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March 2017 AD

Trump Doctrine:
Muslims in America
is hate

Ann Coulter elegantly reminds us of three facts.

  1.  President Clinton (the real one), sent armed INS agents to barge into the Florida home of American relatives of Elian Gonzales, then deported Elian Gonzalez to a life of "re-education", communist indoctrination" and "political manipulation" in Cuba, with all courts in agreement with the right of our Democrat President Clinton to do so.
  1.  The State of Arizona decided to enforce the immigration laws Democrat President Obama was not enforcing but federal courts intervened to rule that enforcement of federal immigration laws was not a power of a State, but that of the President even if he was NOT enforcing those federal immigration laws.
  1.  A "piss-ant" liberal judge believes he can rule for the State of Washington over the authority of the President -- if the president is a Republican named Trump.

Even Hillary is now getting involved in the hatred involving Trump's immigration ban.

Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals political decision, Hillary proudly tweeted "3-0".

We should remind ourselves of what Hillary's results were at running for President:  "0-2".

In fact, Hillary should be treading lightly when she implies everyone is against Trump.

The American voters rejected her twice now, so that has placed her in hot water with no Obama pardon to cover up all her corruption, and with plenty of Americans demanding "LOCK HER UP!!!!"

In our coverage, we have gone even further to demand a full firing squad for treason.

But Hillary's tweet is needless to say -- pure hate.


After all, isn't it all about "love a Muslim" to allow Muslims to invade this country?

No, nothing about a Muslim invasion is love and compassion.

In fact, allowing Muslims into America is pure hatred from every possible viewpoint.

In their heart,
Progressives believe allowing
in America
is pure Hatred

To prove this point that Progressives honestly believe Muslim immigration is hate, all one needs to do is go back to Hillary's Presidential campaign speeches, where she constantly scolds, and her people vehemently agree, that America hates and despises the Muslim minority.

I remember a Muslim father, with wife silently at his side, passionately scolding a "hateful" America at the Democratic Convention.

Hillary did not win, so all the more reason why America is a hateful place for Muslims.

So why would any respectful American allow a poor downtrodden "Religion of Peace" Muslim into America to be subjected to a lifetime of even more misery, this time at the hands of an "uncaring Christian hate"?

Compassion for Muslims would DEMAND respectful Christians to insist Muslims remain in Muslim countries where they would be provided all the tender love and care they so justly deserve, far better than what a "racist, sexist" America would ever offer or provide.

Not that a Hillary's America would provide much nurture for Muslim sensibilities. 
  1.  Hillary would push homosexuality into their face every day. 
  2.  Hillary would push feminism into their face every day.
  3.  Hillary would force a non-religious secularism into their face every day. 
  4.  Hillary would even force elements of the Constitution into their face every day.
Against their own heart of loving care for Muslims; against their own beliefs in woman's feminist power which Muslims despise; against freedom of speech, press, and religion, which Muslims despise; all done most likely because they know it will upset Christians; perhaps done as self-hatred and a desire to make amends for their belief in the past evil deeds of America; who knows, but  Progressives have aligned behind 4 liberal federal court judges who have placed politics above just deciding the law against the facts and the Constitution, making themselves super-legislators, have openly advocated for far more foreign Muslim despair and persecution to be brought into America.

Liberals just do not have a heart or a soul!

Muslims in America is
Slavery all over again

All the Left-Coast Silicon Valley companies had also joined in the immigration lawsuit against Trump, arguing that a Muslim ban would  harm their business.

They desperately need these workers who have toiled countless hours and spent sleepless nights learning difficult material, because Americans will not want to do those mind-breaking jobs anymore.

They want people who will do the jobs Americans don't want to do.

Yes, Southern Plantation owners and Germany's Angela Merkel had the same argument in favor of a special worker class of immigrants.

But as we all know, slave labor is the ultimate hate.

Muslims in America is
hatred against Christians in America

Do we really need to go to the viewpoint of American Christians as to what constitutes love and hate?

Does imposing Muslims into a Christian society indicate love or hatred toward Christians?

Jews Schmuch Chuck Schumer, Diane Fenstein, Al Franken, and Richard Blumenthal believe this constitutes love; although, I would argue to them it implies love toward Jews, where Jews could divide and conquer between Christian and Muslim halves, with them ruling as the "unbiased" third party.

America is a little more than 200 years old. We are like a young teenager thinking all old hatreds can be washed aside and Utopia on Earth will prevail in this country.

America was different. We told ourselves we can handle differences where others failed.

But let's return to reality.

Our young grew up nurtured in peaceful suburbs where all is well in the world and where mom and dad pay all the bills while providing all their basic needs, often including plenty more luxuries.  Only when they  have grown and see past their ideal neighborhood, having to pay taxes and at the same time provide food for their own children, do these young finally "mature".

America was the same.

America was an oasis set into a hateful world.

America was blessed with a pure Christian society, doubly blessed with a great Constitution.

Immigrants may have come to America from England, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, or Portugal, but they all had the exact same unifying belief in Christian morals, based upon one man, one Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The fly in the ointment were Jews who craftily sneaked illegally into this country starting in small numbers following the 1848 Communist Revolution they unsuccessfully instigated in Europe, and increasingly in the 1880's, taking advantage of the Russian Revolution they were instigating by falsely equating the Christian Czar's crackdown on their communist uprisings against the truly terrible horrors being inflicted upon Christians by the Muslim Ottoman Turks next door.  Instead of letting truly persecuted Armenian Christians from Turkey to immigrate to America, instead we allowed non-Christian self-causing-persecuted Jews from the fellow Christian nation of Russia.

Go figure. 

Then there were a flood of Jews in the World War period, again, wars they started and wars they took advantage of. As in gaining Palestine as a homeland and the additional option of immigrating to America if that pleased them better.

These illegal immigrant Jews and their spawn have led a Progressive purge against Christian and Constitutional law for the last 100 years.

For the last decade or two, we have now begun a period of Muslim immigration, which the Judeo-elites like Schmuck Chuck Schumer tells us is just another wave of the American dream.

In truth, this cannot turn out to be anything but an American nightmare.

Looking out into world and looking into past generations is all the knowledge we need to know about this upcoming American nightmare.

Starting from the backwards Arabian deserts of the 7th century, arose a FAKE Judeo-Messiah pirate named Mohammad.

His Jewish-backed band of Muslims raped and pillaged across the Christian world for the next 100 years.

First Christian Jerusalem, then Christian Antioch, then the Christian southern half of the entire Christian Byzantine Empire. Up into Roman Christian Spain and finally stopped just south of Paris France by Charles Martel the Hammer.

The Muslim scourge against Christianity continued on a northernly route around the Mediterranean into Asia Minor until the Eastern half of the former Roman Empire at Constantinople fell in 1453 AD. This surge saw elements land on the Italian peninsula with full attempts to take the Vatican and Rome. The surge continued into Eastern Europe until finally stopped at the gates of Vienna Austria.

Hundreds of millions of dead Christians at the hands of the Muslims over many centuries attest  to the folly of allowing a single Muslim into the New World.

Indeed, the only reason we have a New World is because after Spain defeated the Moorish Muslims by 1492 AD, all other Muslims in the Middle East shut down their trade routes to China. Necessity forced Spain to look for a Western trade route.

To Muslims, freedom of religion means freedom to kill Christians.

A new Monroe Doctrine,
the Trump Doctrine

President Trump should advocate for a new Monroe Doctrine.

Under a Trump Doctrine, the New World will be protected and defended from Muslim invasion and control.

Anyone who advocates a single Muslim be given special privilege to enter this country are the ones filled with rage and hatred toward Christians.

President Trump now threatens their 100-year work of pure evil and the Jewish elites could not be more outraged.

President Trump does not go nearly far enough.

It is time for a Constitutional Amendment forbidding the anti-Constitutional, anti-religious freedom entity known as "the religion of Islam".

And while we are at it, it is way past time for a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting any corrupting Jewish influence in American society, as they are behind these Muslim troubles as one of many problems they constantly beset America with. As Ann Coulter acknowledges, unlike our discussions with allowing "legal by way of Jewish corruption" Muslim immigration, Jews are actually illegal immigrants.

Jews as well should be better treated in the Jewish country of Israel.

As for federal judges who fail in their jobs to judge a crime based solely on facts, the law and the Constitution, why in the hell are they not being impeached ? I don't care if Democrats in Congress obstruct and fail to impeach. I just want to see an effort by Congress for them to do their own job of insuring the judiciary does their job.

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