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May 2017 AD

the Failurenator

Voters in California were said to to have rejected Donald Trump far more than any other part of the country.

Perhaps the big reason was because of California's recent experience with their governor.

Another celebrity-turned politician flipped a 180 on the people who elected him as an alternative to the Democrat establishment, and today everyone is laughing at him – including Donald Trump.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a bunch of promises to the people of California, got to Sacramento, and then decided he would start listening to his stick-figure Kennedy wife and his new Democrat “friends.”

He totally betrayed the people who supported him, and he became a punchline, a gooey mass of ropey muscle and utter submission, provoking no respect, no love, only contempt.
-- Trump Can’t Let His Real or His Fake Friends Turn Him Into Schwarzenegger Part 2
California has the ability to see through a "fake news" stab-you-in-the-back Republican better than the rest of the country.

Trump's  flip flops are staggering

  1.   From a love of Christian Russia to a hatred of Christian Russia
  1.   From a hatred of Communist China to a love of Communist China
  1.   From a complete isolationist over Syria, to complete immersion in Syria
  1.   From saying globalist NATO is obsolete, to wanting NATO strengthened
  1.   From distancing from the Judeo-Fed Janet Yellen, to embracing her
  1.   From wanting to get rid of the Judeo-Import/Export bank, to support for it
  1.   From Christian America First Steve Bannon to Jew Israel First Jared Kutchner
  1.   From Christian Sweetheart Kellyanne Conway to Jew Machiavelli Steve Miller
  1.   From "Lock Her Up", to feeling sorry for the Dem rival who viciously  attacked
  1.   From America First, to Israel First

Same ol, same ol. 

When an American President flip-flops,
it is ALWAYS in the direction of the Jews.

Our recent Presidents are famous
for supporting
the wrong side
Trump will be no exception

  1.  Nixon allowed Kissinger to trade half of Greek Christian Cyprus to the Muslims for Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Turkey agreeing to give up the West Bank and Syria's Golan Heights to the Jews.
  1.  Bush Senior went to war against secular pro-Christian - because  - it-was-not-anti-Christian Iraq, filled with Christians at 8% of the population, over a "Muslim babies are being thrown out of incubators" fake news story, in order to protect  otherwise horrible  Kuwaiti Muslims.
  1.   Clinton bombed Christians in Serbia to protect murderous Muslims in Kosovo.
  1.   Bush Junior went to war with secular Iraq, again over a fake news story about WMD, now Christians have been massacred. Christianity went from 12% the year before Israel was created, to 8% before the Bushs, to 1.2% today after the Bushes and Obama.
  1.  Trump promised to bring jobs back from China. Now China can keep our jobs and our money, because China is going to help us reign in the nuclear-threatening BRAT China Created. How convenient for China!
  1.  Trump has now proved to be no different a Zionist President. He bombed the secular protector of Christians in Syria over a Mossad/ISIS false flag chemical weapons attack meant to give Trump the green light to "mature in office". This will give him Judeo-MSM coverage to protect Muslim terrorists, with American Christian blood and money, in order to wipe out Christians in Syria.  Syria is 11% Christian now. We'll see how many Christians are left after Trump finishes off their protector Assad.
In the Middle East, Israel is ALWAYS protected,
while Christians are NEVER protected.

Why is Syria a Zionist playground? 

Here are the facts.

If Israel has an opinion about something, there is a serious reason for Christians to be against it.

The Jewish "hate speech" press is all over Assad being deposed -- you only have to ask yourself why?

1) Israel hates Assad because Assad is an ally with Iran and hateful Israel has wanted to "Wipe Iran off the face of the Earth" for some time now. Only Israel can have nukes; while everyone else wanting nukes are defined as evil.

2) Iran supports Assad because Assad protects Shia Muslims from genocidal Sunni ISIS Muslims who are secretly supported by Israel.

3) Iran supporting Assad's Civil war is why Assad likewise supports Iran against Israel

4) Of course, Iran's support of Assad only gives Israel their excuse to hate Assad.

5) Israel needs to isolate Iran before they (or more likely, America), goes in for the kill.

6) When Israel (or America) attacks Iran, Israel cannot have Syria attacking them on their flank.

7) Russia is protecting Assad because Assad protects the 500,000 Christians living in Syria

8) Russia also needs Syria's base in the Mediterreanian, since Turkish Muslim mad-man Ergoden cannot be trusted not to close down the Dardanelles Straits to Russian ships.

9) Sryria is also Israel's version of Nazi Liberstraum. 

10) A growing Israel needs to  occupy more of Syria, so overthrowing a decent secular leader in Syria allows radical Muslim ISIS into Syria, which will eventually later allow Israel the world praise to "defend itself" and take more land, as it has already done to Syria by taking the Syrian Heights.

Christians in Syria

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