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Who is the
Israeli CyberTerrorist?

Who is this Israeli cyberattacker?

I have scoured the Internet and cannot find the name of this now famous, internationally-known cyber terrorist. 

I have scoured the Internet and cannot find a single photo of this crimes-against-Christian-humanity Judeo-jihadist utilizing false black flag operations against Christians in America.

He is 19-years-old, so protections of youth are not the reason for hiding his identity.

National Security for hiding his identity?   Give me a break!!! After every national security secret this country ever had, from nuclear bomb building to cyber warfare techniques has been leaked?

We are told he is mentally deranged, and that may indeed be presented by Israel and Jews in general as the reason for hiding his identity -- if anyone important should ever ask his identity in the first place. 

But really?  Someone intelligent enough to carry something off like this is the very definition of a sound, fully-functioning brain.

Besides, who else ever obtains a get-out-of-jail card for ANYTHING REMOTELY antisemitic?

Does he really exist?  Is Israel screwing with us once again?  Was this really a Mossad agent?

There seems to be a conspiracy to not name this criminal. Not the Israelis, not  the FBI, not the White House, not the Judeo-MSM. All seem to be working together to conceal his identity.

Why is this Jew not at Quantanamo yet?

Talk of Russian cyber terrorism is just unproven political speculation for the time being, but we now have proof positive of cyber terrorism against America coming from Israel.

A Jewish false black flag operation to split American society right down the middle.

This Judeo-cyber-terrorist, whom no one wants to name, is supposed to be a dual-citizen of both America and Israel. And his crimes were against America, so it should be a cakewalk to obtain his extradition back to the States.

Especially easy to extradict, since Israel is "America's Best Friend in the Whole Wide World".

Every time some 90-year-old Nazi prison guard shows up on our foot steps, we don't hesitate to tell the entire world his name, reveal his entire life story, and we extradict him to Israel for trial NOT BY HIS PEERS.

President Trump, have you asked for his extradition yet?  You are Israel's best defender, so they will do as you ask, right?

Israel, who praise themselves as the very arbitors of truth and justice, wants to see truth and justice done then even more than as we do, right?

In the real world, his crimes were against all American Christians when his anonynous actions in the shadows smeared our good names.

In the real world, his crimes were against our President Donald Trump, in trying to discredit his presidency and bring down his fall. 

Talk about outsiders interferring with the running of this country, inciting a Civil War among our own people should be right up there in our top concerns.

But in the Jewish-speak world-view, his crimes were only against Jews in America, by threatening only Jews, by threatening only Jewish Community Centers (JCC), and by terrorizing only Jews with bomb trheats.

In Jewish-speak world-view, nobody else could be victims here.

So all Jews should praise our efforts to bring this cyber-terrorist to trial - in America - for justice to the Jewish people of America.

To save America the fake grief of Jewish crying and gnashing of teeth for another Dreyfus Affair, we should absolutely admit that the American people, whom this Jewish man tried to smear as antisemitic, are indeed antisemitic for purposes of his trial, which if Christians were members of the jury would preclude a "fair trial" in this racist, sexist, homophobe, antisemitic country, and in doing so, we should recuse ALL CHRISTIANS from being in the jury pool.

Yes, he will be tried by a jury of his Dual-Citizen Jewish peers for crimes against  Dual-Citizen Jews.

I can say this, because I know perfectly well that nothing even close to even this injustice would ever occur.

In truth, forever in history, we will have the Judeo-MSM cover up this Jewish man's identity, and without even that knowledge, how will anyone ever know if justice was ever done?

It was clear to the FBI
from the very beginning 

that the threats
originated in Israel.
                                                -Ronen Bergman

And President Trump, we are still waiting for your apology, since the FBI should have made you aware that they knew from the beginning it was not Christians in America doing these crimes against Jewish Community Centers. 

This Jew from "YOUR best friend" Israel, and the black Muslim who had broken up with his Jewish girlfriend, are the only two who stand accused of antisemitism here.

A single Jew smearing the good name of 300 million Christians is a very serious, atrocious, crime against humanity and should be seriously prosecuted.

I want to see your Attorney General personally insure JUSTICE here for all Christians Mr. President.

Will you Mr. President, be a willing participate in this CONSPIRACY to keep this Jew's identity hidden or serve your country?

I want to see you Mr. President place AMERICA FIRST !!!!!

Our FBI Report

FBI REport on JCC black flag operation


Analysis: After arresting an Ashkelon resident over bomb threats to Jewish centers around the world, police investigators are trying to figure out his motive: Psychological issues, a childish search for an ego boost, or revenge over the fact that he was not drafted into the IDF?

Ronen Bergman |Published:  27.03.17 , 15:19

The mystery of who made the threats against Jewish institutions and schools around the world was solved thanks to close cooperation between the FBI and its cyber attaché in Israel and the Israel Police—from the initial intelligence information to the global investigation and the arrest of an Israeli suspect.

The cooperation between the Israel Police and the FBI was so tight that the American cyber attaché—in addition to the agency's regular representative in Israel—closely accompanied the preparations for the arrest at the Israeli cyber unit last week and the subsequent questioning of the suspect. She was not permitted to be present in the interrogation room, so she remained in a separate room where she received information on the suspect's questioning, suggested lines of inquiry and asked for clarifications.

Talks between Israeli and American representatives have raised the possibility that the young suspect will be extradited to serve his sentence in the United States, as most of the offenses were committed there.

An American source familiar with the details of the investigation told Yedioth Ahronoth on Friday that over the past two and a half months, in an effort to help the investigation, the FBI deployed a network of virtual secret agents, professionally known as “avatars,” who have been active in the DarkNet, where the young Ashkelon resident operated. These are false virtual entities that the FBI has been keeping active for several years now in the dark area of the Web—where hackers, criminals and terrorists can be found—to make them appear authentic.

 It was clear to the FBI from the very beginning that the threats originated in Israel. According to FBI officials, the suspect, who “may or may not have cooperated with someone,” made “clumsy” attempts to conceal the origin of his IP address. The suspect, it seems, got all his knowledge from online discussion forums and from writing numerous questions, including how to hide the origin of a virtual address, how to use a broadband antenna to access WiFi networks, and other questions about security procedures.

The American source stresses that there has been a rise in anti-Semitic attacks and threats in the US in the past year unrelated to the hacker’s actions. The arrest and the information that has been collected do not relate to all the complaints filed by Jewish organizations, and definitely not to the acts of vandalism in Jewish cemeteries across the country. In addition, the FBI has detected a rise in the violent racist discourse on social media.

According to the source, the FBI has no intention of changing the evacuation procedures of educational and public institutions in case of bomb threats, in spite of what has been discovered. “It was clear to us even before the arrest that these are usually false alarms, but we have no intention of taking a risk.”

Police investigators in Israel are looking into a number of possible motives for the hacker’s actions: From psychological issues, through a childish search for a boost to his ego, to a political motive. The political motive is less likely, as the investigation began following threats on schools in New Zealand, which paralyzed the educational system there but had nothing to do with Jewish institutions.

A hypothesis raised by the police is that the suspect was mad about not being drafted into the IDF and tried to restore his pride by taking revenge on a country system—any system, of any country.

Sources in the Israel Police, meanwhile, have argued that in light of the fact that a criminal who is not very sophisticated managed to cause so much damage, the police should be given the authority to collect cyber intelligence “like the Shin Bet and the Mossad.”

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