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February 2017 AD

Top Jewish Leaders
stands with
Muslim Invaders

Schmuck Chuck Schumer

Schmuck Chuck Schumer speaks crafty Jewish Tayyira in saying that turning away Muslim invaders is not who we are as Americans.

Surely he cannot be speaking for Americans at any time in our history.

Perhaps this who we are today, only because many Americans have been Pied-Pipered by the slimy illogic and immorality of self-serving Jews who have voted the likes of Schmuch Chuck Schumer into office, along with Diane Fenstein and Barbra Boxer of California, Al Franken of Minnesota, and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. But this has never been true of who we are at any other point in American history.

Have not Americans been beat up endlessly by the Jewish likes of Schmuch Chuck Schumer, over the Founders bringing Africans into America, solely to do our slave work?  Yes, I think they would say that Africans should not have been brought to America as slaves. Most Americans would in fact agree on this point.

Surely then, even liberals will have to admit that America was not about Africa sending us their "tired and restless masses".

So can someone please tell me when America ever opened its doors to any form of Muslim invasion, either as slaves or not as slaves?

I know Spanish Christians came to Florida, Texas and California.

I know French Christians came to Canada.

I know English Christians came to the original 13 colonies.

I know Irish Christians after the potato famine.

I know German Christians, Russian Christians, Polish Christians, Italian Christians, Greek Christians, Swiss Christians, Ukrainian Christians, Dutch Christians, Portuguese Christians, and many others.

But there is one universal trait to all these peoples -- they are ALL CHRISTIANS.

Ann Coulter has a recent article where she points out how Jews from Russia abused our immigration policy to illegally enter America; and yes, there were Asians immigrating into California to work the railroads. Neither of these groups were ever welcomed as "This is who we are"

There are arguments to be made that Jews, Africans, Asians and now Muslims are not here because Americans wanted them here.  None were Christians. Africans are now, so maybe they can stay.

My neighborhood was a melting pot, but the pot was Christian. Did not know a single Muslim until I sat next  to Iranian immigrants in college. Iranians did not come as immigrants, they came for a superior education they could not obtain in their own country, ...and stayed.

So where does this "It's just not who we are" myth come from that Obama has popularized?

Jewish World Headquarters
ran by
Jewish Senator Schmuck Chuck Schumer

Jewish World Headquarters, even with the existence of Israel, is without a doubt the powerful New York City.

For this reason, NYC is also the headquarters of the United Nations.

Chosen largely by Jews of New York City to lead the Jewish World Headquarters is an infamous Senator, a very outspoken Senator against America, the dishonorable Schmuck Chuck Schumer.

Schmuck Chuck Schumer represents the inner thoughts and deeds of the overwhelmingly large majority of American Jews; (otherwise, a strong Christian could have easily defeated him with the Christian votes in up-state New York.

The thoughts of Schmuch Chuck Schumer represents the inner thoughts of Jews far more than it can be said that President Trump represents the inner thoughts of either white  Americans or Christian Americans.

And this is no different from the other center of Jewish population in America, California, represented by California's dual Jewish Senators, the Jewish Senator Diane Fenstein and outgoing Jewish Senator Barbara Boxer.

And what do those inner thoughts believe?

Yes, Jews stand with foreign Muslim invaders more than they stand with American Christian citizens.

Schmuck Chuck Schumer was balling his eyes out at the thought that a Muslim family may not be allowed by our President to invade and infest our shores.

Goes with my constant theme, in article after article after article, that Jews have always in the past and continue to this day, to stand firm with Muslims over standing with Christians. (Outside when it comes to Muslims surrounding Israel)

When Schmuch Chuck Schumer stands with Muslim invaders over Christian natives, then  rest assured those Jewish voters he represents are as well traitors to this country.

Jewish Senator Diane Fenstein
"Death to America!"

On the show, Fox News Sunday today, Feb 5, Jewish Senator Diane Fenstein was all over Trump for stopping a Muslim invasion of America, saying that The President is splitting the nation apart , and says that "The President is not a dictator".

MEANWHILE, when asked about the Muslims of Iran, a nation which is neighbors to her favorite nation of Israel and far, far, far removed from the United States, Israel-First Diane Fenstein was all in favor of any rash dictatorial action Trump had in mind toward the Muslims of Iran.

Such Israel-First Jewish hypocrisy will be the death of America. 

In fact, Fenstein all but shouted "Death to America!"

Jewish Tayyira
Jewish Senator Richard Blumenthal
lies again

Need we say more? This Jewish Senator is also a "Death to America" Senator.

Trump takes down Richard Blumenthal

Lying Ted once again
lies about supporting Christians

Meanwhile, the Texas Senator Ted "the Shekel" Cruz, over and over again, has clearly stated his belief to stand with Jews rather than to stand with Christians.

Only Donald Trump stands with Christians -- I think...


On Jan 30, Schmuck Chuck Schumer gave a press breifing. As his backdrop, he chose neither to show support to the many Christians of New York, but is showing his support to the many Jews of New York.

Senator Schumer stands with Muslim Invaders

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