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March 2017 AD

Christian Lords
Jewish Star-Lords

Medici, Masters of Florence

Netflix's 5-Star telling of Medici, Masters of Florence, is portrayed more as Jewish Rothschild than Christian Medici.

Cosimo Medici was no doubt Christian, but in practice, may very well have been influenced Jews in the background, not legally able to do finance in Christian countries, or Cosimo might even as well as been outright Crypto-Jewish.

Cosimo led the Medici bank based upon Judeo-usury's practice of fractional reserve banking which now threatens to bankrupt the entire West. 

His power lay in his ability to finance grand projects in districts in which he needed the vote of a good man; or for bad men, the far cheaper method of a direct transfer of a sack of gold shekels under a table.

The prominence of Medici in history is told in the fact that the rise of merca  threatened to replace the medieval practice of feudalism.

Power was no longer a monopoly in the hands of hereditary feudal lords of vast estates.

The Renaissance created vast wealth in Florence through trade with the far east.

Where in feudalism, wealth was displayed in vast, impressive tracts of land, wealth in mercantilism would be displayed in art and science philanthrophy in exchange for acceptance by the population.

Without this charitable funding of the Renaissance, mercantilism would have been allowed to be wiped out in its infancy by the feudal class.

Indeed, the Netflix exclusive of Medici is a generational fight to the death between Florence's feudal Albizzi family and the  mercantile Medici family.

Jewish foothold in Christian society

This new method for wealth creation, looked to free people of a backwards feudal lord and master.

An unquestioned  CHRISTIAN feudal lord, duke, king and queen.

This new system would only created a new master. A master of trade, born of finance.

The new wealth would fund the massive shipping industry which would trade with India and China and eventually lead to the discovery of the new world.

But this new power center would be a near Jewish monopoly, even in regards to the slave trade.

Over time, all remnants of feudal power, all the way up to the King himself would be overthrown by these trading cartels.  What rements of feudal power, such as the Queen of England, is now more than a museum attraction to past fame.

Neo-Judeo-Feudal Star-Lords

Today, we have Neo-Feudal lords of immense power and influence. 

A Jewish owner of Google can read, control and direct vast amounts of the world's information which no King ever had the power to undertake even in his own country.

A Jewish owner of CNN can send his voice and image through the walls and into the homes of even the lowliest "peasant", every night, unconstrained by any "king" in government to stop his propaganda for either an Israel-First Hillary or a Israel-First Trump with all America-First candidates not covered, in order to select our next "king", which we have since deemed "free speech" and "freedom of the press".

A Jewish owner of the Federal Reserve can create $20 trillion dollars of money out of thin air and place the burden of repayment upon the Christian taxpayer serfs.  A feat the Czar or the Kaiser would have died for.

A Jewish nation of Israel can manipulate Christian nations in helping them obtain nuclear weapons, capable of wiping out 300 million Goliaths.  300 million times more power than King David ever had the power to do.

Yes, the world has surely changed since we overthrew our Christian masters.

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