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May 2017 AD

Russia vs. America

Why is it a grave sin to like Russia? 

And why is it a wonderful virtue to like Israel?

The answer to these question is to ask "Who is determining whom the good guys are?"

Jews have Americans shamelessly fighting each other over fighting Russia. 

Heh guys, all the fighters involved in Russiagate are Christians; while all the provokers of the fight are Jews, or shameless Christians bought off by the Jews.

Can't we stop allowing ourselves to be mindlessly pulled into World Wars by the Jews?

Hell, even Communist China is a far worst enemy to America than Freed-from-Communism Russia and none of our politicians are fighting the communist Chinese.

Don't get me wrong though --  China is no match for the evil of Israel.

Real patriots in our intelligence agencies would be leaking ties to the government of Israel, instead of ties to Russia.  This only shows that real patriots have all been pushed out.

Look at this chart and tell me if we should instead be smearing those who have ties to Israel.

America's MOST POWERFUL political leaders actually want to declare war on Russia

Never trusts Russians

Questions everything Russian

America's political leaders, ALL OF THEM, line up to lavish praise and admiration upon Israel. Would NEVER declare war on Israel

Trusts everything Israel

Never questions Israel
Christian nation

Not a Christian nation
Hates NATO and hates the collectivist EU...

...Since they are directed at Russia and Russia alone

Loves NATO and loves the collectivist EU...

...Since they are directed at Russia and Russia alone
Spied on the US

Spied on the US

Case in point:
Jonathan Pollard was an American TRAITOR, since he was an American citizen employed by the US government,
whom Israel continues to portray as just an Jewish patriot of Israel doing his patriotic duty to country

Crimea in 2014,
68% Russian,
90% Christian,

Last owned by Russia in 2001, 13 years before


West Bank in 1967,
1% Israelite,
1% Judaic

Last owned by Jews
2,000 years before
Never attacked US

Attacked USS Liberty

Never apologized
In the year 2000,
rebuilt the National Cathedral of Christ the Savior, destroyed by Jews in 1931,
originally built by the Christian Czar to commemorate Christ saving Russia from Napoleon

In the year 2000,
Jews built an East-Berlin-styled Iron Wall that boarded off the birthplace of Christ in Bethlehem from the rest of Israel, preventing the protection of this very real Christian shrine of our Savior
Has never been accused of Apartheid Crimes Against Humanity by the UN

Has just been accused of Apartheid Crimes Against Humanity by the UN

Segregates and dominates Palestinians 4 ways,
1) second class citizens within Israel,
2) permanent "permanent residents" of East Jerusalem
3)  martial law conquered in the West Bank
4) permanent refugees forced outside Israel
Has never been proved to have negatively affected our political process

Has been proved many, many times to have negatively affected our political process.

Case in point,
just a week ago, cyber-terrorist bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers across America by an Israeli performing a false flag operation, whom no body in Israel will identify
Sold us Alaska

Sold us on never-ending Middle Eastern wars
Has never assassinated any of our Presidents, but have assassinated Russian Christian Czars

Liberator of Russian Serfs,
Czar Alexander, the Liberator, because he liberated the Serfs just before Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, was assassinated by future Israeli Russian Jews on March 13, 1881

Czar Nicholas and his entire family assassinated by future Israeli Russian Jewish Commissars on July 16, 1918
to prevent the recreation of the Byzantine Empire after a most certain Russian victory over Ottoman Turks and re-establishing Jerusalam as a Christian city again

Has assassinated several of our Presidents

Liberator of American blacks
Abraham Lincoln (before Israeli nationhood, but done by a future Jewish inhabitant of Israel).

Assassinated John F Kennedy to stop his inspections of their nuclear bomb making at Dimona.

As well, possibly, as making arrangements for the McKinley assassination to make way for America's first Progressive, Jew's very own beloved Teddy Roosevelt
Actively allied with the US in both of our biggest wars, WWI and WWII

Israel's future inhabitants of Jews were the cause of the US being in both of our biggest wars, WWI and WWII

WW1: Balfour Declaration promised Jews Palestinian land in exchange for Jewish newspapers in America to propagandize America into the war

WW2: American Jews talking us into embargoing steel and oil to Japan, along with American Jews talking America into arming Japan's worst enemy, the Jewish-ran Soviet Union of Stalin, caused Japan to attack Pearl Harbor
Russian Christians
     from Russia,
free once again,
after being enslaved by Communist Jews during Soviet Union days
who have now left Russia for Israel

Communist Jews
      from Russia,
enslaving again
after invading Palestine,
creating Israel,
establishing an Apartheid system of enslavement
40 million Christians slaughtered by Russian Jews in the Holodomor along with other gulags, genocides and atrocities

Russian Jews, who had killed 40 million Christians, create Israel based solely on sympathy over story about 6 million Jews killed
Controls 0.5% of our news through RT and Sputnik news;

News is accurate and insightful

Controls 99.5% of our news through,  ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Washington Post, New York Times, etc, etc, etc through fellow dual-citizens of Israel.

News is fake,
anti-American culture,
anti-American, and
By law, Russia does not control any financial interests in the US

Circumventing the law, Jews controls most financial interests in the US
Russia has pretty good hockey players

Israel does not have good hockey players

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