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November 2016 AD

Anti-Semitism Czar
Violation of
First Amerdment

What could be more anti-American than an Anti-semitism Czar?

[Ira] Forman was appointed [by President Barack Obama] to his administration position [of special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism] in May 2013, filling the role left vacant by the previous anti-Semitism czar, Hannah Rosenthal.

The First Amendment tells us that the establishment of a state religion is prohibited.

The purpose of an anti-semitism Czar is to persecute all other religions and even non-religions, in favor of the Judaic religion.

Is that not the establishment of a state religion?

The First Amendment also tells us that government cannot violate free speech.

The purpose of an anti-Semitism Czar is to silence all other religions and even non-religions, in favor of the Judaic religion.

Is that not a violation of free speech?

To be sure, there are no anti-Christian Czars to protect us from Jews.

So far, there are no anti-Islam Czars either, probably since no body ever bothers them.

Understand there are no stunning events in American history exposing pressing anti-Semitism, as  exists  for an anti-African history, and yet, there  are no anti-African Czars either.

An anti-Semitism Czar is indeed the beginnings of a Czarist dictator against the Constitution and peoples of the United States.


Obama's anti-Semitism czar targeted 'radical right'

No known history of fighting Jew-hatred

Published: 03/10/2014 at 9:32 PM

Ira Forman, the Obama administration’s special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, has a long history of partisan Democratic politics, once even dedicating himself to fighting “the radical right.”

WND could not find anything notable in Forman’s professional history that would suggest an expertise in fighting anti-Semitism.

Forman was appointed to his administration position in May 2013, filling the role left vacant by the previous anti-Semitism czar, Hannah Rosenthal. WND previously reported Rosenthal served on the board of a controversial Israel-lobby group accused of working against the Jewish state, while her writings suggest Israel’s policies are to blame for anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, an extensive Web search can find no comment from Forman on the situation in Ukraine, where leaders of the Jewish community have been raising concern amid multiple attacks against Jewish institutions.

From January 1996 through June 2010, Forman served as executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, a Democratic advocacy group.

When he assumed his position, he told the left-leaning Forward newspaper he was redefining the group’s mission to fighting “the radical right.”

“It is not the Democratic platform that has us worried,” Forman was quoted by the Forward in 1996 as saying to the committee formulating the official Democratic Party platform. “Rather, it is the Republican platform and the radicalization of the Republican Party,” he said, referencing what he claimed were efforts to cut back on social programs, introduce school prayer and ban abortion.

At the NJCC, Forman was a staunch supporter of the George Soros-funded when the radical group faced accusations of anti-Semitism.

Forman previously served as a fellow at the Soros-funded Center for National Policy. In 1976 he was Ohio field director for Jimmy Carter.

In September 2011, Forman became the Jewish Outreach Director for Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

He reportedly helped to assemble the campaign’s controversial “Rabbis for Obama,” which purported to be 613 grassroots rabbis who supported the president for re-election.

The rabbi group faced criticism after the Obama campaign refused to sever ties with a radical rabbi on the list who has called for boycotts against Israeli products, dined with then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and was the first American rabbi to visit Tehran.

With additional research by Brenda J. Elliott.

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