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The Fraudulent RINO

This site is now #NeverTrump, as well as contining to be #NeverHillary.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump would "bypass the MSM", by tweeting straight to the American voter exactly what was on his mind and the MSM would scream bloody murder saying

"We are doomed! 

Trump is bypassing our guard dog position and there isn't a thing we can do to stop him.

In fact, here is the ridiculous thing Trump just tweeted today which we cannot silence him from saying."

-Collective cry of the Judeo-MSM

Trump was said to be playing 3-D chess as the Jews in the MSM press were said to be too dumb to outsmart him.

What is the reality?

The Jewish media knew there are an ever growing populace who knows not to trust them, so they could only win through deception.  Getting you to believe you actually had a choice.

The Republican candidate they gave all their coverage to was Trump, someone they were pretending to hate, all the while Trump was pretending to be against them.

Trump as a Trojan candidate; a Manchurian candidate.

Trump was the Jewish puppet they had convinced to run as a Republican against Hillary.

Trumpian tweets were intended to mislead conservatives to his side.

The more politically incorrect he made himself appear, the more gullible conservatives came to him.

Of course, we all knew Trump was likely a secret RINO, having been a wealthy New York City Democrat all his life, but the deception worked exactly as the MSM planned regardless.

The American voter bought the ploy, turning away from the #NeverEverRINO Rand Paul and  the #SometimeJudeoRINO Ted Cruz, to vote for the guy whom we were led to believe "had an insider's view of their treachery and had come around to their side".

Yes, indeed he has an insider's view of their treachery, because he was and still is an insider, but we were misled to believe he had an ephiphany to conservative thought.  Or that he had a problem with the treachery.

Trump is a RINO of the worst kind, because we don't even think he is a RINO.

          Campaign promises
             Broken Promises
Promised us a Steve Bannon styled American-first nationalist  presidency
Instead, has given us a New York City Jared Kushner styled Israeli-first nationalist presidency
Promised to make America First, as in caring about the children of American Christians first
First, will make the children of Syria First, as in shows his first concern for the children of others in the sarin gas attack on Muslim citizens of Syria by their own Muslim people.  Does not show concern for the children of America brutalized by Planned Parenthood.
Promised America will no longer be the world's policeman, as in no nation building, no making the world safe for Democracy, and no internationalist/ globalist dreams.
Convened a grand jury at the UN (not Congress) to condemn a sarin gas attack, presented evidence of criminality but no proof of the accused being the guilty party, judged his evidence as conclusive, convicted the country's President Assad on his kangaroo evidence, and ordered our military to POLICE Assad by bombing his airbase. All  to the praise of American haters but globalist lovers.
Promised not to be President of the World
Will work for regime change in Syria, a country he believes is under his authority and jurisdiction as President of the World
Promised not to be President of the World
Even in that World President role, the concern is the next door neighbor of Israel, Syria; the next-to-next-door neighbor of Israel with missiles which can now reach Israel, Iran; North Korea who can supply nuclear missiles to Iran who can fly them to Israel; but like every other World President, Trump just cannot seem to have any time to overthrow the tyrant on our own Florida coast, the Castros of Cuba. Trump is another World President who plays favorites by taking care of the nation of Israel more than the nation of America
Promised not to be the world's policeman, as in being the largest paying member of NATO
Instead of helping the American taxpayer, by reducing our defense spending down to the same low levels European countries enjoy, he instead demands they increase their military spending to our excessive level, even though none of them have been to war in last 75 years.
Promised to rid America of the scourge of Obamacare
When Congress proposed a law to change Obamacare into its Republican twin, Romneycare, Trump threatened to campaign against the Freedom Caucus if they did not vote for this scam of false replacement
Promised to elect judges who would overturn Roe v Wade
When asked in Senate confirmation hearings if Trump had asked him how he would vote for Roe V Wade, Gorsuch should have IMMEDIATELY walked out of the Senate room, but instead, he said he would have walked out of Trump's room if Trump had asked that question.   Daughter Ivanka just had a meeting with the head of evil itself, Planned Parenthood.
Promised to elect judges who would uphold our Constitution
The judge he appointed said the men who signed the Constitution were racists and sexists, even though they proposed equality, so you can only guess Gorsuch will rule that "original intent" of our founders was, well unconstitutional.
Promised to elect judges who would uphold our Constitution The judge he appointed was proudly paraded as a pure establishment hack, never overturned because he always sided with the unconstitutional court decisions of the last 100 years.
Promised to stop Muslims from entering our country until we better had a grasp of what was happening.
When 2 federal judges illegally stopped his legal yet weak, executive order to keep out aliens who had not even had a chance to become illegal, Trump stopped all attempts to keep them out as well.  They are still entering this country.
Promised to send all illegal aliens back to their own country. Has totally agreed to let the Dreamers stay. Has also agreed to expedited citizenship for illegal aliens who somehow obtained a "legal" job in the military protecting this country from its enemies, as in enemy countries who send their citizens to invade this country
Promised to build a wall and Mexico would pay for it
Asked Congress for the money to build the wall.
Promised to take China to task for currency manipulation
China's "help" with North Korea means China is a favored nation once again and can still economically destroy America
Promised to "Lock her up", or at least allowed his base to believe he would prosecute Hillary for her many crimes, if not even all her co-conspirators
Not only has Trump made no attempt to lock her or anyone else up, but he has expressed sympathy for Hillary and in fact, he is allowing himself to be the one being investigated for crimes

Trump's 100-day Campaign Lies
even when written down

Even these promises writen down for the first 100 days, Trump has not followed many of them and the ones he did take a stab at was a half effort.

Sounds nice, but with a little analysis, you can see they do little to actually change anything of great importance. Just taking us back to the Clinton, George W Bush days is not nearly enough to reverse course for this country.  Not even taking us back to the JFK era is good enough.

We need to be returned to the government of pre-1913.

We need abortion gone - for the babies. We need the 16th and 17th amendments gone; feds out of our wallet and States back in our Senate. We need the Federal Reserve gone and all the financial thieves who thrive on it (Jews). We need the Departments of Energy, Education, HUD, and Commerce gone. We need our borders returned to the America of pre-1913, with exceptions for true Americans, not dual-citizens, one foot in America and one foot elsewhere (Yes, I'm talking about Jews). We need serious efforts to break up the media monopoly crippling free speech in this country (Yes again, I'm talking about Jews).

I see no expectations any of these real reforms will occur in the next 1000 days of Trump's Presidency.

Trump's Contract with the American Voter
    Trump's Contract with the American Voter

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