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December 2016 AD

Critical Trump Appointments

Guess my suggestions to Trump for critical appointments went straight into the garbage can. Here are several disturbing actual picks:
  1.  Secretary of Commerce, Wilber Ross - 24 years with Jewish-owned Rothschild corporation.
  1.  Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin - 2nd Generation Goldman Sachs Jew who also worked for Jew Soros and helped fund the Judeo-environmentalist dream Avatar.
  1.  National Economic Council head, Gary Cohn - Jewish CEO of Goldman Sachs
  1.  Key adviser to the Trump Administration, Jared Kushner - Jewish son-in-law to Donald Trump

In 2007, his father's company, Kushner Companies, made the most expensive single-building property purchase in US history, acquiring 666 Fifth Avenue
Wikipedia - Jared Kushner

666 - Cannot get more ominous than that!!

Just a Trump "Drain the Swamp" strategy?

My definition of alligators in the swamp are Jews and my definition of draining the swamp is removing the Jewish stranglehold control over America.

Now some are so optimistic that they believe Trump is masterfully co-opting his enemies.  No sense then to offer carrots to your faithful, Christians, for they are already in your camp.

Makes much more sense to solicit carrots to your enemies by offering them jobs in your administration where they would be required to do your bidding.

Nice theory, but I am more of a "If there's smoke there's fire" man myself.

Indeed, Trump sure seemed to have been "pushed" to our side with a relentless Jewish assault to his dignity; but in the end, he now says he feels sorry for the Clintons, is chummy with Romney again, may not build the wall after all, would hate to dash the dreams of the dreamers, and most importantly, is hiring Jews right and left.

I am forced back to my original thoughts on Trump.
  1.  Trump's wedding was officiated by Bill Clinton so of course they are swell pals.
  2.  Trump hobnobs with wealthy Jews day in and day out in New York City in his business dealings.
  3.  Trump's daughter converted to Judaism when marrying a Jew, so he will look out for Jewish interests.
  4.  The Jews of the MSM gave him all the press coverage in the Republican primary, because they wanted to select him over any of the other Republican candidates, just as they helped Hillary defeat her rival Bernie Sanders.
"All the world's a stage" and the Jews are the choreographers.

Well here we are once again, fooled by lying words. No surprise after all.

Oh, Trump will do a few things people want and wish for, just enough and not a bit more, to settle the Christian masses back down, until the next Democrat Communist comes along.

For the record, here is the letter this site sent to President-elect Trump several weeks ago, before the Jewish appointments.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I hope this message does not come off as arrogant in any way, as I do like the choices you have made so far. Your appointments give all Americans great hope. So far you appear to have a genuine concern for this country, not just another politician who promises but never delivers. What I am doing is sending this email exclusively to you until the time I see you appoint someone to one of the critical positions I recommend whom will not accomplish what is needed to MAGA.

Millions of Americans understand this country sits at a crossroads and have placed their Christian faith in the saving grace of your presidency.

Monopoly Control over Everything, with one exception...

Currently, radical liberal Democrats have monopoly control over all critical levers of power,
  1.  From the info-mind-forming entertainment of Hollywood, Broadway and TV,
  2.  To the info-distributing facilities of Google, Facebook and Twitter,
  3.  To the info-brainwashing of the MSM news,
  4.  To the entire info-industry being supported by the financial muscle of Wall Street advertising, which has control over and governs all our public corporations when they consolidate the totality our money in our own retirement accounts and the totality of our money in our own 401k savings into stock funds they manage, with their fund managers then able to buy enough corporate stocks to place their friends and buddies onto the board of directors of critical companies, (which then force the companies to have Muslim prayer rooms and gay/lesbian benefits.

A Temporary Glitch in Liberal Democrat's Total Control...

This election, the Democrats lost of control over America's voice, but this loss is only temporary, as there are already well published plans in the works to remove deficiencies in their media monopoly exposed by the likes of Wikileaks and James O'Keefe, along with reports of all the "fake news" being labeled "from Russia with love", which will allow them to censor content. 

Mr. Trump, I have already written about the chilling effect on your favorite means of communications, Twitter, where there have recently been many accounts removed or changed whom Twitter has personally deemed "undesirable".

Your new means of bypassing the MSM by uploading onto Youtube is just as tenuous, as Youtube is owned by uber-liberal Google.

A mom and pop restaurant, described by Democrat politicians as "performing a public service", would never be not allowed to exclude food service to anyone the owners deem undesirable, be it blacks, Asians, gays or even Democrats. How so can communications companies stop First Amendment free speech then?

AT&T, even in its past glory as a governmental telephone monopoly, could not prevent ordinary citizens from communicating with each other, solely because they did not like the politics of what was being said. That would mean an invasion of privacy in the first place, as without a court order, they would have had to be listening in on the conversation which would have been illegal.

Today, we know these media conglomerates, communications and Internet corporations work hand-in-hand with the government on surveillance, so we are indeed talking about appearances of government censorship, when someone's Twitter account is deleted -- without having been found in violation of the law -- in a court of law -- by a jury of your peers -- and being able to cross-examine the evidence presented -- or even to appeal if due process was not followed.

Not advocating you perform Republican surveillance of Democrats, even though they seem to be a criminal mafia organization in need of legal surveillance, but please insure the reverse cannot ever happen in the future.

We need a digital Bill of Rights.

The Founders never dreamed a  minority of 2% could possibly control all means of speech and press through modern electronic communications which was never imagined when they wrote the Constitution.

The voice and image of one man penetrating through the walls of 200 million locked homes, even that of the most well fortified bunker, to be reproduced on a television set as "news", is truly Orwellian.

Knowing the inclinations of our Founders, we all know they would have been especially cautious of such a centralized control over information, yet most never give this a second thought.

...the one Exception

What Democrats used to have a stifling control over and have now lost control of is their critical pet prize gained by all this control of information -- government.

The only thing Democrats have to offer its supporters is a thieving government, stealing from the productive to hand out goodies to the non-productive, and now they have no such control.

There are now only 6 States where Democrats have trifecta control both houses of the Legislature and the position of Governor.

Four are the postage stamp sized States of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Hawaii.  One is Oregon. Finally, the only state of any serious stature is California.

The citizens of the other 44 States do not trust Democrats with all the power.

Fully half of all States (25 States) absolutely do trust Republicans with all the power in their State. There are 25 states where Republicans have trifecta control.

For a real fun time Mr. Trump, you have a wonderful opportunity to turn Illinois into a full Republican trifecta state.

This would only entail taking Rahm Emanuel up on his juicy challenge of a threat to remain a sanctuary city, against the wishes of the majority of this country.

Immigration is a federal responsibility, not one belonging to any city.

You turn off the federal handouts and the starving Democrat voters will beg you to let them onto your waiting buses headed to San Francisco, where those bleeding heart liberals would love to feed, house and cloth them all from their own state taxes. If all works out as predicted, Illinois would become trifecta Republican and California, without any additional federal assistance, may itself have a change of heart and turn red again.

This would be your signature moment, as Ronald Reagan did in reining in the arrogant public unions with the air traffic controllers' strike.

Democrats will control nothing at the federal level.

With Illinois, you would gain a Constitutional Amendment majority.

The socialist Democrats who win elections by promising the easy life through government handouts are no longer in a position to make those promises. This should and can be the death knell of the socialist/communist ideologies, IF you, Donald Trump play your cards right.

Appointment to protect the First Amendment

Who would be better suited to protect our First Amendment free speech than to name Mel Gibson as FCC chairman?

Mel Gibson is an American patriot of the first order.  Well loved, admired and respected by everyone in your base. He is an expert in and intimately aware of how the entertainment industry works and most importantly, how it works its will.

Mel Gibson understands perfectly well there is a crippling Jewish-based monopoly in the distribution of First Amendment information, so critical to the well-being of a free Christian people, whose country lives or dies on their having the knowledge to cast decisive informed votes for their political leaders.

Appointment to protect the Fourth Amendment

Who would be better suited to protect our most valuable possessions than Ron Paul as both Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve Chairman?

Or Ron Paul at the Fed and Rand Paul at Treasury. From control over Taxes to control over fiat money there could be no better choice.

Again, there is no finer American patriot of greater moral integrity than Ron Paul, who is well versed in the workings of our financial industry.

As you know Mr. Trump, capital is the lifeblood of all the business opportunities which you would require to Make America Great Again. 

Ron Paul would be crucial to Making America Great Again.

Appointment to protect the Second Amendment

What better signal to the protection of the Second Amendment than to appoint Ted Nugent as the head of the ATF?

I know Ted Nugent is considered as merely an entertainer, but then, who better to dismantle an agency who has no constitutional basis to exist?

How can a federal government control Alcohol after Prohibition was repealed, Tobacco at any time, and especially Firearms when the federal Congress has no authority per the Second Amendment to legislate on firearms?

Appointment to protect the Tenth Amendment

The problem with the ninth and tenth Amendments protecting the rights of the States are that they have no power behind them.

That political power used to be the States who ran the Senate. 

The vertical Checks and Balances of a Senate having veto power over treaties, judicial appointments, cabinet appointments, and all laws passed by the House, along with impeachment powers, used to protect the States and kept political power highly decentralized.

America's businesses thrived under decentralized government staying out of their way, and that made America Great.

  1.  After the 17 Amendment, as all laws are federal law now, no longer could a businessman, mistreated in one state, move his talent and money to a state who honored his commitment to economic prosperity.
  1.  After the 17 Amendment, as all laws are federal now, no longer could a citizen, mistreated by over-taxation in his state and having no job because of strangulating over-regulation on  business in his State, move his family to a more accommodating State.
  1.  After the 17 Amendment, no longer is there a vertical Checks and Balances to an overwhelming dictatorial and anti-business Federal power.
Ever since the enactment of the 17th Amendment, the States were thrown out of the Senate, replaced by a Democratic election within the State.

Let's be perfectly clear here. This is a clear violation of the Constitutional provision in Article 5 of the Constitution regarding Amendments where there can be any Amendment whatsoever desired -- with one Great Exception -- the one great exception being that the States cannot lose their vote in the Senate without their approval.

In a word, the 17th Amendment is unconstitutional.

You may be tempted to say that the States ratified the 17th Amendment; hence, proof they consented to losing their vote in the Senate, but you would be wrong.

Even with the most liberal interpretation, the 17th Amendment can only apply to the State legislatures approving the Amendment, not to the State legislatures who did not ratify it. 

Moreover, Hawaii and Alaska, Oklahoma and Arizona became states after the 17th, so how could their legislatures agree to the 1913 Amendment, since the Constitution still says they have a voice in the Senate if they want a voice?

Not only that, but this Amendment cannot apply to any subsequent legislatures elected after 1913, who do not want to give up their vote in the Senate, again, since Article 5 of the Constitution was never repealed.

The greatest executive order you could ever achieve Mr. Trump is to enforce the Constitution, not by an appointment of your own, but by allowing all States to appoint their own Senators to represent their State interests, as the State representatives wrote into the Constitution and as the States ratified it.

If not by executive order, than by appointment of judges who understand the Constitution and would rule that the 17th Amendment is unconstitutional.

Thank you for your consideration of our humble but hopeful suggestions and may God Bless your presidency.

Best regards,
The Christian Solution

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