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March 2017 AD

Hitler Explained

I will attempt to explain Hitler's world back then using today's politicians as subs. 

And I'm not at all afraid to compare the world Hitler was faced with upon his entering office with the world President Trump is now faced with in his first days in office, even if Trump does not acknowledge Jews as the root cause of all the problems for a Christian world.

Kaiser George W Bush

The Kaiser of Germany was named George W. Bush.

Instead of just George W's never-ending series of Middle East wars to help the Jews of Israel, Kaiser W sent his army just across the German borders into France in a first World War. You see the Old World was changing and a New World Order was  threatening. Like modern George W siding with the largest voice for Muslims, Saudi Arabia, Kaiser W sided with the largest voice for the Muslims at the time, The Ottoman Empire -- another Old World Order which was giving way to the New World Order of Palestine for the Jews.

The stress lines pushing this New World Order was what pushed Europe into the First World War, and the old world order lost. The Ottoman Empire lost and had to give Palestine to the Jews at the hand of the British. Kaiser W lost and had to sign the Versailles Treaty handing portions of Germany off to other countries and imposing harsh financial terms.

More importantly, the Czar of Russia and his family lost their heads. Russia became the first Judeo-communist country and as the avant guard of the Judeo New World Order, threatened to spread this Judeo-communist revolution everywhere.

So Kaiser W was replaced by Obama of the Weimar Republic.

Weimar Republic President Obama

Weimar Obama, or Weimar O as his adoring Jewish-own press liked to call him, let Jews run the place, negotiated away vast tracts of German lands, allowed French troops on sovereign German soil, allowed German society and culture to be degraded with Jewish inspired filth and pornography. Weimar O printed money like it grew on trees to hand out to Weimar O's friends and Germany's enemies, thus causing massive hyper-inflation.

But worst of all, Weimar O had a love affair with the Jewish thug Commissars running the Gulag called the Soviet Union, and allowed countless Russian Jews to illegally immigrate to Germany, a Germany still recovering from the destruction of a World War and hyperinflation.

Worst still, these illegal Russian Jews brought with them Jewish terrorists who were both anarchists and communists. There were many attempts to subvert Germans to full communist tyranny.

The Russian thug Jews settling into Berlin had an uprising to take control they called The Spartacus Uprising.

In Germany's California, called Bavaria, there was another Russian thug Jew uprising establishing itself as The Soviet Bavarian Republic.

Both of these and many more Jewish-inspired communist revolutions were countered by groups of patriotic Germans being led by a guy name Hitler Trump.

Heil Hitler Trump

Hitler T inspired the German people to vote for him because he was not the least bit politically correct.

He was not bought by Jewish money.

He was not influenced by bribes and corruptions. 

And most of all, he really loved and believed in the German people.

From day one, the Jewish press had declared war on Hitler T. Their FAKE NEWS never told the truth about the good things Hitler T did to Make Germany Great Again, where the German people had good paying jobs and could once again provide for their families.

The same FAKE NEWS who were hiding the genocides of the Red Scare, the Gulag concentration camps and the Holodomor of Jewish-backed Stalin because they loved him even more than they loved Weimar O, was imagining Hitler T had already done such atrocities on his first day in office.

The Jews back then were always accusing patriotic German Christians of threatening atrocities against them which they had already done to Christians on an even bigger scale.

The Jews organized violent strikes and protests all over the world.

They called followers of Hitler T to be Deplorables and uneducated white men.

They turned public opinion against Hitler T as the greatest enemy of the people since....well Stalin.

But Hitler T was not going to take this intimidation, trying to stop him from Making Germany Great Again, because he never backed down from a fight. He fought back.

He didn't care what criminal fake news Jews were saying about him. Instead, Hitler T came after them and shut them down for doing fake news.

The Jews for a time concentrated their efforts on turning Spain into a communist tyranny, but Hitler T and his ally Mussolini helped turn the tide in favor of the Christian nationalist lover of Spain, Franco, in the Spanish Civil War.

Sadly for Hitler T, he was still surrounded by extremely powerful enemies. There were the Jewish-ran Soviets to his east. There were Jewish-led France and Jewish-led England to his West, especially, Churchill and his Jewish friends. And way to the west, was Jewish-led America under FDR.

But Hitler T knew if his German people did not resist this corrupting force of the Judeo New World Order, then all was lost, so he fought the valiant fight.

Hitler T peacefully joined Germany with Austria in the Anschluss.

He then took back the German Rhineland, the German part of Czeckoslovkia.

Hitler T was well known for his ability to negotiate a tough deal and the French and English had thought that Hitler T would be appeased by just returning German people from the Rhineland and Czechoslovakia to Germany, but the invasion of German parts of Poland was too much.

As England and France were declaring war on Hitler T for taking German land back from Poland, the Jewish FAKE NEWS were not reporting the fact that the Jews of Russia had taken all the rest of Poland.

This last campaign to free Germans from foreign oppressors caused France and England to declare war on Hitler T.

Hitler T quickly made mincemeat of the French forces and in his stylized arrogant manor, had the train car, in which the Versailles Treaty was signed, pulled out of the museum it was placed in, and had the French sign their surrender in this very same train car.

So much for the humiliation the French invoked upon the German people after the disastrous Versailles Treaty they had inflicted upon Germany.

Now Hitler T was able to turn his attention to the grand prize -- ridding the world of Stalin and his Jewish henchmen.

But the two front war and the Russian winters were too much and his ambitions of making the world safe from Jews was doomed.

Jewish judges from the Amercan Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals were sent over to Nuremberg and the fate for Hitler T's propagation minister Steve Bannon was that of a doomed man.

Once again, the New World Order created for us by Zionist Jews in 1917 had persevered.

Moral of the Story

Because Jews had control of all information between people in the form of newspapers, radio, television,  and movies,  Christians were easily talked into believing, even up to this very day, that the worst threat to civilization was a man who passionatly loved his own people - Hitler T.

While the man we should ally with to save civilization was a man who hated and despised and destroyed his own people - Stalin.  A man backed by Jewish Commissars who would rule more land after WWII than Hitler T had ever commanded.

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