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Gay Fascists
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n 2015, same-sex marriage was judicially enacted by the SUPREMEST COURT in their infamous Obergefell v. Hodges decision.

The SUPREMEST COURT held that from this day forward, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worst, men could marry men and women could marry women.

  •   No longer were men required to integrate with any woman.

  •   No longer were men required to be tolerant of any woman.

  •   No longer were men required to be inclusive with any woman.

  •   No longer were men required to love any woman.

  •  No longer was the ideal of equality between the sexes defined as equal, but legally redefined as a superior-to-women attitude.

Men were now Segregationists from women - "Separate, but Equal".

Obergefell v. Hodges legally took us back to a 1868 America where Segregation was proudly allowed as part of our society.

Famous Star Trek intellectual and homosexual George Takei, in talking about transgenedered bathrooms says:

"It's not about bathrooms it was never about water fountains."

Well Mr. Takei, you may as well also come clean in this homosexual bathroom of yours:

"It's not about bedrooms it was never about water fountains."

The original

"Separate, but Equal"


In 1868, whites in the South said,

“Heh, you Northerners cannot continue to carpetbag us with your federal “Freeman's Bureau” which attempts to make blacks in the South superior to whites. You Northerners won the Civil War, forcing us to continue under the Constitution, so please now, we ask you to abide by that Constitution. Per the Constitution, we want to be ‘Equal, but Separate’ with our newly-equal black citizen neighbors here in the South”.

The Supreme Court agreed with them in Plessy v. Ferguson, pointing out that “Equal, but Separate” did not violate the 14th Amendment guaranteeing “equal protection under the law to all citizens”, while at the same time, insuring rights created from the beginning of this country in the First Amendment “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” which allowed people to decide for themselves whom they wanted as friends and family and in reverse, whom they did not want as friends and family.

Elections were held in each Southern State and the majority decided that whites wanted to assemble only with other whites, blacks wanted to assemble only with other blacks, and everyone promised, promised, promised, and promised again to keep both blacks and whites equal.

Laws not created out of love for your fellow man, but a winning argument constitutionally.

“Equal, but Separate” lasted for 86 years.

Until 1954, when the First and Fourteenth Amendments was somehow superseded and thrown in the dustbin by Supreme Court justices arguing in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka by judicially stating that “equals could never be equal”?

Really? The SUPREMEST COURT said that equality under the Constitution was unachievable?

The 14th Amendment “equality under the law” as defined for 86 years was now declared a Utopian dream, not even worthy of being followed, while the “right to peacefully assemble” in the First Amendment was simply declared unconstitutional.

No attempt was made to judicially decide that Topeka was not performing its constitutional duty of equality under the 14th Amendment, just their silly decision that equality was an impossible goal. So these geniuses were going to prove that even these superior beings could never achieve equality their dictatorial way either, by judicially forcing the mixing of the races, which they decided was an achievable goal.

As even they predicted, 60 years later, the SCOTUS and everyone else are still saying we are not equal.

This sick sense of SCOTUS illogic had begun which says the SUPREMEST COURT knows how to legislate better than our legislatures do, still infects us these 60 years later. Hence, the order came down from the Supreme Court for the States to integrate black and white schools – to force people to associate with one another who did not want to associate.

(Facts are that whites and blacks were voluntarily integrating before any of the Civil Rights laws from Congress were enacted which created forced and coerced involuntary integration.)

Homosexuals have started out

the exact same way as did

the Segregationist South.

On the one hand, can you believe it, to this day, there are still several of these “Separate, but Equal”, by way of sex type, bathrooms in every Federal Courthouse, even at the SUPREMEST COURT where the female sex has Separate, but Equal bathrooms as well as the male sex having their own.

And can you believe it, even this is being challenged, through transgender laws, so even this is “Separate, but Equal” based on sex legal principle is being challenged. (Which is the central point of this article.)

While bathroom, sex-based “Separate but Equal” still stands for the moment; on the other hand, homosexuals went to the Supreme Court for their very own “Plessy v. Ferguson” segregationalist decision for bedroom, sex-based “Separate, but Equal”.

Which the wanting-a-Judeo-MSM-pat-on-the-back-and-hug SUPREMEST COURT was more than happy to give them in 2015.

Homosexual men could now legally segregate themselves from women in same-sex marriages.

Joining “Separate but Equal” segregated public bathrooms between men and women was now “Separate but Equal” segregated public bedrooms - with public segregated marriage licenses.

As with Racial Segregation

This Sexual Segregation


Like the overturned racist, rednecked SUPREMEST COURT ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson, as good Americans, we must insure that homosexuals cannot ignore just and morale, Democratically-enacted laws, by appealing to a dictatorial SUPREMIST COURT to enact their vile hatred of women.

As ex-President Barrack Hussein Obama informs us, “This just isn’t who we are!”

Now stepping up to the plate, is a new victim set, even more vile than homosexual men -- trans-gender men -- who wish to overthrow the bathroom Plessy v. Ferguson segregation based on sex, proving that even the trans-gendered crowd believes that homosexual men are wrong to insist upon a marriage Plessy v. Ferguson segregation based on sex.

Well there you go. Same-sex segregation is illegal, both in the eyes of both normal men and in the eyes of extremely abnormal men.

We cannot allow homosexual men to segregate themselves from women simply based upon the shape of what’s between their legs, much like the racist South segregated themselves by the color of skin tone as was done under Jim Crow laws.

We cannot allow homosexual men to be intolerant of women who are different than they are, by not allowing them to stand in the bedroom doorway preventing Trumpian justice to prevail like some sort of defiant-of-the-law George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama.

We must insist upon integration in marriage, just as Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ and Martin Luther King would envision it.

We must sue in the courts for affirmative action to equate marriages to the proportion of sexes in the country, that is, 50% men and 50% women, as would the ACLU and SPLC would do anytime blacks were not duly and fairly represented in the workforce or elsewhere

We cannot allow discrimination in marriages. Any marriages where the evidence proves the men comprise fully 100% of the marriage should automatically be declared void and illegal, and we should shout against this discrimination just as loud as the Reverend Jesse Jackson would shout against racial discrimination today.

We must insist upon diversity in marriage, just as the New York Jew Schmuck Schumer just this week direly insists upon the need for Somalian Muslim integration into this country in order to achieve a Utopian diversity in America.

You know what they said about Adolph Hitler – that he was a homosexual.

Let’s not allow neo-Nazi homo-fascists to run this country any longer.

"It's all about the Children"

As a former female candidate for President of the United States Hillary Clinton always says, “It’s all about the children!”

Yes indeed, these vile evil hateful intolerant segregationist fascist homosexuals should not be allowed anywhere close to dear defenseless children.

It is time for Christians to take up their rightful mantle as the real bearers to the title of tolerant, inclusive, equal and loving.

We want Christian parents to raise children when it comes to learning the fine principles of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, and love. A learning which shows both men and women as equal co-partners in the raising of children, exposing them to all of America, not just one sex.

Christians should not stand for their laws, democratically written and constitutionally sound, being riped apart and shredded by a handful of fascist, dictatorial, Supreme Court justices.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Once again, God was right all along.

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