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December 2016 AD

Crony Capitalism
Part 1

Carrier Air Conditioning Decision to stay in US
Mark Levin took to the airwaves on his Thursday evening radio program to give voice to these concerns. He began by stated, per the Constitution, that the president does not have the power to control businesses or the economy, yet Mark says that like Obama, Trump appears to “have a pen and a phone too.”

Having dashed the Democrats as destroyers of capitalism, now we will have to endure Jewish "conservatives" like Mark Levin who conspire to destroy our lives "from our side".

Mr. Mark Levin, it's all crony capitalism and you are a grand promoter of it!!!!

Crony Capitalism

Mr. Mark Levin claims to be an intelligent conservative Jew. Does not Mr. Levin remember we still have in place a government-to-government deal with Mexico call NAFTA?

No, you don't hear these self-proclaimed patriots praising Trump's first win in undoing the damage of this horrendous government meddling in our private affairs to strip America of her sovereignty.

Carrier was going to Mexico because our government's NAFTA facilitated the move.

Was this happening before NAFTA?  No!!!

But if Trump convincing Carrier to stay in the US is a bad thing in Mark Levin's eyes, then please Mr. Trump, give me more!  Giv us all much more!

Don't get me wrong, America needs to establish a free and fair playing field where it has the authority to establish a free and fair playing field -- right here in the United States.  That was America's secret weapon in the Industrial Revolution, before Mark Levin's Judeo-Progressive cousins took over.

Other countries do not have fair playing fields, we have no control over that, they never will, so why allow it? --- Yes, Mr Mark Levin, if you REALLY believe in free and fair trade, why allow free and fair trade to have to compete against tyrannical crony capitalism trade?

NAFTA, CAFTA, IMF, TPP are all attempts to make the entire world a free and fair trading place, we are told by our government leaders, but as Mr. Mark Levine said, when you get down to it all, they are picking winners and losers. Can't have that Levin tell us!!!

The losers were Americans, by the way, in case you did not know that Mr. Mark Arrogant Jew dual-citizen Swine Levin!!!

So the State of Indiana decided to offer Carrier a sweet heart deal with a tax rebate. 

The horrors!  Proof positive of crony capitalism!! 

Thought Trump ran on reducing taxes on corporations to entice them to come back to America?  You know, helping them reduce costs, getting out of their way, letting them run their own business.  

How else would Mr Mark Levine believe a President Trump could entice Carrier to stay? Does Mr. Mark Levine think Trump would have to use crony capitalism to get them to stay?

Now, what if President Trump makes a fair and level trading floor here in America, while the government, in a country...oh like China...decided to hold out a carrot to our corporations such as allowing child labor priced at 50 cents per day, no environmental costs whatsoever, 80-hour work weeks ran by a tyrant, while the government subsidized all their building, equipment and shipping costs.

So a corporation goes to that country taking advantage of all the other country's seducing enticements. Later, these corporations returned those goods to the American market expecting a free and fair trading floor against an American  corporation who stayed here and played by free and fair trading rules?

Who are we kidding here?

Yes, in Mr. Trump's past business dealings, he had to do business with the hand he was given. If the cards were stacked against him doing business in the US, I would imagine he would take his business out of the country as others were forced to do. Does not mean he liked it. In fact, I fully expect a President Trump is going to push back on all the government corruption he had to endure as a businessman at the hands of anti-business bureaucrats.

President Trump will fight against a company's "freedom" to place themselves into servitude to another country, sacrificing the jobs of Americans here, and yet unfairly expecting fair treatment when selling those goods back to Americans. 

I hope Jewish secret-Progressives like Mr Mark Levine continue to let us know who the real enemies to free trade really are. 

Source:  Right Wing News Dec 4, 2016 Brent Smith

The holidays came early this year for workers at a Carrier furnace plant in Indiana, who learned on Tuesday that 800 of their jobs would not be moving to Mexico after all,” wrote the New York Times.

Trump and VP-elect Mike Pence, who is still governor of Indiana, “cut a deal with Carrier, a division of United Technologies, to keep the jobs in the state.”

Although the deal has been widely publicized, the specific terms have not, beyond claiming that, “the State of Indiana has reportedly offered the company $7 million in tax breaks over 10 years to keep the jobs in the state.”

It’s interesting that, so far, no one on the right appears to be curious about the details of the meeting or the deal – just that Trump saved 800 or so American jobs, while those on the left, like the New York Times, are too busy trying to convince us that the jobs were saved by government.

Those on the right are correct. Without the Trump/Pence intervention, these 800 jobs would be lost. However, as much as it pains me to say that the New York Times is also correct, they write, “In making the deal, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence have embraced the idea that the government does indeed have a role to play in the free market.”

As an aside, may I restate for the billionth time – there is no “free market” when the government is involved. As long as we retain a progressive tax system replete with special carve-outs reserved for the highest bidder/lobbyist, and over-burdening regulations which favor one company or industry over another, there is no such thing as “free market” capitalism.

When there is government intervention, there are always winners and losers. That’s what governments do – pick winners and losers. And this is what appears to have happened here. The winners are obvious – the 800 people who keep their jobs, and Trump, who appears to have saved the day. The losers are more than likely the voiceless taxpayers of Indiana, and possibly beyond. Unless Indiana also agreed to cut their budget, that $7 million “tax break” will have to be made up some where, which means the rest of Indiana will have to take it on the chin and pay more – to save 800 workers.

That said, it appears I’m not the only one who is concerned with what has been done and more so, what has been said.

Mark Levin took to the airwaves on his Thursday evening radio program to give voice to these concerns. He began by stated, per the Constitution, that the president does not have the power to control businesses or the economy, yet Mark says that like Obama, Trump appears to “have a pen and a phone too.”

Mark played a clip of Trump stating that there will be “consequences” for businesses leaving the U.S. and then wanting to sell back to the States – that he/they would punish businesses that decide to move overseas. To this, Mark exclaimed: “Wow – sounds like Woodrow Wilson – sounds like Herbert Hoover – sounds like Franklin Roosevelt.”

Mark says he looked in the Constitution, specifically at the Executive power of the President, and couldn’t find any clause giving the president the power of retribution against a company, or industry, etc. He asks: “Does that concern anybody?”

Is this yet another instance of we are not to take Trump’s words literally, but figuratively? May I ask then –when are we? Are we not to take literally Trump’s declaration that, “we are going to have a lot of phone calls to companies thinking of leaving this country… They’re not going to leave this country?” Does this statement not scare anyone else?

As Levin asked – was Trump ever told by past administrations that he could not build overseas using American capital – “that he would punished if he did?” Of course not. He would have told them to stick it where the sun don’t shine – and rightly so.

I’ve stated that I personally am willing to give Trump a clean slate – wait to see if his actions align with his positive campaign promises. I figured I would be waiting until after he was inaugurated.

While the Carrier agreement appears to be a good deal and a victory for Trump, the underlying message Trump is conveying, and may have in private to Carrier, is a dangerous precedent.   

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