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January 2017 AD

Make America Israel
Great Again

Make Israel Great Again

Trump on
Make Israel Great Again

Starting right away, on the very first page of Donald Trump's book, Crippled America, the first concrete issue Trump talks about is the Iran nuclear deal; Clearly not the top priority of America, but that of Israel.

America is confronted by nuclear powers all over the world, what's one more when we did nothing about North Korea, India and even Pakistan from developing those horrendous weapons of mass destruction?

But the country who undeniably wants Israel to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East is, you guessed it,  Israel of the Middle East.

While American Christians may have a vague idea of what it would take to Make America Great Again, there absolutely is a master plan by Jews to Make Israel Great Again.

As in 3,000 years ago great again.

In our reading of Donald Trump's book Crippled America, while it is yet to be seen how he will leave America -- perhaps only rewound back to the time when Obama came into office with a simple repeal of Obamacare and sending a few Mexicans back home -- I definetely read into Trump's book a sense that Trump is clearly aligned with this Israeli version of Manifest Destiny, as shown in the photo below.

In order To Make Israel Great Again, not just the West Bank and Gaza, but all of the nations of Jordan and Lebanon, along with most of Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria would have to be ethnically cleansed of all non-Jews.

Those countries would have to be destroyed, as we have pretty much done for Israel since 9/11.

But Iran and Turkey would have to be neutralized as well, just in case.

Honestly, not sure they would care if they got much of the desert in Saudi Arabia, so that country would probably be safe.

In its infancy, Israel already tried to take the Suez Canal, but was made to give it back.

This is not Hitler's version of Lebensraum, but the Jewish version of "Living Space" which obsesses the world today, and Trump appears to be a pupplet of Israeli Lebensraum.

Make Israel Great Again

Trump on

Our "Unbiased" Political Media

Donald Trump knows there is a H-U-G-E problem with the mainstream media.

In fact, he writes an entire chapter in his book, Crippled America, about it. He titles the chapter, OUR ”UNBIASED” POLITICAL MEDIA pg 9-19.”

Trump says, “I never worry about being politically correct pg 136”, so with all this fresh honesty, he flat comes out and tells us exactly who really owns these biased political media companies.

Yes indeed, Donald Trump tells us “These media companies are owned by billionaires pg15.”

Wow, you don’t say!!!

Trump does not stop at WHO. He also identifies motive so that we also know the WHY.

Trump says, “Begging for attention really sums up the problem in this country with our media pg 17”.

That is the Trumpian root cause of the entire problem, the media is trying to get the most reader subscription base.

Again, another stunning revelation here!!!

The Donald must be a different kind of “billionaire” since this billionaire says, “There is nothing in the world in which I take more pride than the United States of America. I will always be its best defender, and the best salesperson and cheerleader we’ve ever had pg136

The media “billionaires” I suppose are just a different bred of billionaire than Trump, as these media billionaires do not impress me as having much pride at all in our country, neither defending it nor cheer-leading for it.

Me, I agree with Trump in his assessment that billionaires own the political media and want attention, but I would be even more politically incorrect than even Donald strives to achieve by adding a very informative, very necessary descriptive adjective in front of the word "billionaire" and identify these political media owners as “Jewish billionaires”.

And Donald Trump, surely you believe these Jewish billionaire media owners have an agenda far removed from just trying to get the largest readership?

We document this fact all the time, such as when the Jewish-owned Washinton Post bought the Boston Globe and forced their reporters in "The Spotlight"  to investigate and run a "fake news" dirty expose on Catholic priests in this largely Catholic city. For sure, that was not done to gain readership.

I'm fairly sure not a lot of Boston Catholics renewed their subscriptions so they could read the latest "fake news" dirt on their religious Catholic leaders written by Jewish editors.

The Jewish media billionaires serve an Israeli interest, and Trump cares not.

Trump on

America Winning

Then there is that bit Trump says which really confuses me.

He says, “I believe in always putting the interests of American citizens first – always! pg 104

I'm worried that his definition of American citizen is as convoluted as his definition of billionaire?

As when he says billionaire when he really meant to say “Jewish” billionaire?

Does this “depends-upon-the-meaning-of-is-is” scenario to hold so we should believe Trump would place the interests of American “Jewish” citizens first over that of just simple American citizens ?

So, when Trumps says in the first paragraph of his book, “AMERICA NEEDS TO START winning again pg 1”, he is really saying that ISRAEL NEEDS TO START winning again, because he makes no bones about putting Israel First.

What is Trump’s first example of America winning?

That’s right, Israel winning.

Still not off of page #1, Donald starts his first example of “America needs to win again” with, “Take one of the worst agreements in our history – the nuclear ‘treaty’ with Iran pg 1”.

Clearly this treaty with Iran is mostly about Israeli interests, not American interests.

We never had a serious treaty to keep North Korea, Pakistan, England, France, India or even Israel from having a nuclear bomb. No, it the interest of Israel for Iran not to have a bomb. And I'm pretty sure either North Korea or Pakestan has already sold them a few of theirs.

Trump even acknowledges he is interested in Israel winning as much in the very next page.

Israel, our most important ally and longtime partner in preserving some semblance of stability in the region pg 2”.

Silly me, I thought Israel was exactly the cause of instability in the Middle East, and without Israel, who the hell would care if the Middle East was stable or not?

Trump believes in his heart that
Israel's interests are really our own interests

Trump on

Immigration and Border Walls

Talking about the Israel First policy of Donald Trump !

For America, he states, “It’s a lot easier to criticize me for being blunt than it is to actually admit this immigration situation is a dangerous problem and then to find a way to deal with it "pg 20

A little hypocritical on Trump’s policy of expecting others to respect borders.

Trump believes Mexicans cannot immigrate into America and establish settlements in the US, but Trump also champions Jews immigrating out of Israel and establishing settlements outside of Israel in the West Bank?

Guess Trump is not blunt enough to actually admit this Israeli immigration situation is a dangerous problem and hence, find a way to deal with it.

In the reverse situation, Trump is well aware of the wall which Islamophobic Jews built to keep out the unwashed Muslims who he refers to as “Terrorists”.

Trump said, “Walls work. The Israelis spent $2 million per kilometer to build a wall – which has been hugely successful in stopping terrorists from getting into the country. pg 24

As Israelis at the same time cross their own borders to settle on Muslims lands in the West Bank.

Trump hated UN Resolution 2334 where 15 mostly democratic Christian nations voted this week condemning Israel for doing this clearly illegal act.

You just cannot make this stuff up!!!

Trump stands with Israel over standing with our fellow Christian nations who voted for the Resolution.

Our fellow Christian nations of New Zealand, France, England, Uruguay, Venezuela,  Russia, the Ukraine, and Spain. Nope, Donald Trump will stand with none of those who actually voted, nor will he stand with Christian America who only abstained.  Like his main primary opponent Ted Cruz, he will only stand with Israel.

Yes, American interests are to defend this Israeli military welfare state who cannot even defend itself, but America's foreign interests are to dump on the real powers in the world, the only ones who would stand with us in our time of need because they are Christian like us.

In this regards, Donald Trump is a grand liar.

In a Trump presidency,
Israeli interests will always trump American interests.

Why I wonder are Muslims not building walls to keep Jews out?

Probably because the Jews would just bulldoze their wall down and invade anyway. But all that comes down to who is a threat to whom over there.

Trump on

Countries paying their own way

Trump’s policy is for rich and powerful countries to protect themselves.

He says, “We defend Germany. We defend Japan. We defend South Korea. These are powerful and wealthy countries. We get nothing from them. It’s time to change all that. It’s time to win again. We’ve got 28,500 wonderful American soldiers on South Korea’s border with North Korea. They’re in harms way every single day. They’re the only thing that is protecting South Korea. And what do we get from South Korea for it? They sell us products – at a nice profit. They compete with us.” Pg 34

This made me think of our relationship with Israel.

They meet all the same criteria – and more, -- right?

We defend Israel, as in Desert Storm and Iron Dome.

In fact, we tax American citizens to pay Israel $3.8 billion every single year for them to buy the military hardware we make everyone else pay for. We have American troops stationed in South Korea, but at least the South Koreans bought and paid us for the weapons they have for their own use.

Our soldiers may not be stationed in Israel, but I promise you, ever since we “won” the Korean War, far more American soldiers have died in countries surrounding Israel than anywhere close to dying around South Korea.

And there’s that part about “powerful and wealthy”.

Powerful certainly fits the Israelis if they can get us to fight their wars.

And then there is the powerful part, where they fly our best airplanes, having just received the F-35; have our greatest missile defense in the Iron Dome; have our greatest tanks… I could go on, especially about being a nuclear powerful country.

A country with hundreds of nuclear weapons does not need the United States for protection.

Now, as for the wealthy part.

Israel’s per capita of $35,743 is below ours at $56,084, but it is above that of Japan, whom Trump says is wealthy.

Israel's per capita income is even higher than that of Italy who has no nukes and is still not begging us to protect them.

Israel certainly compete with us, and in the worst sort of way. They take or steal our advanced technology and sell it to the rest of the world. That has been documented multiple times on this web site. Even the Mossad is deeply involved in advancing Israel's technology at our expense.

So why should the European nations be asked by Trump to pay more for their own defense under NATO, and Japan and South Korea asked by Trump to pay more for their own defense, and no mention by Trump of Israel paying more for their defense?

What Trump says otherwise is fair for the American taxpayer,
but why the exemption for Israel not paying its fair share to America?

Trump on


Actually, Trump tells us why he will treat Israel special. It’s because he thinks they are special.

Trump says, “I’ve always loved and admired the Jewish people and supported the special relationship we have with Israel. The next president has to restore our traditionally strong partnership. We have been there for Israel, because it is the one stable democracy in that region. It has become a fair-trading partner and a fellow pioneer on the frontiers of medicine, communications, technology, and energy development, which will benefit both our nations well into the future.Pg 39

There will be none of the tough business-like negotiations with the nation of Israeli, which Trump says he will bring to all our other trading partners. With Israel, Trump will create a Special US-Israel hippy commune.

Believe me, I will never compromise on the basic principle I’m discussing in this book” pg 95, says Trump.

It’s just that Trump has two sets of principles.
One for Israel and another for everyone else.

You see, Trump’s father built his real estate holdings in the Christian middle class areas of Brooklyn. Trump the son pivoted. He made his fortune building palaces for Jews in the Jewish heartland of Manhattan. So yes he admires the Jews who made him filthy rich.

His most beloved daughter even married one.

Trump on

Government running the Economy

In the end, Donald J. Trump turns out to be a politician after all.

A few years ago, Moody’s, the financial investment agency calculated that every $1 of federal money invested in improving the infrastructure for highways and public schools would generate $1.44 back to the economy,pg 125 says Trump.

So now it is not capitalism in Trump’s eye that is the economy’s engine, but federal government spending for public schools.

For the record, Trump did write an entire chapter about how bad of an investment public schools are. He titled it Education: A Failing Grade.

Just to double down about his silly ideas about government, Trump says, “If we do what we have to do correctly, we can create the biggest economic boom in this country since the New Deal when our vast infrastructure was first put into place. It’s a no-brainer. It’s so obvious that even the Democrats can figure it out.” pg 125.

This is deadly scary.

America was the world’s top economy BEFORE the New Deal.

The New Deal did little to nothing to rev up our economy.

When FDR rolled back some of his policies the country slipped back into deep depression in 1937. We did not come out of the Great Depression until after World War II. Only then was government rationing finally dropped.

And we were left with a lot of socialist programs like Social Security, farm welfare, industrial welfare, and governmental regulations.

"We should not touch Social Security. It's off the table", pg 84  says Trump.

The grand socialist program no Republican wants to touch. FDR will not be rolling in his grave.

Unfortunately, this is not the only socialist leaning Trump has.

Trump on


All insurance has historically been a State responsibility to regulate.

Your car insurance is regulated by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

There used to be state banks regulated by the States, which has since been federally regulated, staring with the Federal Reserve created in 1913, just in time to do NOTHING about out-of-control spending to fight World War 1, the financial excesses of the Roaring 20’s and last but not least, the financial-mindlessness of the Great Depression of the 30’s.

Obamacare basically further federalized our health-care; a health-care we used to be happy with when the States regulated our health.

Like a true federal politician insider, Trump’s solution to the problem of Obamacare is yet more federalization of our health-care.

He states, “As I’ve said, I’d like to see a private insurance system without artificial lines drawn between states. We need to get rid of those lines and let people and companies cross state lines to purchase the best plan for them. The government should get out of the way and let insurance companies compete for your 75

In a word, Trump proposes to get our States completely out of the business of insuring the safety of its citizens.

Who would take that place?

That’s right, the federal government would step in to regulate that “private insurance system”.

If not during Trump’s time as President, then certainly the next time we elect a Democrat for President.

The insurance companies used to compete with each other to be allowed to serve the citizens of a State. But in Trump’s eyes, all he sees are “monopolies” after the competition has ended and the winner was selected.

I’m sure if you looked, you would find there are also “monopolies” of electricians, plumbers and others who install equipment into Trump’s towers.

Trump may disagree.

He may tell you he negotiated with the best in the business and got the greatest deal, before he even started construction.

Trump on

The Second Amendment

Trump also has the same politician’s take on the Second Amendment as he does health insurance.

“The Second Amendment is clear to me: ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ 109

Watch out when a politician, even one who proclaims not to be one, says PERIOD!

Need proof?

Trump later says, “That’s why I’m much in favor of making all concealed-carry permits valid in every 110

In one sentence, he shreds the entire Second Amendment.

First, PERIOD is out the door, because a concealed-carry “permit” is all about government infringing my right to keep and bear arms. I have to ask permission from a government official who is not supposed to be telling me I cannot have a gun.

Second, Trump just advocated to federalize the granting of concealed-carry permits.

If the 50 States having their own independant regulations, stil in violation of the Second Amendment, was not bad enough, along comes Trump wanting all that power consolidated under him.

Or under the next Democrat President.


Trump on

The Constitution

But trust Trump to follow the Constitution.

Believe him because he said " Believe me"!

“I stand – without question – behind the Constitution at home,
and I stand, without question behind our allies abroad”…

We won’t need the President of Israel to come to our shores and
explain to Congress what we used to stand for.”

And that is the basic question isn’t it.

If the President of Israel
tells our Congress what our Constitution means,
then we have no Constitution.

Trump on

Who our emenies are

There are people who wish I wouldn’t refer to China as our enemy. But that’s exactly what they are. They have destroyed entire industries by utilizing low-wage workers, cost us tens of thousands of jobs, spied on our businesses, stolen our technology, and have manipulated and devalued their currency, which makes importing our goods more expensive – and sometimes, impossible,pg 43 says Trump.

I am in agreement with China being our enemy.

The difference is, Israel is a far greater enemy.

Everything Trump says China does to destroy us, our Jewish puppet master have allowed the Communist Chinese to do to us.

Do you just hunt down the mafia hitman, or do you try even harder to hunt down the mafia leader who ordered the hit?

Jews took over the mafia and the Syndicate a long time ago from the Italians, with the likes of Meyer Lansky. Just saying.

Israelis spy on us, they steal our technology and sell it off to the highest bidder, but most of all, they run our country and in doing so have conciously ruined our country.

In fact, Jews have created far more damage internally in our country than Chinese could ever do externally.

(Each of these are well documented on this web site)

  1.  Jews are the ones who want disastrous open borders.
  1. Jews are the ones importing Muslims under David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel controlled Obama.
  1.  Jews are the ones who make nice with our worst enemies, like Fidel Castro.
  1.  Jews are the ones who want a devastating one-way trade with Communist Chinese.
  1.  Jews are the ones who want radical Muslim Keith Ellison as the Democrat DNC chairman.
  1.  Jews are the ones with the “fake news”, we have discovered in Wikileaks.
  1. Jews are the ones who agitate for riots, as we have discovered with the James O'Keefe investigations
  1.  Jews are the ones who manically manipulate our stock market and control our corporations using our 401k retirement money.
  1.  Jews are the ones who fill our heads with crazy ideas from their Hollywood and Broadway shows.

And Trump believes the President of Israel is a better interpretor of our Constitution than our own Congress is.

This is deadly dangerous!!

Donald J. Trump has lived in New York City all his life.

Donald J. Trump has seen and talked to a lot of Jews.

I am not telling Donld Trump anything he doesn’t already know.

Donald J. Trump is just not being as brutally honest has he would have us believe.

Trump on

Being Open to Americans

Donald Trump has given us a challenge to question him,

Trump says, “

I tell the truth.
I’m not afraid to say exactly what I believe.
When I’m asked a question,
I don’t answer with a speech that ignores a controversial subject.
I answer the question.
pg 89

So Donald, here is my question,

Regardless of the fact that,
one way or another,
Jews in America
get their ideas
mplemented better than others,

but regardless of this,

Do you Donald Trump
 believe a small Jewish minority,

in fact,
de-facto run and control this country
for their own
Jewish interests,

do you Donald Trump
believe the
Christian majority
s this country as a democracy
for their own
Christian interests

if the Jewish minority are manipulating the majority as said,
do you believe anything needs to be done about it


What would you do about it?”

I will wait for your reply, Mr. Trump

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