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December 2016 AD

Hitler Gave Jews a Safe Place

Herschel Grynszpan (Greenspan)Ernst Vom RothHerschel Grynzspan                         Ernst Vom Rath

"Herschel Grynszpan, whose murder of a German diplomat in 1938 was used as a pretext to launch the Kristallnacht

"Grynszpan had said after his arrest that he was prompted by Germany’s deportation of his parents and 12,000 other Jews of Polish origin in August 1938."

Jews always believe their actions have no consequence.

In that regard, Jews assassinating and justifying the assassination of high-ranking German diplomats allows for no excuse of German citizens to riot by burning small Jewish businesses in what Jews love to call the Kristallnacht.

In the Jewish International Kangaroo Court, there should be no consequence for Jews thinking that assassinating German diplomats is perfectly acceptable behavior, and any reaction to that is construed to be the only illegal act, so long as the Jews can self-define Germans as evil.

It's not as if the entire world went to war over the assassination of one politician just a few years earlier.  OK, the world did have a devastatingly massive world war over the assassination of one man, so we should know better, right?  Let radical Jewish boys assassinate any government leader they want, but no reason to make war over it!!!

In reverse of that argument, Jews only believe the actions of Christians have a consequence.

Hence on this alternative viewpoint, the fact that German citizens engaged in what Jews certainly deemed to be the immoral Kristallnacht was seen as a perfectly valid excuse to morally and legally fire-bomb the entire German city of Dresden.

You want to know what is really sick about all this?????

Herschel Grynszpan was upset that Hitler deported his parents to a country where he and his parents would be safe from Nazis.

No, I am not at all kidding!!!!

Herschel Greenspan was so viciously angry Hitler had delivered him and his parents to the safety of Poland, that he killed a high-ranking German diplomat.

Herschel Grynszpan did not say he was upset because he had a feeling Hitler was going to commit genocide.

Herschel Greenspan did not say he upset because he had a feeling Hitler was going to start a World War.

Herschel Greenspan is exhibit A of Jewish thought on Nov. 7, 1938 that Hitler's worst sin at the time was deporting Polish Jews to Poland.

The horrors!!!!

He was upset his family was in a "safe space"!

But he couldn't let it go and the rest is world history.

Kristallnacht happened because of him and the Jewish congradulations of his heinous act. Thanks to Herschel and his admirers, now native German Jews of many generations decided to leave Germany for their own safety. Yes, another World War was just around the horizon thanks to Herschel.

These Jews will now cry for a thousand years that America would not allow Jews to immigrate into America for the purpose of escaping Hitler, as if any of this was America's fault.

Lessons for Today?

Do you see how this dangerous Jewish thinking plays out today with Mexicans being deported to Mexico? 

Jews are America's (second) original illegal immigrants. 

(We absolutely would have to agree to a Jewish counterargument that the American Indians believed Europeans also entered illegally, but that would just mean Jews entered illegally not only in the eyes of American Europeans, but in the eyes of American Indians as well, so not much of an argument.)

Jews had no legal, moral, or religious right to be in this country, as has been documented many places on this site;
  1.  From the hostile strong-arm forced acceptance of Jews into the Dutch city of New Amsterdam, now New York City;
  2.  To the fraudulent scare mongering against the Christian Czar of Russia against the backdrop of a real genocide against Christians under the Muslim Ottoman Empire;
  3.  To the fraudulent 1965  immigration bill actually written by a Jew which opened up our country to the current immigration mess we are in;
  4.  And yes, there are now many more Russian Jews living in America since Ronald Reagan "saved us" from the threat of the Jewish-run Soviet Union -- they are now here turning America into a Soviet Union -- unless Trump decides to actually stop them.
Jewish MSM the world over, most with no ties to German Jews or German Germans,  literally declared war on Hitler as soon as he took office in 1933, prompting many Jews to "stand up to the man", (and in response, many Germans to stand up to the Jews).  Then, as now against Trump, there were Jewish-inspired riots and protests.

In 1936, trying to mar the Olympic Games Germany was hosting, Jew David Frankfurter, son of a chief rabbi, assassinated Wilhelm Gustloff, head of the foreign section of the Nazi Party in Davos, Switzerland. In 1936, America's athletes did not think Hitler such a threat to freedom or that Germany such a evil country enough to stop these goodwill games. Our athletes under a Democrat president did go to the games, with the entire American Jewish press warning us about the evils of Hitler, but the real evil being displayed at the time were Jews like Frankfurter already killing Germans in cold blood.

Hitler did not retaliate. Jews were not going to destroy the world unity of the Olympic Games, even though, three years prior, just as Hitler was coming to power, the Jewish Commissar Lazar Kanganovich had wiped out 7 million Christians in the Holodomor.

By 1938 though, Herschel Greenspan was the last straw; the last radical Jew who would be allowed to take up the fight against Germany's immigration laws.

This time, Germans started fighting back.

The burning of a few Jewish-owned shops got its own name, Kristallnacht.

And the world Kristallnacht became a rallying cry for Jews to edge the world toward World War against Germany.

Since those sad days, Jews have cried to Americans for the next 90 years about the Germans being mean to Jews in a Holocaust. (but never cry about the Holodomor)

Are we headed in the same direction today?

In the same scary context, the Jewish MSM are now saying, "How DARE America could be so heartless as to ask Mexican citizens, whom we never invited into our country, to become Mexican citizens again!"

Jewsish elites like Soros have declared war on Trump.

The Jewish MSM have declared war on Trump.

The Jewish gliterati in Hollywood, Broadway, Wall Street, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, K Street, J Street, and academia have declared war on Trump.

The Jewish digerati at Facebook, Google, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and others have declared war on Trump's supporters.

Even conservative neo-Con, RINO Jews are against Trump.

The reason for the Jewish war against Hitler then was because he fought against their International Judeo-communism.

Trump is now fighting against their international Judeo-communism today, reincarnated under the guise of Judeo-globalism.

So far, Trump has not taken the antisemite bait Jews are laying out.

Is this because he really is pro-Israel???

Or is it because Trump is just smarter than Hitler???   A better poker player against a viciously cunning enemy?

A photo found in Vienna suggests that Herschel Grynszpan, whose murder of a German diplomat in 1938 was used as a pretext to launch the Kristallnacht pogrom 78 years ago this week, may have survived World War II.

It was previously believed that Grynszpan, a Jew of Polish background who was 17 when he shot Ernst vom Rath in Paris on Nov. 7, 1938, had either been executed or died of an illness between 1942 and 1945 while held in a German prison. Von Rath died of his wounds two days after the shooting.

Christa Prokisch, archive director at the Vienna Jewish Museum, found a photo in which a man who strongly resembles Grynszpan is seen in a postwar displaced persons camp. The photo shows displaced persons demonstrating in 1946 against the British decision to bar Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Prokisch showed the photo to the German journalist Achim Fuhrer, author of a biography of Grynszpan, who agreed that the person in the unposed photo was probably Grynszpan. He told Focus magazine that Grynszpan’s exact fate remains unknown.

Grynszpan had said after his arrest that he was prompted by Germany’s deportation of his parents and 12,000 other Jews of Polish origin in August 1938.

Fuhrer told Focus magazine that if he survived, Grynszpan may have feared being tried for his murder of vom Rath or being associated with Kristallnacht, “The Night of Broken Glass.”

On the nights of Nov. 9 and 10, 1938, mobs in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland attacked Jews, their homes and institutions. Nearly 100 Jews were murdered and hundreds injured, and some 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps. At least 1,000 synagogues were destroyed.

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