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December 2016 AD

Taiwan vs Israel

Half the country violently protested the idea to "Make America Great Again".

Prison is what the other side wanted, rather than wanting to "Stand by HER".

After a bruising election cycle bringing America to the brink of Civil War, it's good to know Americans are still in agreement -- on all sides -- on one thing.

All American political leaders unquestionably say, "I stand by Israel!!!!"

"Bi-partisanship" Israeli agreement is go great that, while seething hatred toward fellow citizen Hillary, literally ALL conservative Republicans supported without question the liberal Labor Party of Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

While "Bi-partisanship" Israeli agreement on the other side means, while violently hating Trump, ALL liberal Democrats embrace the hard-right conservative Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And in fact, no Democrat nor Republican even hints at name calling the fair-skinned, blue-eyed Netanyahu as a white supremacist, racist, apartheid-loving, Nazi, Islamophobe, who is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the native brown-people and Palestinian lands being illegally occupied by Jewish settlers.

The Democracy of tiny Israel

Asked why we support Israel at all costs and the answer is universal -- Because "Israel is a Democracy."

In fact, we are told, not withstanding the elections Muslims undertake we don't agree with in the Middle East, Israel is the only democracy -- "In The Middle East" -- as if geography has everything to do with Democracy, don't you know.

Liberals will love their beloved brutal tyrants of Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Mao and Hugo Chavez, but they still, all to a person - love, love, love the Democracy of Israel.

At least Americans can embrace Democracy in Israel, respecting and admiring the winner of those elections.

We admired the little guy of Israel who tenaciously held on against massive and hostile Muslims neighbors wanting to "Wipe them off the face of the Earth".

The Democracy of tiny Taiwan

The one Democracy in the world, which neither side supports, is the country of Taiwan, as evidenced by a total meltdown on both sides of the aisle, when President-elect Donald Trump took a call from the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN.

You will find no leader in America who says, "I stand with Taiwan".

Richard Nixon sent his Jewish puppet master Henry Kissinger into Communist China and all of a sudden, we had a "One-China" policy.

To be followed in later years by a "One Europe" policy and even a "One America" policy.

No longer did we respect and admire the tenacious little guys of Nationalist Chinese holding on against insurmountable odds against a massive and hostile Communist Chinese neighbor who wanted to "wipe them off the face of the Earth".

When it comes to Democracy for Chinese little guys, I suppose geography does matter and holding onto Democrat freedom against a ruthless enemy next door no longer holds our respect and admiration.
America has to open her borders, Europe has to open her borders, Taiwan has to open her borders, but Israel is expected to keep her borders closed to any and all Muslims and Christians, while being praised by the Judeo-MSM for letting only their own Jewish kind into Israel.

Trump Foreign Policy

Taiwanese love America far more than Israelis love America.

The Taiwanese are like a loyal dog. No matter how bad we treat them, they still love us.

Israel on the other hand calls any and all Americans the foul name of anti-Semite Nazi should anyone dare suggest we cut welfare payments to Israel, paid for by American taxpayer slaves, by a mere 5% to 10%.

Trump has exerted his beliefs in taking the call from the democratically elected leader of our most trusted and dear friend, the Taiwanese.

For that he is spat upon by the Judeo-MSM. 

How dare Trump try to break up their globalist dreams of uniting all Chinese under the UN umbrella! -- Regardless of supposed Judeo-MSM ideals of freedom and diversity and tolerance.

Not allowed by the Judeo-MSM if you are Chinese.

How dare the Taiwanese people get the freedom to run their own country in their own best interests!!

How dare Trump suggest that Americans may stop seeing "Made in China" on everything and start seeing "Made in Taiwan" again, as in previous decades!!

On the other hand, if Trump dares to refuse to take a call from the leader of Israel at any time, expect the Judeo-MSM to call for his immediate assassination.


Rupert Hammond-Chambers
Dec. 4, 2016 4:24 p.m. ET

President-elect Trump’s phone conversation Friday with Taiwan’s democratically elected leader is the kind of engagement that any new U.S. president should undertake as he prepares to take office. In talking with President Tsai Ing-wen, Mr. Trump demonstrated why his presidency has the potential to return badly needed credibility to a host of global challenges where the Obama Doctrine has left vacuums, rising tensions and conflict.

America’s relationship with Taiwan is a good example of the drift in U.S. interests. The Obama administration likes to declare that we are experiencing the “best relationship ever.” But this assessment is predicated on an expectation that neither the U.S. nor Taiwan has ambitions for their relationship. Both have been far too preoccupied with their ties with China—a focus that has emboldened Beijing and fostered instability in the Taiwan Strait.

As a result, a dangerous vacuum has opened up in the U.S. relationship with Taiwan. The administration has all but halted arms sales to Taiwan even though such sales are guaranteed under U.S. law and have long been a mainstay of U.S. security relations with the island. So, too, the trade relationship has faltered. Our trade ties are better suited to those between the U.S. and Malta than with our ninth-largest trading partner. Trade ties drift aimlessly in the absence of broader goals such as investment and tax agreements or a bilateral free-trade accord.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have been pressing their objective: the unification and occupation of Taiwan through peaceful or military means. Beijing pursues economic integration and its smothering embrace, while its military modernization focuses on invading and occupying Taiwan. It points nearly 2,000 cruise and ballistic missiles at Taiwan’s people.

The U.S. has failed to meet this challenge, and it is into this vacuum that Ms. Tsai was elected in January. China’s response to her election has been to pressure Taiwan’s remaining allies, cut off direct communications with Taipei, and damage commerce by restricting mainland Chinese tourism to the island. It has also undermined Taiwan’s efforts to broaden its engagement with the global health community and to integrate better into the world’s global aerospace and transportation organizations.

Tensions have risen between Taiwan and China as a function of Beijing’s belligerence, and the Obama administration has done next to nothing in response.

It is a point of deep frustration in both Taiwan and the U.S. that China can pursue hostile activity in the South China Sea, regularly violate the sovereign airspace of Japan and Taiwan, and steal American commercial and military technology, putting companies out of business and threatening American forces with new Chinese capabilities created out of U.S. technology. It is China’s actions that destabilize Asia—and Mr. Trump appears to understand that.

Many in the U.S. presume that China would willingly hurt its own interests in a range of areas in pursuit of gains on Taiwan. This is a deeply flawed argument. Beijing will continue to act in its own core interests as they relate to North Korea, Iran, climate change and many other issues. On Taiwan matters, the U.S. likes to negotiate with itself in a vain attempt to ward off “China’s anger.” Unilaterally curbing military support to Taiwan and turning a blind eye to Chinese provocations after democratic elections in Taiwan are but two examples.

Mr. Trump made a bold statement of support by talking with Ms. Tsai. Instead of throwing another Trump tantrum, America’s media might consider encouraging Chinese President Xi Jinping to follow Mr. Trump’s example and have his own phone conversation with her. Who knows? It might actually reduce tensions in the Taiwan Strait

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