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January 2017 AD

Russia Hacking
Mossad Black Flag?

If Donald Trump moves our American embassy to Jerusalem, the  recognition and acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will finish a task 2,000 years in the making. 

A great reason for Israel to influence the American election in favor of Trump.

The Sunday talk shows on Dec 18th covered nothing else newsworthy outside the possibility that the Russians threw our elections.

Let's neglect that Hillary was the worst candidate America has ever had and that Hillary herself conspired with the Jewish media to elevate Trump, as Trump in her mind was the easiest to beat on November 7th.  The Judeo-Media's went along with the game Hillary played, as Trump was an acceptable opposition in their mind should he actually win, much better than a true America patriot like Rand Paul.

But, neglecting that all American candidates are Jewish-controlled puppets, let's look at this objectively.

Does Putin have a motive?

Indeed Putin had plenty of motive to insure Hillary did not get elected.

Putin is the head of the largest Slavic-ethnic peoples and Orthodox-Catholic Christian religion in the world.

It was Hillary's husband, then President Bill Clinton, who ruthlessly rained down bombs on ethnic Slavic Orthodox Christians in Kosovo, slaughtering them on the pretext of protecting radical Muslim terrorists who were slitting the throats of Serbian policemen.

Yes, entirely possible that Putin has a deep personal grudge and even hatred against Hillary, so he could very well have a strong desire to fight against this Clinton evil.

Putin could also have a grudge against the Democrat Party itself.

Was it not the Democrats under FDR who stood by Russia's Stalin before, during and after WW2?   Stalin, the consummate Jewish Commissar puppet, tried his best to destroy the Russian Orthodox religion and all the Christian people who embraced it.  He sent priests off to Gulag concentration camps, never to be seen alive again, as he tore down the National Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which commemorated the saving grace of Christ against the atheistic army of Napoleon.

The Russian people are now free once again to exercise their religious faith and have rebuilt Christ the Savior Cathedral.  Russians may very well agree then with a desire on the part of their leader-of-freedom Putin wanting to destroy the Democrat Party in America.

Going back even further, it was not the Republicans who were behind the assassination of Russia's beloved Czar Alexander the Liberator, the man who freed the Russian Serf before Abraham Lincoln freed the black man and the man who had pursued Napoleon all the way back to Paris, destroying the Jews' secular idol. Destroying their first attempt to rule the world. Nope, those assassins were from the same Jewish terrorist cult who assassinated our own Republican leader, Abraham Lincoln, during the same time frame they assassinated this wonderful Christian Czar.

In the end though, what does Putin gain for his people by helping elect a man who can  "Make America Great Again"?  Theoretically, after Trump has built up America, Hillary or someone even worst could be elected 4 or 8 years from now as a vastly stronger enemy of Russia.

Isn't Putin's national interest more in letting a Hillary Presidency destroy America, who is Russia's greatest adversary, as Hillary surely would have done if elected?

For this, Putin is dismissed as a suspect.

Does the Mossad have a Motive?

A much realistic suspect would be the Mossad.

When did a Presidential candidate ever say "I stand with Russia"?

Instead, every "serious" candidate always says, "I stand with Israel."

Israel is most likely to affect our elections.

Since Jewish dual-citizens of Israel run our multi-media organizations, it is a foregone conclusion that the nation of Israel affects our elections.

And I will bet every dime I have that the Judeo-MSM will not be saturating their Sunday talk shows with woes about Israel adversely affecting American elections.  (Although, they very well may say that Israel makes American elections better -- in their eyes.)

But why the Mossad?

Jews in America are split between conservative Orthodox Jews and liberal Reformed Jews and you may not know this, but there is a Jewish Civil War going on in this country over which Jewish element will control America.

Hillary represents the liberal Jewish wing while Trump represents the conservative Jewish wing.

Right now, Israel is being ran by the conservative wing under Benjamin Netanyahu.

That makes the Mossad under Netanyahu control right now, and like every government's secret military service, its members are already highly patriotic and highly conservative, being under Netanyahu makes them that much more Judeo-Zenophobic.

Mossad has Jews implanted in all American Internet companies which would make it a walk in the park for Mossad to hack into pretty much whatever it wanted to hack.

Black Flag Operations are what Mossad is most famous for (aka the Lavon Affair), so it would be more likely that Mossad left behind incriminating traces of code implicating the Russians, by implying that the code was written during Russian time zones and around Russian holidays, as being touted as the reason why it is believed Russians did the hack.

The Mossad has a great interest in divide and conquer.

Jews do this all the time having blacks fight against whites, women fight against men, Christians fight against Muslims, and in this case, Christian Americans fighting against Christian Russians.

If Russians were really the ones doing the hacking, all the evidence would point to the Mossad. There would be no code written on the Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest, and none written during Hanukkah. Get my point?

So now the case at hand is not a liberal Hillary selecting a liberal Jew as Treasury Secretary, and not a President-elect Trump selecting a Russian for Treasury Secretary, but a President-elect Trump selecting a conservative Israeli to control all the finances of this country.

Motives are initial conditions of what you look for to cause an action. I like to wait and see who actually won the action, to help me determine who the players really were. 

Jewish Treasury secretary...yelp, looks like the Jews won again.

There is little concern in the Jewish media about who will be the ambassador to Russia, but the ambassador to Israel will be a conservative Jew who will help move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, knowing full well there is an American president who will "Stand by Israel", when all hell breaks loose.

Trump's son-in-law is not a Reformed Jew but an Orthodox Jew who is leading the father-in-law around by the nose.

And as all Orthodox Jews know, you cannot be Jewish unless your mother is Jewish.  Harsh on Ivanka, as neither she nor her children can be Jews. 

Officials from US President-elect Donald Trump's White House transition team have raised concern to Israel over questions concerning the legitimacy of Ivanka Trump's conversion to Judaism

The President-elect's transition team is not advocating for  Russian, slavic-ethnic, or Orthodox Christian religious status for his daughter and grandchildren.

But Trump is using the office of President of the United States to advocate for official Israeli acceptance, giving his family ethnic-Jewish / Judaic-religious status in the nation of Israel.

How's that for America-first?

In the end, our elections are all about Israel-first and Trump will complete the goal set out by Zionists over 100 years ago to establish Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Trump 'concerned'

after Israel questioned

Ivanka's conversion

Officials from US President-elect Donald Trump's White House transition team have raised concern to Israel over questions concerning the legitimacy of Ivanka Trump's conversion to Judaism, the Jewish Week on Wednesday cited a source close to the matter as saying.

“An approval by the Chief Rabbinate is seen as making for a closer personal relationship between the Trump family and Israel, and it is a step that is warmly welcomed,” the New York-based Jewish publication quoted the source as saying.

The remarks were revealed a week after Israel's chief rabbis decided to review for "serious reform" the process for recognizing Orthodox conversions conducted abroad in the wake of several high-profile controversies surrounding the rejection of such conversions.

The source close to the Trump team claimed, however, that the incoming US president's advisors had not explicitly pressed Israeli government officials to intervene with the Chief Rabbinate regarding their concerns.

For several years, increasing numbers of converts from North America who have immigrated to Israel have found their conversions questioned and even rejected when they have come to register for marriage or other religious services.

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the the billionaire real estate mogul-cum-president-elect, converted to Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner in 2009.

Her conversion was overseen by Rabbi Haskel Lookstein a, prominent Orthodox rabbi in New York.

In July, the Supreme Rabbinical Court in Israel declined to recognize the conversion of another person who had converted through Rabbi Lookstein.

The rejection of that convert by the rabbinical courts in effect cast doubt on Ivanka Trump's conversion.

The Jewish Week report cited a spokesperson for Israel's chief rabbis who denied that the Trump team had impacted the decision by Israel's highest rabbinical body. 

The rabbis were “unaware of any outside influence in this process,” the spokesperson said, adding that the move “was completely internal and unrelated to anything happening in the media.”

Last Wednesday's announcement by the rabbinate was said to have come in response to a legal petition by the ITIM religious services advisory and lobbying group demanding that the Chief Rabbinate reveal either criteria or the list of rabbis whose conversions it accepts.

However, ITIM founder Rabbi Seth Farber said there " is no question in my mind” that the timing of the announcement by the chief rabbis “at least partly stems from the fact that one of the most prominent American converts is the daughter of the future president of the United States.”

Jeremy Sharon contributed to this report.

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