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December 2016 AD

"Fake News"
"Kosher News"
(Part 2)

In times past, Christians once espoused Biblical truths.

Over the years, constant Jewish media ridiculing of Christian beliefs exerted its toll, and today, few Christians are brave enough to stand by their bible in discussions of historical facts or theological facts and certainly rare the Christian who even defends scientific facts presented in the Bible.

Christians were told by Jews that they were fundamentalist backwoods rednecks, and the stigma worked.

Old Biblical truths have now given way to "scientific truths".

Anyone in the new "religion of science" who questions "scientific truths" will be hauled before a MSM tribunal and ordered "burned at the stake for heresy".

Yes, the new heresy is to dare to challenge what the Popes and Cardinals of Jewish Science have deemed to be eternal truths.

Untruths touted as "Truths" such as:
  1.  Flurocarbons will destroy the Ozone Layer
  2.  Burning gasoline will cause climate change
  3.  Life does not begin at conception
  4.  Homosexuality is normal in nature

The Kosher News is all fake. It is all anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-Globalist, and pro-Israel.

The best documentary of FAKE NEWS is still the publication, Behind the Big News.

Thankfully, most of the Kosher News just does not make any sense.

Science is the most provable or disprovable idea, so we will tackle here two science frauds of the Kosher News.

Fake News
Fluorocarbons will cause a hole in the Ozone Layer

Decades ago, the Kosher news gave nightly scare reports that the Earth was going to be destroyed by fluorocarbons used in air conditioning units.

"Respectable" Scientists were all in agreement that fluorocarbons were reacting in the upper atmosphere with ozone to deplete all the "protective ozone" and without the "protective ozone" to absorb the radiation, this was allowing deadly solar radiation to  penetrate all the way to the surface of the Earth where it would cause all kinds of genetic mutations on humanity.

The Earth was doomed unless the Earth united (globalized) to defeat this imminent threat.

Except, it was all fake news.

The reason why fluorocarbons are preferred in air conditioning units over some other substance like water, is that the phase change from liquid to vapor is much lower.

Meaning that even if these ultra-heavy fluorocarbons had any chance to float anywhere close to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, rising above simple lighter elements like the 80% nitrogen or 20% oxygen, where the ozone layer was reported, it would have turned back into a liquid state long before rising a few thousand feet and "rained" back to Earth.  At the levels talked about, average temperatures are 40 degrees below zero. There is no H2O in the atmosphere at that low temperature, and I guarantee there would absolutely not be any tri-cloro-tri-flouro-ethane anywhere near that elevation either.

It was so funny to watch the highly respected nightly news anchors show the ozone hole in the atmosphere over the South Pole which has never seen the need for an air conditioner.

And these imminent threats were always shown in the summer months, which is winter at the South Pole.

So, with out fluorocarbons in the upper atmosphere, how did the ozone hole get created?

Simple!  The deadly solar radiation caused the ozone!

Simple Oxygen molecules were being split by solar radiation and the free Oxygen atoms combined with other oxygen molecules to create ozone.

More radiation at a different frequency reversed what it created before. Ozone was split, where the free oxygen atom reunited with another free oxygen atom, creating a new oxygen molecule.

The reason for no ozone at the South Pole was because the sun never shone there in its winter months to create ozone in the first place.

Fake, fake , fake, with an globalist agenda.

Fake News
Climate change is because of Carbon Dioxide

Many Kosher news sites are still falsely promoting carbon dioxide as a major danger (here, here, and here)

One part per million is equivalent to one drop of water diluted into about 13 gallons of liquid.

In a word, all but immeasurable.

If you believe anything the global alarmists believe, they say the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from around 350 parts per million to around 400 PPM today.

50 additional drops on water in 13 gallons of water.

About 4 drops of water more in a gallon.

Meanwhile, the plants of the world thank us, because that is their "oxygen".

In a closed system, the plant world expands its trees, shrubs, grasses, vines and in the ocean, its seaweed, absorbing the additional carbon dioxide, in order to extract the carbon and thus create hydrocarbons. And yet, they also die or burn, releasing that carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere when the carbon in the hydrocarbons is reunited with oxygen in the atmosphere.

In the case of the hydrocarbons we burn, it is evident that not all the carbon gets released back into the atmosphere. The plants get buried and that carbon is now sequestered.

So here's the problem.

50 additional PPM will make no noticable effect on sunlight entering the Earth.

What really causes temperature excursions then?


Deserts with no water have hot days and cold nights'; whereas,  islands surrounded by nothing but water have  moderate days and moderate nights.

Given all else the same, everyone notices that a cloudy day is cooler than a sunny day.

Most observant people have recognized that a cloudy night does not drop nearly as cold as a cloudless night, where frost may be experienced on the ground in the morning.

Here is what is really happening.

A cloudless day allows all the sunlight to reach our skin to make us hot. A cloudy day keeps the suns rays off us so we think there is not as much sunlight hitting the Earth, when in fact, the clouds are now absorbing that solar energy. The Earth heats just as much regardless of how we feel about it.

On a cloudless night, the heat of the Earth is radiated back into space and lost. What we gained during the day is lost at night.  But on a cloudy night, the clouds absorb the radiant heat through the night, keeping a net increase in solar energy.

More clouds equates to more heat.  Has nothing to do with carbon dioxide.  Clouds you can see, but not see the sun if it gets in the way. You cannot see carbon dioxide and it does not stop the sunlight from reaching the Earth's surface.

So, next question.

Where is all these extra clouds coming from to cause the Earth's temperature to rise.

Easy!  Mankind has dammed up all the rivers in the world in the rainy season to have water in the dry season. 

We are irrigating as much of the Earth's land surface as we can. We have turned California's deserts into gardens and these flooded fields are evaporating moisture back into the atmosphere.  We take daily showers of hot steamy water. We run power generation plants with steam. We have water parks and fountains.  In fact, just heating our homes  causes a  small temperature rise in our cities, whose heat energy evaporates more water.

So yes, more water == more water evaporation == more clouds == equals rise in global temperature == climate change.

Guess the Kosher News was correct that there is a minor change in global temperature, but they got the cause of the climate change all wrong.

Trashing all the gasoline engines to replace them with electric cars will not change climate change.

We will still have our artificial lakes, our irrigated fields of wheat, our water parks, our fountains, our hot showers which largely causes these man-made changes.

The Kosher News is fake news.

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