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October 2016 AD

How Trump lost the Jews

Jews were always Democrat until President Jimmy Carter did not stand up against Muslims in the Iranian hostage situation and more importantly did not stand up for the nation of Israel.  If Jimmy Carter would not defend even the American ambassador and his staff in Iran from radical Muslims, how would he defend the nation of Israel against radical Muslims?  So they defected from the Democrat Party in 1980.

Running against Jimmy Carter was Ronald Reagan. American Christians saw a devout "Christian", but most important, conservative American Jews saw a devout "Judeo-Christian", who had spent his entire career in Hollywood working hand-in-hand with Jewish  actors, Jewish  producers, Jewish screenwriters, and Jewish directors.

Conservative Jews saw in Ronald Reagan, a man whom they could trust to defend Israel against radical Muslims. 

Did not of course stop liberal Jews still in the Democrat Party from calling Ronald Reagan every name in the book and blaming him for every problem while not acknowledging his powerful positive influence upon this great nation. 

True to form, after Ronald Reagan was elected, Reagan filled his cabinet with Jewish appointments, built up America's strength, and more importantly helped build up Israel's strength.

These Republican Jews were referred to by the politically correct name of Neo-Con.

George H.W. Bush as his Vice-President confirmed the credibility of Ronald Reagan in the eyes of the Jews, for Bush was a "One World Government" truth-saying, but  "Read My Lips" big government lie-saying dream politician for the Jews. The son of Bush, W, learned his lessons well from father, and depicted himself as an "evangelical Christian" and so the evangelical Christians swooned for "W", while the Jewish Neo-cons stayed in power, still running the Federal Reserve, still running the Treasury, still dominate in the State Department and so on.

Now comes Donald Trump.

On the surface, Trump is a more recent Neo-Con.

  1.  Trump was still a Democrat when conservative Jews jumped into the Ronald Reagan camp.
  2.  Trump was still a Democrat when "One World government" Bush was running the show.
  3.  Trump was still a Democrat when fellow Democrat Bill Clinton was frying Christians at Waco.
  4.  Trump was still a Democrat when Clinton and Obama named the last 4 Jewish  Supreme Court justices
  5.  Trump, like Ronald Reagan, has spent his entire career in New York City, surrounded by Jewish real estate tycoons, Jewish Wall Street types,  and so on.
  6.  Trump, just like Ronald Reagan, has spent a lot of time with the Jews who run our massive entertainment complex, with his Apprentice shows and Miss America Pagents.
  7.  And only now Trump runs as a Republican.

But with the assension of Trump leading the Republicans, conservative Jews are headed back to the Democrat camp, like rats abandoning a sinking boat.

Jewish neo-con talk show hosts, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, Michael Medved,  Laura Ingraham,  Michale Savage are either not backing Trump or are of late, reluctantly backing Trump in order to continue to "lead the Republican troops".

Jewish neo-con doners are not donating to Trump, such as Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers  and much more.

Jews in great numbers are saying they have no intention of voting for Trump.

Where's the love these conservative Jews showed Ronald Reagan, for not a sole has seriously stated that Donald Trump is an anti-Semite?  In fact, Donald Trump has a history of discriminating IN FAVOR OF Jews as tenets in his housing projects.

If like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump has a history of surrounding himself and getting along with even the most liberal Jews; If like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump promises to Make America Great Again with a great economy especially for conservative Jewish business owners; If like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump  favors Jews; then  why, oh why, are Jews running away from Donald Trump instead of what they did in 1980, running toward Ronald Reagan?

To answer this puzzle, you have to go back to the one difference between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump which Jews really care about -- Israel.

Ronald Reagan promised to help not just America, but America's friends.

Donald Trump promises to help just America.

In Donald Trump's world, our friends, such as Israel, must step up to the plate, pay their own way, and defend themselves.

In Donald Trump's world, our so-called "friends" will not be allowed to sleep on America's sofa and eat out of our refrigerator any longer.

In Donald Trump's world, our so-called "friends" must grow up and fend for themselves.

That is the exact and real reason Conservative Jews flocked to Reagan and have now  abandoned Donald Trump.

For this reason, Jewish Republicans have finally shown their true colors, and those colors are are not Red, White, and Blue.

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