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March 2017 AD

Hate Trumps
Free Speech

Hate Trumps Free Speech

If riots equal free speech,
then free speach equals hate

If hate equals free speech,
then free speech equals riots

...To Insure Domestic Tranquility...

As Ronald Reagan said following the Berkeley riots of 1969 to a "Freedom of the Press" journalist pestering him about being so forceful in putting down the student riots and suggesting an alternative resolution of negotiation, "What is there to negotiate when it comes to violence?"

For the Berkeley riots of 2017, Trump needs to have federal troops at these events, take them down hard and say, "What is there to negotiate when it comes to violence AGAINST FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS?"

Ronald Reagan knew perfectly well that the Judeo-media monopoly of the day were promoting and inciting riot. 

Ronald Reagan knew that the Judeo-MSM had become nothing more than agent provocateurs.

The riots of today, are not against the FAKE Judeo-media of Ronald Reagan's time, for just like back then, these FAKE NEWS outlets are still agents provocateurs promoting riot and violence.

The riots of today are directed against REAL NEWS media which reports the news the monopoly Judeo-media long kept suppressed or distorted beyond reality.

Commerce Clause
of the rights
of a national media

First off, this is a basic violation of the commerce clause.

A media conglomeration cannot attempt to suppress the freedom of the press of a competing media like Breitbart and claim nobody can touch them because they themselves have a freedom of the press.

The Berkeley riots on Feb 1st shutting down the free speech rights of Milo Yiannopoulos have shown Americans there is a sinister, hateful element in our society.

All the more sinister in that Milo is a well-known journalist,  so this is also a freedom of the press issue, with an attempt to intimidate the press using violence. (Of course he is well-known - the rioters knew his journalistic writings enough to hate him, did they not?)

The evil runs deeper still.

The California public institution of the University of California was not just negligent but complicit in not stopping this violent censorship and suppression of free speech and free press.

Deeper still.

Not one California official has called for either a resignation or an investigation.

What the basis for this hatred against free speech and free press, is actually a targeted hatred against REAL free speech and REAL free press.

They are not rioting against the FAKE free speech and FAKE free press of the Democrats' propagation wing of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and the like.

They are mad as hell at the free speech and free press of Breitbart, whose truthful reporting brought down their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

First job for our new Attorney General

The full weight of the Jeff Sessions' justice department should be brought to bear on these illegal attempts to shut down domestic tranquility, media commerce, and especially Constitutionally protected free speech and free press.

A free country demands no less than AG Sessions becoming tough as nails against these violators of our Constitution.

Against the UofC public officials and against the California state government which provides a haven that disrupts domestic tranquality.

Domestic tranquility is a federal responsibility, as is protecting freedom of the press and free speech.

When then Governor of California Ronald Reagan was confronted by the same problem at Berkeley, he cracked down hard on them.

When the press confronted Reagan with his tough-man tactics he wisely responded:

“All of it began the first time some of you who know better…let young people think that they had the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest.”
-- California Governor Ronald Reagan

Then as now, rioters are encouraged by the Judeo-media who incite riots with no conseqences for their actions.  This time however involved suppressing free speech.

One press does not have any freedom of the press to suppress the freedom of the press of a competing press.

For this Berkeley riot, this time with a conspiracy to suppress free speech, the FAKE Judeo-MSM needs to be indicted for their criminal role in this outrage as agent provocateurs.


This is How Ronald Reagan Dealt with UC Berkeley Protesters in 1969

| 5:52 pm, February 4th, 2017

The University of California, Berkley was the site of a major protest this week, though this is hardly the first time the school witnessed a political demonstration. More than 40 years before students protested a speech from Milo Yiannopoulos, they challenged Ronald Reagan while he was the governor of California.

In 1969, UC Berkeley students protested over city plans for the use of a small community park (People’s Park) near the college. Reagan ordered the California Highway Patrol and Berkeley Police to the school, and he instructed them to use “whatever methods they choose” to crack down on the situation.

In the confrontation that was referred to as “Bloody Thursday,” one student was killed and dozens more were hospitalized when law enforcement used buckshot and tear gas against the protesters. That night, Reagan declared a state of emergency where he sent the National Guard to Berkeley and banned public assembly for two weeks after the protest.

Reagan defended his actions later during a press conference, but when asked if he considered negotiating with the protesters, he asked “what is to negotiate?”

“All of it began the first time some of you who know better…let young people think that they had the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest.”

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