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August 2016 AD

Israel First:
America Last

The 17th richest man in the world is a Republican.

And a Jew.

Sheldon Adelson is the famous Jew who enriched himself on the "sinful vice" of Las Vegas casino gambling and yet strangely contributes to "moral" Republican campaigns.

Even more famously, Sheldon Adelson will contribute nothing to the Trump campaign against Crooked Hillary.

  •  This year's election revolves around Black Lives Matter targeting law enforcement officers.
  •   This year's election revolves around the construction of a wall between the sovereign country of America and the sovereign country of Mexico.
  •   This year's election revolves around the importation of terrorist Muslims intent upon the destruction of our Constitutional government.
  •   This year's election revolves around America First.

Hollywood Jews like Barbara Streisand are all on the wrong side of these four issues.

Liberal political Jews like Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer are all wrong for these four issues.

Jews in control of the media are pushing hard to promote these four issues.

But our very own "conservative Neocon Jew", Sheldon Adelson wants nothing to do with it, as this is not what he will be spending his money on.

Apparently Sheldon Adelson no longer cares about America's direction.

And did I say that he also refuses to support Trump.

Fine, his money -- which he won in his own gambling houses, with his gambling house bias I suppose.

But then he decides to fund Israeli propaganda on our American college campuses.

So seems to me that he cares far more about Israel than America.

And what specifically bothers Sheldon on California campuses so much that Sheldon embarks on a pro-Israel propaganda campaign?

  •   "Palestinian Lives Matter" groups are targeting Israeli law enforcement
  •  College students pointing to the WALL built by the Jews in Israel showing blatant Jewish racist and intolerant attitudes.
  •  A WALL which segregates Muslims from Jewish sections of Israel, not only preventing importation of Muslims into the country, but in segregation practices the KKK could only dream of, prevents Muslims from moving around inside the country of Israel.
  •  Student's uphill fight against the Israel First mindset.

Seems that Jew Sheldon Adelson disagrees with this portrayal of Israel.

Seems that Jew Sheldon Adelson is concerned about these four issues when it involves Israel, but not when it involves America.

A Jew's hypocrisy,
even a conservative one
knows no bounds.

I say we strongly suggest that
God is calling his Chosen butt
back to his Promised Land.

How a casino owner is trying to combat an exploding pro-palestinian movement on campus

Robert Gardner rarely heard anything about Israel growing up in South Los Angeles. But at UCLA, he started learning about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — and seeing parallels with conflicts close to home.

The African American senior likened Israeli crackdowns on Palestinian protesters to police violence against black Americans. So he joined  Students for Justice in Palestine and an international movement known as BDS, which advocates boycotts, divestment and sanctions against companies deemed players in Israeli human rights violations.

Earlier this year, though, he was shocked to see — on a poster outside a Westwood market — his name listed as one  of 16 UCLA  “Jew haters” and terrorist allies. Since then, he says, “I’ve received death threats online, and people have followed me.”

The poster was part of a multimillion-dollar effort to combat the BDS movement, led by Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam. While this kind of attack campaign is one tactic, a key aim is to win back hearts and minds for Israel via social media pushes, cultural fairs and subsidized trips to the Jewish state.

The effort kicked off this last semester at six California campuses, including UCLA, UC Irvine and San Jose State University, and will expand to 20 more college campuses this fall. The Adelsons and other supporters of Israel are alarmed by the precipitous growth in young Americans’ support for Palestinians. A Pew Research Center in May found that 27% of millennials now sympathize more with Palestinians, up from 9% in 2006 — while their generation’s support for Israel has declined in the same period from 51% to 43%. A main cause, Israel supporters say, is the mushrooming BDS campus movement. In the last four years, student governments at eight of nine UC undergraduate campuses have voted to support the campaign. “It’s the No. 1 nonmilitary threat to Israel and the Jewish people,” David Brog, executive director of the new Adelson-funded task force, said of BDS. “Our goal is to change the younger generation from neutral, if not opposed to, Israel to support of Israel.”

The Maccabee Task Force — named after a small Jewish rebel group who prevailed over the Greeks two millennia ago — mainly aims to beef up positive education about Israel with such methods as hosting “peace tents” for dialogue during anti-Israel campus events and Israel cultural fairs — complete with free falafel and iced coffee. But Brog said the campaign also will target what he called “lies” about Israel perpetuated by Students for Justice in Palestine and BDS.

by Teresa Watanabe,
     LA Times
     August 21, 2016

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