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August 2016 AD

Olympic Civil War

Virginia Thrasher
Virginia Thrasher
Olympic Gold Medal Winner

An American, Virginia Thrasher takes the first gold at the Rio Olympics. Perfect opportunity for "feminist icon" and "model American mom" Hillary Clinton to praise the hard work and success of this young lady.

But no, Hillary was silent.

For sure, the reason was not because Virginia was a woman who strongly resembled her own daughter Chelsea.

Might instead have been the hard work and success that turned Hillary off.

Or most likely -- the fact that it involved ----- GUNS!!!  Shooting at paper targets!!!

But if the games involve fencing, where you aim to slice and dice up your opponent with a sword -- a Muslim hijab girl fits the bill perfectly for praise.

And so, Hillary tweeks her pleasure at Muslims representing America's best at slicing and dicing up people.

Subtle symbolism never escapes the Jewish media elites.

Didn't even matter that hijab girl was eliminated on the first round. Failure matters not, just the fact that you tried -- as a Muslim -- gets you a gold medal with Hillary.

Not only that, but the Jewish-media was ejaculating all over themselves trying to get hijab girl to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies.  Thankfully, even with all his "white privledge", the American athletes sanely voted to stay with the world's greatest ever gold medalist winner, Mark Phelps to represent America at the Olympics.


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