The Christian Solution

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March 2017 AD


The Christian Solution
The Jewish Problem

At long last, 805 articles later, I have finally deciphered the true Christian - Christian Solution - to the Jewish Problem. 

(Outside The "practical" Christian Solution to our Jewish problem at the bottom of each and every one of those 805 articles.)

By figuring out how France was getting rid of their Jews, Christians in America could do the exact same thing to remove this Jewish stranglehold on America's throat.

It begs me to say this, but Muslims are really stupid in their terror tactics.

If they stopped blowing up innocent Christian gatherings in America and instead blew up more Jewish Bar Mitzvah celebrations, Jews would leave America like they are now leaving France, and Americans would no longer have anyone here advocating Christians come across the ocean to defend Jews under all circumstances, regardless of American interests or regardless of Christian needs.

Indeed, Christians in all nations could use this Solution to keep Jews from running their culture and society into the ground.

For whom is the Christian Solution?

This plan has compassionate and Christian elements to make any type of Christian happy. There is not a hint of evil in this Christian Solution.

  1.  "Pray to Jesus and everything will work out" styled Christians will love this because it requires Christians to stop what they are doing now and to do nothing. That is, stop killing thousands of Muslims in the Middle East and stop arming militant Israel. 
  2.  "Pay onto Caesar and Prosperity" Styled Christians will love this because we will not be taxed for endless bloody religious wars against ME Muslims and endless religious military aid to Judaic Israel.  More of their money could go to their Christian church for their greater prosperity.
  3.  "I'm too busy with my regular life to bother" styled Christians will enjoy doing nothing as well.
  4.  "Zionist believers that only Jews who deny Jesus are worthy of being God's Chosen People" styled Christians will love this because it greatly helps God's Chosen People to return to God's Promised Land.
  5.  "End Times" styled Christians will love this again because it will help Jews who deny the salvation of Christ to return home, so that Jesus can return for them.
  6.  "Liberal" styled Christians will love this because it brings real equality to one and all. Muslims equal to Jews equal to Christians.
  7.  "Conservative" styled Christians  will love this because the end result will restore God's Christian America.
  8.  "Orthodox" styled Christians will love this because the end result will restore God's Christian America.

Christian Solution

So here is a Christian Solution plan amenable to one and all types of Christians: 
  1.  Confess to a Christian belief, by first and foremost, insist God's Chosen People must return to God's Promised Land of Israel, and in said Christian support of God's Israel, say and do absolutely nothing to prevent Israel from expanding into as much Islamic territory as those poor deserving souls belonging to God so desire to take from Muslims illegally squatting on God's land.
  1.  Confess to a Christian belief, and let no one say otherwise, that God will care and nurture his Chosen People in his Promised Land, by stopping the totally un-Christian manner we have undertaken to supply arms of death and destruction to Israel. David only needed a slingshot, guided by God, when opposed to Goliath.  Anyone who believes otherwise and think Israel needs America to "wipe Iran off the face of the Earth" are dearly lacking in their Christian faith.
  1.  Confess to a Christian belief of love and compassion toward Muslims, by not allowing the weaker-in-faith Jews, the non-religious Jews who do not yet believe and have faith that God will care for them in their time of need, to talk us into any more wars of death and destruction in the Middle East on their behalf.  For this coming of unfaithful Jews to God's faith is also part of God's plan. Return all our soldiers to our own shores, who are only looked upon anyway, by both Muslims and Jews, as Crusaders. Again, a true Christian knows that Israel is God's plan, not America's plan. Christians know Christianity plays no role in God's plan for the Jews of Israel - just ask a true Christian and they will tell you as much. Smiting Iran for Israel is God's duty, not America's duty.
  1.  Confess to a Christian belief of love and compassion toward both Muslims and Jews, by allowing millions more Muslims and yes, for equality sake, even more Jews into America; and once here, treat them with all the  warmth, love and compassion a Christian would treat any stranger in his home. Currently, only Jews warmly receive Muslims into America, while Americans are doing all the un-Christian droning in the Middle East on Muslim families, so Muslims attack the greater evil, Christians, in America instead of Jews. We should learn that God's plan of love and compassion is a proven formula for peace.  We should not let Jews continue to out do Christians in receiving Muslims into our society, to live in our home.
  1.  Confess to a Christian belief of equality and tolerance toward all, by not favoring Jews over Muslims or Muslims over Jews in our society. Allow Muslims and Jews the freedom of liberty America justly provides for all, by allowing Muslims and Jews to work out their own problems in America, on their own terms, much as Muslims and God's people work out their own problems in the Middle East.
My guess, this very unexpected Christian plan of action would soon have American Jews desperate to leave a very Christian America for Israel where they would feel much safer living among their own people.

...Then we would absolutely have to get rid of the Muslims, whose presence was so central to freeing us of Jews, for their un-Christian hateful ways in running off God's people. Old Jewish proverb -- eye for an eye.

Muslims will run off the Jews, so we must run off the Muslims -- before they turn back on Christians again.

Why are Jews leaving France?

The answer to this question of why Jews are leaving France was the basis for the Christian Solution provided above. So yes, we are moving backwards in our analysis.

Behind Israel and America, France has the largest population of Jews in the world, so you would think Jews were well entrenched in France and firmly running the show there; however, this population of 475,000 Jews lost 10,000 of their own just last year to aliyah into Israel from a fifth of that in the recent past.

From less than 2,000/year in 2012 to over 10,000/yr in 2016, many Jews are trying not to let the door hit them on the butt as they leave France for Israel.

This rate would still take more than 47 years, but shows the formula needed to raise it even faster.

Muslims entering France are causing mass fear and hysteria in France. So Jews leave.

Frence Jews decamp for Israel

Basic Formula, based on facts:

  1.  Muslims hate Jews for their Crusader conquest of Muslim Palestine in 1948, so Muslims attack Jews where ever possible.
  1.  Jews talk Christians from many lands into invading Israel's arch-enemy neighbor Iraq "to protect stolen Kuwaiti nurseries" after Muslim Iraq invades Muslim Kuwait.
  1.  Jews remind Muslims as we invade Iraq, that they hate us because we Christians had invaded Muslims lands 1,500 years ago in the Crusades, while the Jewish Crusaders of Israel can be ignored because they have always belonged there. (Fact Check: Jerusalem was a Christian city when Mohammad's Judeo-Islamic armies arrived at the gates of  Jerusalem)
  1.  Jews have managed since then to talk all Christian countries into opening their borders to massive waves of Muslim immigration to show Muslims they should not fear Christians as Muslims are allowed to be counter Crusaders in Christian lands.
  1.  Jews hope Muslims attack Christians, in their own countries, which will keep Christians interested in supporting Israel against the Muslims -- "Christians feel Israel's pain, so Christians support Israel from pain"
  1.  Jews do indeed get Christians to support Israel using this black-flag tactic (9/11), San Bernardino shooting, etc, etc, etc, and  Christian America sends massive amounts of Christian soldiers into the Middle East again in a second full Iraqi and Afghanistan invasion to kick Muslim butt in a Jewish-Christian Jihad.
  1.  Jihadi Christians kicking Muslim butts in the Middle East by expanding into Libya, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, etc, etc, etc, makes Christians THE  GREAT SATAN to the Jewish LITTLE SATAN.
  1.  Muslims pick the Jihadi Great Satan to terror attack over the Crusading Little Satan, for the same reason as the Jews, but in reverse. If Christians get too bloodied by Islamic terror, Muslims figure the Christian nations will stop being Israel's mercenary army in the Middle East. Which is true, America will eventually become exhausted, but Jews will have first insured through their  Jewish-owned Judeo-MSM that we are not totally exhausted until Iran is first wiped off the face of the Earth, leaving Israel's military unchallenged in the Middle East.
  1.  Examples:
    1.  America is attacked on 9/11 for invading Iraq, while protecting Israel from Iraqi SCUD missiles. We attack more, get attacked more.  America has plenty of Jews who do not fear attacks by Muslims, because Christians are the target in America. American Jews continue to live safely in America.
    1.  Germany got rid of their Jews long ago, so no Jews to attack in the first place, meaning Muslim invaders attack German Christian nativity scenes and German Christmas shoppers.
    1.  France used to be Crusaders against Islam with wars against Muslims in Algeria and against Egypt at the Suez Canal, but France totally stopped attacking Muslim countries. France withdrew all their troops. Even Muslims understand that it is not so productive to attack someone who is not attacking you; however, France does though have plenty of Crusading Jews to attack. So in France, the target is not so much French Christians, but French Jews.
    1.  While American Jews embrace Muslims, knowing the targets will be Christian soldiers at an army base in Texas or Christian gays at a nightclub in Florida, so American Jews stay in America. Meanwhile, French Jews know the target is them, and so French Jews are leaving France in troves out of fear; while, American Jews know the target is not them, so they stay.
    1.  Islamic terror works!!!!

Updated 5:25 AM ET, Mon January 25, 2016

Ashdod, Israel (CNN)

Yoav Krief remembers the day he knew it was time to move to Israel: January 9, 2015.

It was a Friday. Four Jews had just been killed in the Hyper Cacher, a kosher supermarket in Paris, two days after the Charlie Hebdo attack. One of them was Krief's friend.

"I was not good, really not good," Krief says of how he felt at the time. "I talked to my mom, and I said, 'We must go to Israel. We need to go to Israel.'"

Krief, a French Jew who had just finished high school, moved to Israel with his family six months later, as part of the largest migration of Jews from Western Europe to Israel since the modern state of Israel was created.

Nearly 8,000 French Jews moved to Israel in the year following the Charlie Hebdo attack, according to the Jewish Agency, which handles Jewish immigration, or aliyah, to Israel.

The number of French Jews moving to Israel has doubled -- and doubled again -- in the past five years.

In 2013, less than 3,300 French Jews moved to Israel. Only two years earlier, that number stood at 1,900.

Britain has the second-highest Jewish emigration from Western Europe, but the scale is much smaller. According to the Jewish Agency, 774 British Jews moved to Israel in 2015, less than one-tenth the number of French Jews.

'Difficult to live as a Jew in France'

Many French Jews settle in Ashdod, a city in southern Israel known for its large French population.

You are as likely to hear French on the streets as you are Hebrew, especially in one of the city's many French cafés.

"It's great for me here, much better than France," says Charly Dahan, a musician who moved to Israel from Paris two years ago.

Dahan sits in Café Lyon, a popular meeting spot for French Jews.

"This is the first time in my life that I am relaxed. In France, I also felt good, but the situation and the current problems... it's very difficult to live as a Jew in France," he adds.

The Jewish Agency says violence is part -- but not all -- of the reason for French immigration.

"While high-profile attacks such as those at the Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012, the Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014, and the kosher supermarket in Paris and the synagogue in Copenhagen last year have certainly been the most vivid instances of violence targeting French and European Jews, the French Jewish community has been living with a deep sense of insecurity for quite some time," says Avi Mayer, spokesman for the Jewish Agency.

Israel's Jewish leaders have always proclaimed that the country will always offer a home to Jews from anywhere in the world.

But what of the places these newcomers have left behind?

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently expressed the fear that an exodus of Jews would change the country for the worse.

"Without the Jews, France is no longer France. It's the oldest community. They have been French citizens since the French revolution," he told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

Fear of being seen as Jewish

But when the European Union studied the prevalence of anti-Semitism in 2013, it found that 74% of Jews in France avoid openly identifying themselves as Jewish at least some of the time, and more than a quarter of French Jews always do.

Dov Cohen, a French Jew who left Marseille for Ashdod last summer, says he never wore his religious skullcap, or kippa, in public.

"You have to watch out," Cohen says about his life in France. "You have to protect the children because of fights in the metro and on the buses. This pushed us to decide to make aliyah," he says.

"Here there is a feeling of security that no longer exists in France. Twenty years ago, maybe yes. But since the year 2000, there no longer is that feeling of security in France."

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