rebellion, starvation and the Great Depression, so I did not know of their suffering, and I believed the Jews when they told me that Stalin was Uncle Joe, our best friend, so I did not speak out;

Then the Jews came for the Christian Polish military officers and slaughtered them in the Katyn Forest and I believed the Jewish lies when they told me that the horrible Hitler had done it, so I did not speak out;

Then the Jews came for the Palestinian Muslims, and I believed the Jews when they told me that God was still with the Jews, even though they reject Jesus Christ and read the Talmud of 200 AD, and so I believed God still owed them the Promised Lands and that they were not Christian Holy Lands handed down from our Old Testament which Christian also follow, so I did not speak out;

Then the Jews came to America and flooded her with many of her Jews and now millions of Muslims, but I believed the Jews when they told me I should be tolerant and inclusive, and I did not want be be labeled an anti-Semite, so I made absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sure that I never ever spoke out;

And now, the Jews have come for me with hate crime laws criminalizing my Christianity, but there was no one left to speak for me.

- The Christian Solution

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