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Sept 2016 AD

Jew fire-bombs Mosque

The main suspect of the Fort Pierce Islamic Center fire-bombing is, surprise, surprise, a Jew named Joseph Michael Schreiber.  Is it me, or does the plucked eyebrows make him look gay?  Why would a gay man want to burn down a Mosque -- where a Muslim member massacred so many at the Pulse gay nightclub? Thing is, none of the journalists below would touch the subject about him being gay. They barely touched the Jewish part and both Bing and Google turns up hardly any stories of any MSM or otherwise covering this story -- so that's why we at The Christian Solution is here.

It's as if "someone" wanted to sweep this mess under the rug.

          Joseph Michael Schreiber

Touchy subject. This needs to be reported by the Judeo-MSM, so how would it be accomplished here in America.  (Thanks Jerusalem Post for your honesty)

Of course, it would have been totally out of bounds to imply that Jews are terrorists and Islamophobic, and to imply that Jews have sacrilegiously violated a minority's sacred right to worship by bombing a Mosque. Hatred of Muslims by Jews is perfectly OK in Israel where the Jews are securely in control and dominate the Muslims into Apartheid Bantustans, but it becomes wholly unacceptable for Christians to be shown such hatred of Muslims by Jews here in America.

Possibly more in bounds coverage of the fire bombing of the Fort Pierce Islamic Center would have had our Judeo-journalists investigating the fire-bomber and possibly have found that this Jewish boy was really "just a gay" and had lost many of his gay friends at the Pulse gay nightclub, so this was just pure revenge. But what makes this scenario out of bounds is that it still pits a highly cherished MSM minority, the homosexuals, as being haters of another highly cherished MSM minority, the Muslims. 

So, how would a respectable Judeo-MSM journalist report this story so we gain a politically correct knowledge and understanding of the cause of the fire?

Yes, they go into total cover-up mode.

CBS Reporting
"Ex-con" posting anti-Islamic rants
burns Mosque

My favorite Judeo-MSM divergence -- Associating criminals with people who hate Muslims. Haha!

Hates off to CBS at least for putting something in print. ABC and NBC did not cover this story at all.


"Omar Mateen mosque fire"

Florida mosque fire: Suspect Joseph Michael Schreiber confessed ...
CBS News
3 days ago - -- An ex-convict who posted anti-Islamic rants online confessed to setting fire to a mosque that the Orlando nightclub shooter occasionally attended, and said he was embarrassed by the crime, according to an arrest affidavit released Thursday. ... Schreiber, who previously served two ...

At least CBS gives out his name right off the bat, while not informing us why ex-cons have a particular reason to fire-bomb Mosques.

CBS reported, "Schreiber, who previously served two prison terms for theft, was developed as a suspect partly because of a tip from the public, the affidavit said."  Hard to understand why a thief would want to burn down a mosque when no money was to be gained. Where is the loot in this crime?  The motive just makes no sense.

Only in the 7th paragraph do we get a hint of the real motive, "Schreiber, who is Jewish, stated that, “IF AMERICA  truly wants peace and safety and pursuit of happiness they should consider all forms of ISLAM as radical. ... "

No speculation though about Jews not getting along with Muslims. Or even gay Jews not getting along wi

In fact, just the opposite happens in the 8th paragraph.  "Wilfredo Amr Ruiz, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida, said Schreiber “obviously doesn’t know about the efforts our community is engaged in with our cousins, the Jews, not only in Florida but throughout the nation.”  Wow!!!!  Would  a CAIR  representative ever suggest that Muslims have been working hard with Christians to  engage in our community, and why can't we just get along?  No, it would be a bloody Muslim inquisition against a criminal who would be called a Christian NAZI for all time. (meanwhile, this will all be forgotten by next week, even if you ever knew of it)

In fact, CAIR flat out comes to the defense of Jews, as they defend Muslims. We're all the same, Jews and Muslims, don't you know. "“Just like on June 12, when I was stressing that Mateen’s actions do not speak on behalf of Islam, I know that whatever religion Mr. Schreiber is, his actions do not speak on behalf of his religion,” Saleh said."

On the Jewish side, all was love and doves as well.

Rabbi Bruce Benson, a chaplain with the Port St. Lucie Police Department, was outside Schreiber’s home Wednesday night. He said Schreiber attended his synagogue for about a month last spring to study the Torah, but left little impression, and gave no indication he might act violently in the future.

Benson said Schreiber’s father showed up at his office after his son was arrested, even though he wasn’t a member of his synagogue.

"I guess he didn’t know where else to go,” Benson said, adding that Schreiber’s parents are “shocked, just like any of us would be if it were our child.”

Benson said his reform synagogue, Temple Beth El Israel, has tried unsuccessfully in the past to reach out to the mosque.

“We would welcome the opportunity,” Benson said. “They’re a community feeling under attack. If we could all talk a bit, maybe things like this wouldn’t have to happen.”

The sweet Rabbi said, "If we could all talk a bit, maybe things like this wouldn't have to happen"?  What is he talking about here?  Talk, so the Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen would not wipe out a gay nightclub filled with a good share of gay Jews, probably owned by a Jew, or does the Rabbi just talk about a misguided poor persecuted Jewish brat who fire-bombed an equally poor persecuted Muslim religious gathering place?  I'm confused.

Washington Post Reporting - Sept 14, 2016
"A Man" burns Mosque

This is the start of another Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post. Heaven forbid we might think "a woman" burned the Mosque!!!!


"Omar Mateen mosque fire"

Arrest made in arson at Orlando gunman's mosque, authorities say ...
The Washington Post
5 days ago - A man has been arrested in the arson fire early Monday at the Florida mosque where Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen occasionally ...

Again, we have the amazing discovery that the arsonist was "a man"

A man has been arrested in the arson fire early Monday at the Florida mosque where Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen occasionally worshiped, authorities announced Wednesday.The suspect was not immediately named, and the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office scheduled a news conference for Wednesday evening

This was the day before the CBS article above showing that the arsonist was a Jew. Even though the exact identity of the arsonist was about to be released, no sense wasting time. The Washington Post decided to smear whites and Hispanics for this crime while the opportunity was still available.  Sounds like the Jewish thing to do to me for the newspaper who bought the Boston Globe just so they could smear Catholic noses into the priest scandal one more time.

Authorities said Monday afternoon that the suspect is believed to be a white or Hispanic male who pulled up to the site about 11:40 p.m. on a Harley Davidson-style motorcycle, wearing jeans and a military-style boonie hat.

Yes, get that next Pulitzer polished well for The Washington Post.

Washington Post Reporting - Sept 15, 2016

Google is interesting in giving me old news from the Washington Post when I Google Mosque fire.  To get the  more recent article saying that a Jew had burned the Mosque, I had to Google his exact name.

Like CBS, The Washington Post believes the most pertinent fact associated with this fire-bombing is the fact that the "man" had "committed theft in his past life".


"Washington Post Joseph Michael Schreiber"

Man accused of Fla. mosque arson has multiple convictions, served ...

Washington Post-Sep 15, 2016
Joseph Michael Schreiber, 32, is accused of setting off a blaze that burned .... A July 12 post on a Facebook page that the Associated Press has ...

In journalism school they taught Washington Post journalist Derek Hawkins that you should answer the 5 W's in the first paragraph -- Who, what, where, when and why.

"The Florida man charged Wednesday with setting fire to the mosque where Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen worshiped has a criminal history that includes arrests for armed robbery and battery, and a theft conviction for which he served four years in prison, records show."

So here is what the pulizer-prize winning Washington Post informed America in the most important paragraph. The arsonist is :
A) male,
B) from Florida, and
C) robbed something or other. 

Yes, I can certainly see another Pulitzer in The Washington Post's future !!!  Step over Nobel Peace prize winner Obama.

In paragraph 2, we learn his name and his age as "Joseph Michael Schreiber, 32".  Derek Hawkins is building suspense I suspect, unless the casual reader has already moved on, as I would expect to be the case for most readers of this story. (and isn't that what is wanted?)

Finally, 10 paragraphs in we get a real lead. We learn his profession is a cook. Finally a possible motive!  He knows how to burns things. 

Well actually, no, I'm not buying that as a motive.  Let's read some more.

Finally!  In the 16th paragraph, we learn some details The Washington Post must believe is almost totally irrelevant.  We find that the arsonist is a Jew. A practicing Jew who studied the Torah in a synagogue. A religious Jew who studied the Torah.  My, my, The Washington Post is all over the next Pulitzer.

Schreiber, who lives in Port St. Lucie, showed no violent tendencies when he attended a local synagogue last spring to study the Torah, according to Rabbi Bruce Benson, a chaplain with the Port St. Lucie Police Department. After Schreiber was arrested, his father showed up at the synagogue, Benson told the Associated Press

The only honest reporting is openly Jewish

Jewish man
arrested for
arson of mosque
attended by
Orlando nightclub shooter

A Jewish man in Florida has been arrested for the alleged arson of the mosque attended by Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen.

Joseph Michael Schreiber, 32, was arrested on Wednesday. A large fire engulfed the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce early Monday morning, occurring on the Muslim holy days of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice. No one was in the mosque at the time of the blaze. The mosque held its prayer services elsewhere due to the fire.

The case is being prosecuted as a hate crime under Florida law, Reuters reported, citing the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, which carries a minimum 30-year prison sentence.

Surveillance video showed a man riding up to the building on a motorcycle and approaching the mosque with a bottle of liquid and papers right before the fire broke out, according to the report.

Schreiber, a resident of Port St. Lucie, owns a motorcycle like the one seen in the video, Sheriff’s Major David Thompson told reporters Wednesday. In addition, Schreiber’s Facebook page includes “multiple anti-Islamic posts and comments,” he said. Schreiber is considered a “prison release re-offender, ” and his criminal record includes armed robbery, according to Reuters.

The FBI is investigating whether the attack included any federal civil rights violations

In June, Mateen, 29, entered the crowded Pulse nightclub, a popular gay dance club in Orlando, and began shooting the some 300 patrons with an assault rifle and a handgun and then holding some hostage in a bathroom. He said the attack was inspired by the Islamic State.

Mateen was later killed by police during a shoot out. Some 49 people were killed and 53 wounded in the attack.

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