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April 2017 AD

New World Order
Phase 1

There was a world order began by Jesus Christ, which first spread through the Roman Empire and then throughout to the entire world.

By God's graces, Trump and Putin could work together to restablish this Christian world.

Creation of
The Christian World Order

  1.  The Christian World Order picked up the pieces of the collapse of the Roman Empire and gave those people true faith. 
  1. The Christian World Order beat back Germanic tribal rape and punder, turning Germans into devout Christians.
  1.  The Christian World Order absorbed Viking raids and turning Scandinavians into peaceful Christians.
  1.  The Christian World Order absorbed Muslim invasions and while not converting them, were able to stabilize the advance and even push them back out of Spain and Greece and everything west of Greece.
  1.  The Christian World Order expanded into the New World, creating a Christian World Order for pagan Indians from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle.
  1.  The Christian World Order expanded into Africa and turned much of sub-Saharan Africa Christian.
  1.  The Christian World Order expanded to the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. who all now enjoy the peace of Christianity.
  1.  The Christian World Order expanded from Russia's St. Petersburg on the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Christian World Order
circa pre-1917 AD

By 1917 AD, the Christian World Order consisted of:
  1.  English Empire of England, Canada, America, New Zealand,  Australia,  Kenya, South Africa, India,  among others.
  1.  French Empire of France, West Africa, Indonesia, French Guiana, etc.
  1.  Dutch Empire of the Netherlands, Indonesia, origens in Africa
  1.  Spanish Empire of Spain, Central America, Mexico, South America, Philippines, etc.
  1.   German Empire of Germany and several African nations
  1.  Portuguese Empire of Portugal, Brazil, and several African countries
  1.  Austra-Hungarian Empire
  1.  Ottoman Empire (Not Christian but central to WW1)
  1.  Russian Empire from the Atlantic coast rightward to the Pacific coast
  1.  American Empire from the Atlantic coast leftward to the Pacific coast

Jewish World Order
circa post-1917 AD

After the World Wars, the English empire was completely exhausted, with all colonies gaining "freedom".   But Britain made sure Jews had Israel.

Same with the French, Dutch, Spanish, German, and Portuguese empires. Those empires became distant memories.

The Austra-Hungarian and Ottoman empires would disappear entirely.

All these countries who once had colonies, would now themselves become colonies of the highly-secular and anti-Christian League of Nations, United Nations and European Union controlled by Jewish elites.

The Russian Empire would stay intact, but as a shell of its former Christian state under the Christian Czar, having been subverted into a Judeo-communist hellhole.

Only America appeared to remain unscathed by it all, but in fact, America is also a shell of its former Christian state.

Conversion to Jewish 1917 NWO

The America of Christian freedom and constitutional governance, which citizens enjoyed from 1789 to 1913, was silently subverted by Jewish interests.

Starting in the 1880's, the Rothschild secretly funneled and laundered their Jewish money into their American-based puppet J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan used those monies not only to buy up controlling interest in most of the critical American infrastructure, but also to buy up controlling interest in all the major newspapers of the day, so as to be able to tell the story Jews wanted told.

Those stories told of "horrendous atrocities" inflicted by the "un-Christian" Christian Czar upon the "All but in name only of the innocent sheep of Jesus" Jews in Russia. The effect was the first migration of Jews into America and  thus the beginning of their long march through our institutions.

While the immediate Jewish immigrants  could not speak English and were forced to take menial jobs, 20 years later, their children and 40 years later, their grandchildren were soon in control of all levers of power.

So after the first generation of Jewish immigrants were coming of age around 1900 AD, they began our long progressive descent  down the path of Progressivism.

By 1913, now firmly established at high levels, a triumvirate of atrocities were inflicted upon America.

    1) The Income Tax created by the 16th Amendment
          would help fund the Jewish-controlled central bank.
    2) The Jewish-controlled Central Bank was also created by the Federal Reserve Act
    3) To insure that the States could not object,
         the 17th Amendment was created to steal away the  right of the States to vote
         in the Senate of the United States. The Senate would now be decided for the voters
         by endorsement of the newspapers the Jews owned.

America wanted nothing to do with the First World War, but Britain, long a lapdog of Jewish interests, agreed to the Balfour Declaration which traded land in Palestine to the Jews, in exchange for Jews running the newspapers in America to place a blitzkrieg of propaganda upon Americans talking us into entering WW1.

Following the World's First World War came the Federal Reserve created hyper driven Roaring 20's followed by the Federal Reserve created Great Depression, another first for a Federal Reserve sold as smoothing the business cycle. This only led to yet another World War.

This time, America was now fully entangled in the Jewish New World Order of the United Nations and being the Jewish policeman of the world.

Brutal Subjugation to Jewish 1917 NWO

While the rest of the world's Christian powers were expanding far from their own shores, the Russian Czar was doing quite well at pushing the Ottoman Empire back out of Europe.  Constantinople taken be Muslims in 1453 AD was now ripe to be retaken by Russian in 1853 AD.

Being the prize that Constantinople was, the Ottoman Turks were not going to give it up without a fight. And that fight would be a fight to the death for them. Every resource they had would be mustered to defend their capital.

And they would have lost.

And having lost, the Ottoman Turks would have had absolutely no power left to prevent the Christian Czar from his lifelong dream of reconstituting the entire Byzantine Empire -- including retaking the Holy Lands.

Well, in the Jewish New World Order, a Christian Czar controlling the Holy Lands was not their dream world, for their goal of a Jewish New World Order had them controlling the Holy Lands.

Russia had to be opposed at all costs, so Jews in England under Benjamin Disraeli and the Rothschild, along with Jews in France close to the grandson of Napoleon, Napoleon III, convinced England and France to oppose the Christians of Russia, by aiding the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire.

The resulting Crimean War saved Constantinople for the Muslims and Jerusalem for the Jews. 

Christians on both sides lay dead.

But to insure Russia would not be back a few decades later, the Christian Czar had to be taken out.

Jews created the perfect political system for their ambition. Communism would appeal to the powerless masses to overthrow the powerful minority with the age-old appeal of rape and plunder. 

Islam was built by Jews along the same rape and plunder lines.

So Jews led "the masses" into Moscow, killed the Czar, his family and all nobles they could capture. Then the Jewish Commissars created a Jewish totalitarian state which subgugated "the masses" even more than they were subjugated before.

Jerusalem was now secure for the Jews. 

Which they began populating after Winston Churchill fulfilled his promise to secure Palestine for their homeland under the so-called "British Mandate".

Hope for a
New Christian World Order

Democrats and Russia

The Soviet Union collapsed -- Russians are bitter.

America just voted out the Jewish establishment -- Americans are bitter.

The Jews worst nightmare would be for the head of Russia and the head of America to unite together to reestablish a New reinvigorated Christian World Order.

The United Nations could be Christianized.

NATO could be Christianized.

Putin could take Constantinople and knock Muslims completely out of Asia Minor.

Trump could create the Trump Doctrine and free the New World of all Jewish and Muslim influence.

Trump could easily free Cuba and Venezuela of communism.

The imagination runs wild.

All former Christian lands could be retaken from the Strait of Gibralter counter-clockwise  to Constantinople.

All Jews could be relocated to Israel and not allowed to leave for the security interests of the Christian World with full allowance for Christians to freely visit the Holy Lands whenever they wish.

The future of the Christian world rests with Trump and Putin.

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