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February 2017 AD

The Identity Politics of Jews

The only identity which counts, the only identity which has stood for 3,000 years, is the Jewish identity.

The Holocaust victim class.

Jews are the eternal maltreated tourist in all countries while insisting they are the rulers. While everyone else left their home to become Americans, only Jews came here without a country, were welcomed and offered a warm place to call home, and instead went out to recreate their ancient home of Israel from which they now call themselves dual-citizens. 

Not a full American citizen, but a Jew with one foot in Israel.

Do not get us wrong here.

Identifying with your religion, with your family, with your State and with your country is the traditional American way of life.

This righteous form of identity politics though is now politically incorrect if you are Christian. 

Only Jews can officially identify this way.

Only Jews can identify with their own Judaic religion.

Only Jews can identify with their own sacred nation of Israel.

Only Jews can identify with their families own olive colored skin.

There is a new form of identity politics at play today and that is what we will address.

But let's be clear right off the bat -- no one thinks in terms of Identity more than do Jews.

Jewish Pity

Playing the collective victim card, the Holocaust victim class is as natural to the Jewish identity as a Possum playing dead.

Jewish Identity in a nutshell

Identity Politics is ingrained in the collective tribalism of Jewish thought;

        A Chosen People (tribe) for a Promised Land (tribal reservation).

Christian Identity

When English, French, Germans, Russians, Italians and Spaniards all came to America, within a generation or two, they were calling themselves Americans, Canadians or Mexicans.

Jews do not identify with the nation they live in

Jews come to America, 2,000 years after having had no country of their own, to have a home in America. Instead, they call themselves Jews and even helped recreate their ancient home in Israel.

Never a true citizen in whatever country they land.

When Christians ran America, though we were Episcopalians, Methodists and even Jews; formerly Germans, British, or Swedish, we were all Americans -- the famous melting pot. 

Black Identity is an exception to the rule

OK, I will make an exception for black slaves, whom Jews talked us into having.

Because of Jewish slave ships, we did split into calling ourselves Northerner (who had no slaves) and Southerner  (who had slaves). But North or South, that was neither an ethnic nor a religious distinction.  It was a moral distinction.

Jews not just from the Old Testament, but Jews from the New Testament as well, had slaves, so -- argued one logic -- it was OK for Christians to have slaves -- So said the Bible.  The Jewish owners of the slave ships loved the idea -- and the profits.

Jesus taught us another Godly logic -- to love our fellow man. Christians have risen above our barbaric Jewish roots and Christians felt a mission to eliminate slavery from the world -- so went the Christian logic.

State Identity

In our one exception as a nation, the distinction was between free state and slave state. Depending upon the Christian majority being either Judas Christian (fire and brimstone Old Testament style) or pure Christian (love and forgiveness New Testament style).

Yes, we identified ourselves by State -- still do when we talk of Red State and Blue State.  (Still free or slave you could argue.)

All changed when "Jewish-Americans" took over control of all the power structures of this country, and with that, all of a sudden, we started calling ourselves "diverse" names like African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Muslim-American, LGBT-American, handicapped-American,  Feminist-American and Single-Mom-American. 

A gay in Texas today identifies more with a gay in Califiornia than with a fellow Texan.

And that's the rub.

Jewish Identity in the Diaspora

A Jew in New York City identifies more with a Jew in the Jewish nation of Israel or even with a Jew in the non-Jewish nation of France, than that NYC Jew seeing his identity with his State of New York as in identifying with a Catholic in upstate New York or than that American Jew identifying with a citizen of his country, as in identifying with a Baptist in Georgia.

Identiy Politics
as invented
by Jews

Special Minority Identity

Hand-in-hand with the identity politics of Jews are "special rights" and "special priveges", which are hidden and coded by the terms of "equal rights" and "equal privledges".

Not as in "God made us equal", but as in "the State needs to make us equal".

Jewish state logic holds that If a black man can jump higher than a white man, then the white man should be made the equal of the black man by forcing the black man to wear lead weights until he can no longer jump any higher than the white man.

To Jews, this is called "justice" and "fair", but the black man would disagree and rightfully call this treatment of him as unjust, unfair and  discriminatory against his superior jumping ability.

But of course, the Jewish state always did exactly the reverse of that.

If a white man faithfully did his homework as a child, struggled in college with a difficult degree study, working after school to pay for it, then found himself making a better wage for his efforts, the Jewish State would then come along to make everyone "equal". The black who partied during high school, who took an unskilled job after high school which allowed him to drive a fancy car while chasing girls, and now found himself years later in the same low paying job, was pitied and made to feel like a victim of the racist white guy.

Affirmative Action would make this black man equal to the white man. 

Affirmative Action further sold to the public with the faulty reasoning of generational crime in that the white man's great-great-great grandfather was mean and cruel to the black man's great-great-great grandfather.

We cannot even lock up the parents of a black thug for raising a murderous thug, but we can discriminate against a white man for what was done 5 generations back, even if the white man's ancestor was an Irish Catholic handed a gun the moment he got off the boat to go fight against black slavery.

The Irish Catholics never had slaves and were horribly treated themselves by the British Protestants --their only sin being they had pale skin.

Again, Jewish State logic.

Communist Identity

When Jews formulated Communism and all its colorful off-shoots, like Collective, Class (lower, middle, upper), Progressive, Socialist and yes, Fascist (Mussolini was first in league with Jews as a communist), Jews were just basking in their normal element.

This is really tribalism with lots of fancy names

Tribalism is Collectivism is Communism is Judaism.

All for one and one for all.

Jews are not really individuals.  They are part of the collective known as -- well -- Jews.

Jews are a pack of wolves

who coordinate together

against a herd of sheep.

The problem with all forms of collectivism is that makes insiders always right and outsiders always wrong.

So when Jewish Commissars in the Soviet Union created the Evil Empire, there were only two classes of people;

1) members of the Communist Party and
2) everyone else.

The everyone else tended to end up in concentration camps, as that is what insiders do with outsiders.

Fascism was no different than Communism,
except in who was the insider and who was the outsider.

Jews were the outsiders in Nazi Germany and they didn't like it one bit!

Jewish liberals fought against Hitler like they fight against Trump today (and Trump is on their side even!)

Jews were the insiders in the Soviet Union and so Stalin became known as Uncle Joe

Total silence in our Jewish-owned press about the Jewish insiders running the Gulag camps or the Jewish insiders running the Ukrainian Holodomor or the Jewish insiders running America's Democrat Party.

In America, we allow our Jews to talk about classes of people.

The upper class, (so long as they are not one of the privileged Jewish collective), are the ones whom our Judeo-journalists would love to have sent off to concentration camps -- for they are the outsider competition.

The middle class are the ones whom our Jewish masters have been trying to destroy -- for they are still too independent to be properly controlled.

And then there are the "noble, yet oppressed" lower class, whom our Jewish master tribe say we should all aspire to become -- for they are good for cannon fodder.

Identity Politics are treasonous to our Constitutional way of life.

Jews who espouse Identity Politics are treasonous to our Constitutional way of life.



Expect More Beating-Type Incidents as Long as the Left Is Invested in Identity Politics

Friday while filling in as a guest host on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn offered his thoughts on the Chicago beating incident early this week that led to four individuals being charged with hate crime in addition to other charges.

Steyn blamed the motivation for the incident on identity politics, which he argued has a “dehumanizing” effect and as long as identity politics remains part of the left’s playbook, more of those types of incidents would occur in the future.

“I think we’re going to get a lot more of this stuff in the future because it is the logic of identity politics,” Steyn said. “It is where identity politics leads. It is about ultimately the dehumanization that attends identity politics.”

“The minute you have identity groups – the minute you have identity politics that what matters is whether people are black, or white, or gay, or straight, or transgendered, or cisgenerded, or Muslim, or infidel – then you do not see the humanity in your fellow man,” he continued. “All you see is the disfavored group and eventually you end with what happened in this situation.”

“There will be more of this in the future as long as the left is invested in identity politics as the organizing principle of society,” he added. “Identity politics is a polite word. The actual term for what it is is a return to tribalism where don’t see people as individuals equal before the law, free-born citizens, the co-equals of others. What matters more and more is what group you belong to. This crime is ultimately where identity politics leads.”

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