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December 2016 AD

Who Really influenced
Trump's election?

The morning talk shows were all abuzz today, Dec 11, 2016, with the possibilities that the now-devoutly-Christian Russians have biased our elections against an anti-Christian Russian-hater named Hillary and toward a possible Russian friend in Trump.

A secret CIA report comes out saying that the Russians influenced the election and hacked both party's websites but only released hacks from the DNC. The RNC says that the FBI checked out their website and they were not hacked.

Wikileaks says their hacks did not come from the Russians.

The DHS and FBI never said the hacks came from the Russians.

To paraphrase a famous American political figure -- At this point, what the hell difference does it make?

Whom to believe?  A Judeo-MSM media shown by the hacks to be clearly biased in favor of Hillary and now pushing a politically-biased report from an anonymous CIA report, under the influence of a highly political Democrat leader Obama, or do we call the Judeo-MSM to be A MAFIA OF LIARS and believe everyone else who have proved themselves far more trustworthy?
  1.  No talk anymore about the anti-Christian Chinese hacking our Internet with a bias against the pro-America Trump, who will devastate their trade dominance; while a Hillary would continue destroying America's industrial preeminence.
  1.  No talk anymore about the millions of dollars the Hillary campaign received from around the world; especially, from anti-Christian Muslim leaders in the Middle East who support the Muslim terror of ISIS, in order to help bias the election in her favor and allow more Muslims to enter this country.
  1.  No talk anymore about the many globalist ties she bragged about encountering and assisting as Secretary of State, nor talk about her overthrowing all the individual leaders of countries who did not want to participate in the Judeo-global One-World Order.
  1.  No talk anymore from the anti-Christian Judeo-MSM pushing the attack against pro-America Trump about how they collaborated with the Clinton campaign to bias the election in her favor, first against her Democrat rival Bernie Sanders, and then against her Republican rival, Donald Trump.
  1.  Last but by all means NOT LEAST -- NO TALK -- EVER -- about the tremendous influence the nation of Israel has in our elections for President of the United States, starting with the fore-mentioned Judeo-MSM, and extending to Jewish Hollywood elites, Jewish financial elites, Jewish  Internet companies censoring our communications with each other, and certainly not the influence of AIPAC in our elections. With Trump having a suspicious affinity toward the nation of Israel, indicating that indeed their control is stronger than Russia's control by far.

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