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January 2017 AD

Ted Cruz
Trashes Christians
and The Rule of Law

This paragraph has been added from the original because a liberal friend was mocking me -- wondering why I was not cheering John Kerry and Barrack Obama for dumping on Israel. Well, the fact is that Kerry is a traitor to America, always has been, and is under direct orders from Obama anyway. Eight Christian nations voted for this UN resolution 2334, so it would have been perfectly natural for Obama to veto the resolution as he hates Christianity. But he didn't. The reason Obama did not veto the votes of 8 Christian nations is simply for the matter that he wanted to help his Muslim friends even more. He was torn to veto the votes of  Christian nations and to vote in favor of helping his Muslim friends. In the end, he abstained and the measure passed anyway. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Ted Cruz, recently re-elected Senator from Texas,
by preferring to "stand by Israel" -- in the face of Israeli evil --
Ted Cruz continues to be
  1.  a Christian Judas, with pockets filled with silver shekels
  1.  an American traitor, and may we now say,
  1.   an honorary YEHUDON (Jewboy).

FOR NOT DOING the right thing at all,
FOR NOT DOING the right thing in international law,
FOR NOT DOING the right thing in Christian morality,
FOR NOT DOING what he is paid to do as a U.S. Senator, indeed
FOR NOT DOING what he is elected to do,
Ted Cruz is NOT a Christian American political leader who "stands with America" and "stands with the Christians of America".

Example of why 17th Amendment is Evil

Ted Cruz is a living, breathing example of why the 17th Amendment direct election of Senators is so wrong. 

I was there at the Texas Republican convention in 2012 when Ted Cruz popped up all of a sudden.

Ted Cruz was the controlled opposition running NOT against his fine Christian opponent Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, but quite clearly running by proxy against the very Jewish manipulator of Texas politics, Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House.

And Texas voters were still swindled.

Ted Cruz is a Long Standing Judas to Christianity

Naturally for such a heinous traitor, Ted Cruz has a long history of being a Judas, who fills his campaign pockets with Jewish shekels.

Such as when he famously said to an audience of persecuted Christians from the Middle East -- for whom he had accepted the honor of being their esteemed speaker no less, by abandoning them and thus persecuting these poor Christians a second time by stating

                          - Ted Cruz to an audience of Persecuted Christians

The 15 Members of the Security Council
Ted Cruz refuses to stand with"

So here we have it: the 15 members of the UN Security Council who voted against Israel planting Jewish settlements in the Arab West Bank.

  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian Nation of Russia, freed now from a long deadly nightmare of Jewish repression under the Soviet Union?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the South American Christian nation of Uruguay. Hispanic  though he is?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the other Hispanic and Christian nation of Venezuela, struggling through a heartless socialist though it is?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian nation of France, home to so many ideals of freedom and liberty, essential source of Israel's nuclear program?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian nation of the Ukraine, a nation which saw 7 million of its citizens wiped out by Jewish Commissars in the winter of 1932-33?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian nation of the United Kingdom, our own mother country, and the nation which bled so many of its young men at Gallipoli as they obtained Palestine for the Jews and whose British Mandate allowed so many Jews to immigrate to Palestine in relative safety?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian nation of Spain, who suffered for 800-years under Muslim oppression made possible by the back-stabbing Jewish fifth Column of Sephardi Jews handing the invading Muslim hordes the keys to cities all over Spain?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not stand with the Christian nation of New Zealand, who felt so morally compelled on this topic that they sponsored it?
  1.  Ted Cruz does not, one can suppose, stand with the non-Christian nations of Japan, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Angola and Senegal?
  1.  Last but by no measure least, Ted Cruz does not stand by the Christian nation of America, a nation he is sworn to protect and defend, when all America did was abstain from voting, and had just delivered a squadron of our most advanced jet fighter, the F-35 free of charge?  Some hatred of Israel this Obama has toward Israel who provide her with the Iron Dome system protecting her from missiles.

The only country Ted Cruz believes is worthy of him to stand by is the Judaic Nation of  Israel.

The only country who can be right in Ted's mind is Israel, all others are inherently wrong and evil.

I just wish Ted Cruz would convert to Judaism and move to Israel. Any amount of honesty of convictions would be highly appreciated

Ted Cruz ONLY wants sanctions on the UN,
not to rid us of the UN

If Ted Cruz was the patriot he always pretends to be, he would do the honorable thing by calling for America to get out of the UN and call for the UN to get out of America.

Instead, Ted Cruz rationalizes and therefore strengthens the legitimacy of the United Nations, by calling for the United States to withhold funds from the UN -- until it becomes "acceptable" in his eyes, and therefore becomes legitimate.

Spoke w/ Israeli PM @netanyahu tonight to wish him Happy Chanukah & assure him of strong support in Congress. No US $ for UN until reversed.

One gives sanctions against a nation that legitimately exists. To impose sanctions on the UN is thus to recognize its right to exist.

In a word, Ted Cruz is a globalist.

But how can anyone like Ted Cruz, who has thus proved himself to be an ardent proponent of the UN, totally ignore a 15-0 decision of the Security Council?

Strong-arming to WIN
when moral arguments 

Fifteen nations, many of them Christian nations, heard all the arguments and took a vote.

All fifteen nations refused to say Israel was right.

In Ted Cruz's world though, might makes right.

If Ted Cruz cannot win an argument in the UN, he will just withhold funds.

OK with me, if he will get us completely out of the UN, but that is not what he wants.

Ted Cruz would rather attack the messenger, than the message.

The Security Council is not the often mentioned and often commented on General Assembly, consisting of small insignificant dictatorships and petty fiefdoms, barbaric Muslim and communist horror states.

The Security Council was specifically created by the United States to give the big significant countries such as herself, a veto over the largely non-democratic states in the General Assembly.

The Security Council was created so America's vote would mean more than a tiny island state in the South Pacific.

The Security Council is the UN's Senate; while the General Assembly is the UN's House of Representatives.

A 15-0 Security Council judgment by the national peers of the nation of Israel carries a far greater weigh than the 12-0 judgment of citizens of the United States to condemn a citizen to death for murder.

Surely self-proclaimed constitutional scholar Ted Cruz understands that, for now, the United Nations is recognized under American treaty law and this judgment of the Security Council, this now duly established RULE OF LAW, should be accepted by him and by Israel.

To not accept the RULE OF LAW, would bring us to a despotic  barbaric state, with Israel is its largest proponent.

Exactly like Israel, Ted Cruz proposes to cherry pick what he wants applied as the Rule of Law imposed upon others and oppositely, what he wants to ignore duly established law in regards to his own abiding by the law.

Ted Cruz attacks the institution of the UN for simply doing its duty, just as Black Matters Lives attack police officers for performing their duties.

Black Matters Lives will protest that whites don't get shot by policemen, only blacks, so does apologist Ted Cruz likewise say that the UN cops never shot other countries, only Israel.

Does Ted Cruz not understand that blacks killing blacks in the chaos of Jewish Rahm Emanuel's Chicago does not equate to a white policeman of the law killing a black teenager in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Neither in the minds of Muslims, do Muslims killing Muslims in the chaos of Syria equate to "law abiding" Jews stealing the booty of land from Muslims, which they conveniently justify as an act of war by Israel upon Palestinians.

This was not acceptable when Hitler took Jewish property after Jews declared war on him, and is still not acceptable international standards when Jews take Muslim property resulting from war.

You happy Ted?
Israel disses Christians on Christmas

A normal work day in Sabbath-ruled Israel, but on the Christian day of rest, Sunday, a Christmas Sunday to boot, ambassadors from many Christian nations were goose-stepped into Netanyahu's office to be reprimanded by Israel.

Earlier on Sunday, Netanyahu had instructed the Foreign Ministry to summon the ambassadors of the 12 countries in the Security Council with whom Israel has diplomatic ties for a talk in which Netanyahu was expected to reprimand them over the resolution.
Jerusalem Post 12/25/2016

How's that for disrespect of your religion?

The ministry has already summoned the ambassadors from China, Russia, France, the UK, Spain, Egypt, Japan, the Ukraine, Angola and Uruguay.

Seeing as this summoning is taking place on Christmas, the majority of the ambassadors are on vacation in their countries and in some of the cases, their deputies or lower ranks are expected to come in their place.
Jerusalem Post 12/25/2016

Judas Ted could not have been happier. 

Anything good for his Israeli puppet master is great with shekel-driven puppet Ted Cruz.


United Nations                                            S/RES/2334 (2016)

The Security Council

Reaffirming its relevant resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 446 (1979), 452 (1979), 465 (1980), 476 (1980), 478 (1980), 1397 (2002), 1515 (2003), and 1850 (2008),

Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and reaffirming, inter alia, the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by force,

Reaffirming the obligation of Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949, and recallingvthe advisory opinion rendered on 9 July 2004 by the International Court of Justice, Condemning all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967,including East Jerusalem, including, inter alia, the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law and relevant resolutions,

Expressing grave concern that continuing Israeli settlement activities are dangerously imperilling the viability of the two - State solution based on the 1967 lines,

Recalling the obligation under the Quartet Roadmap, endorsed by its resolution 1515 (2003), for a freeze by Israel of all settlement activity, including “natural growth”, and the dismantlement of all settlement outposts erected since March 2001,

Recalling also the obligation under the Quartet roadmap for the Palestinian Authority Security Forces to maintain effective operations aimed at confronting all those engaged in terror and
dismantling terrorist capabilities, including the confiscation of illegal weapons,

Condemning all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation, incitement and destruction,

Reiterating its vision of a region where two democratic States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders,

Stressing that the status quo is not sustainable and that significant steps, consistent with the transition contemplated by prior agreements, are urgently needed in order to (i) stabilize the situation and to reverse negative trends on the ground, which are steadily eroding the two- State solution and entrenching a one-State reality, and (ii) to create the conditions for successful final status negotiations and for advancing the two-State solution through those negotiations and on the ground,

1. Reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-State solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace;

2. Reiterates its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and that it fully respect all of its legal obligations in this regard;

3. Underlines that it will not recognize any changes to the June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations;

4. Stresses that the cessation of all Israeli settlement activities is essential for salvaging the two-State solution, and calls for affirmative steps to be taken immediately to reverse the negative trends on the ground that are imperilling the two-State solution;

5. Calls upon all States, bearing in mind paragraph 1 of this resolution, to distinguish,in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967;

6. Calls for immediate steps to prevent all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation and destruction, calls for accountability in this regard, and calls for compliance with obligations under international law for the strengthening of ongoing efforts to combat terrorism, including through existing security coordination, and to clearly condemn all acts of terrorism;

7. Calls upon both parties to act on the basis of international law, including international humanitarian law, and their previous agreements and obligations, to observe calm and restraint, and to refrain from provocative actions, incitement and inflammatory rhetoric,with the aim, inter alia,of de-escalating the situation on the ground, rebuilding trust and confidence, demonstrating through policies and actions a genuine commitment to the two-State solution, and creating the conditions necessary for promoting peace;

8. Calls upon all parties to continue, in the interest of the promotion of peace and security, to exert collective efforts to launch credible negotiations on all final status issues in the Middle East peace process and within the time frame specified by the Quartet in its statement of 21 September 2010;

9. Urges in this regard the intensification and acceleration of international and regional diplomatic efforts and support aimed at achieving, without delay a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East on the basis of the relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid terms of reference, including the principle of land for peace,the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet Roadmap and an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967;and underscores in this regard the importance of the ongoing efforts to advance the Arab Peace Initiative, the initiative of France for the convening of an international peace conference, the recent efforts of the Quartet, as well as the efforts of Egypt and the Russian Federation:

10. Confirms its determination to support the parties throughout the negotiations and in the implementation of an agreement;

11. Reaffirms its determination to examine practical ways and means to secure the full implementation of its relevant resolutions;

12. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council every three months on the implementation of the provisions of the present resolution;

13. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

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