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August 2016 AD

Hillary's Khan Job

Definition of Con:
Persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception

Synonyms of Con:
defraud, cheat, trick, dupe, deceive, fool, hoodwink, bamboozle, fleece, rip off, put one over on, hornswoggle, take for a ride, pull a fast one on, take to the cleaners

We've now discovered that the tired, worn-out, and discredited phrase -- diversity -- is finally being put to rest,
....being replaced by the swankier phrase "We are stronger together".

Who says that communists Socialists, Liberals, Progressives,
cannot progress?

Then Hillary promoted yet another human shield to divide us.

We had already found we could no longer complain of the President anymore -- if he is black - because we would automatically be labeled a racist.

We cannot complain of his successor -- a woman - or we are a sexist and woman hater don't you know.

And now, we cannot complain of Muslims - because don't you know -- they are America's shining example of patriotic Americans  - defenders of our Constitution even. (sarcasm!!!)

Summary for the quick reader

In Summary,
we find that Khizr Khan has had long-winded writings about the supremacy of Sharia Law, which he believes TRUMPS the Constitution of the United States, thus making a mockery of everything he told America at the Democratic Convention about his reading the Constitution, and in the process, making Hillary even more of a mockery than she was before.  They are both Khans!

In Summary,
Khan is just a slick fancy immigration lawyer who specialized in investment immigration, being paid a fortune to  bring in more oil-rich Muslims who do not think our Constitution is primary and who have the money to buy our elections.  Holding hands with the rich Jews already here don't you know.

In Summary,
Thanks greatly to Hillary Clinton for bringing Mr Khan into the national spotlight, we discovered why her POSTER BOY for Muslim patriotism, is really THE  POSTER BOY to emphasize why we do NOT want ANY Muslims in our country.

Starting at the end

Starting at the end, we find that Mr. Khan does not have a patriotic bone in his body.

In a post Democrat Convention interview by MSNBC's appropriately named "The Last Word", Khizr Khan gives us the real motivations for his son to "serve America". (As seen here)

Lawrence O'Donnell:
"We're back here on The Last Word with Ghalic Khan and her husband Khizr Khan, the proud parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq."

Lawrence O'Donnell:
"Mr. Khan, you were a bit surprised when your son wanted to join the ROTC in college and there was peace at the time with no trouble on the horizon."

Lawrence O'Donnell:
"Mr Khan, what was your reaction when your son shipped off to Iraq?"

Khizr Khan:
"I had a conversation with him. I asked him what are your thoughts, what are your feelings? 

You have completed your tour of duty.

Can we do something so they don't send you?"

-The Last Word 29 July 2016

So, we now know that the "Patriotic American Muslim" father was actually surprised his son wanted to join the army to protect and defend this country, and when called back into active duty after 9/11, Mr. Khan tries to get his son out of protecting and defending the United States of America and her Constitution.  Damming proof Khan has khanned us.

From the beginning

Let's return to the Democrat convention where Hillary Clinton introduces the story of the fallen Muslim soldier, whom Hilary labels "a hero", just before the father speaks at the convention.

"One day while his infantry unit was guarding the gates of their base, a suspicious vehicle appeared. Captain Khan told his troops to get back. But he went forward.

He took ten steps toward the car before it exploded. Captain Khan was killed, but his unit was saved by his courageous act."

--Hillary Clinton's introduction to Khan's father.

Wait!  All it takes now in America to be labeled a hero is to foolishly approach a car you had serious reservations about?


That is certainly not following army protocol -- but it is not heroics. 

That is not following strict army training -- but it is not heroics.

That is not heroics at all -- but is most certainly suicide.

A soldiers job is NOT to get himself killed, just like it was John McCain's job NOT to get captured by the enemy. But now both are labeled by the Jewish-press as Audie Murphy rush-the-machine-gun-nest type heroes.

The bar to be being a hero meanwhile continues to be lowered by our politicians. Guess this is because politicians like to call themselves heroes all the time as well.

Hillary continues with tripe everyone knows she does not believe in by saying,
"It's time to stand up and say we are Americans" (a term now to include illegal immigrants).
"We will not turn on each other" (says Black Lives Matter backer Hillary),
"or turn on our principles" (so says crooked Hillary)".

So, let's now turn to the actual speech
which rocked the Democrat Convention.

First, our thoughts and prayers are with our veterans and those who serve today. Tonight, we are honored to stand here as parents of Captain Humayun Khan and as patriotic American Muslims.

As patriotic American Muslims, with undivided loyalty to our country.

Like many immigrants, we came to this country empty handed. We believed in American democracy. That with hard work and the goodness of this country, we could share in and contribute to its blessings.

We are blessed to raise our three sons in a nation where they were free to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Our son...put his dreams aside. The day he sacrificed his life to save the life of his fellow soldiers. 

Hillary Clinton was right when she called my son the best of America.

If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America. Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims.

He disrespects other minorities, woman, judges, even his own party leadership.

He wants to build walls and ban us from this country.

Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their country. Let me ask you, "Have you even read the United States Constitution?"

I will gladly lend you my copy.

In this document, look for the words -- liberty and equal protection of law.

Have you ever been to Arlington cemetery. Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You'll see all faiths, gender and ethnicities.

You have sacrificed NOTHING!!!

We cannot solve our problems by building walls.

Sowing division...we are stronger together -- when Hillary Clinton becomes President.

--Khizr Khan

This man is misguided on so many levels.

  •   What automatically disqualifies this hateful Muslim immigrant to stand in righteous judgment of a native-born American like Donald Trump is the fact that he never ONCE acknowledged that Islam was contributing to anything negative in this country.  In fact, he falsely implied that Islam has contributed nothing but good for this country.  Interesting that he feels that way, but don't let facts stare the man in the face.
  •   OK, He identified his son as a patriotic American with undivided loyalties. SO WHAT!!!! One Muslim out of 100 Muslims is not the complaint's the other 99 Muslims who do have divided loyalties and even worst, it's the 1 out of every 100 Muslims who actually act on their disloyalty to this country by killing, raping and plundering innocent people while not assimilating as our honored guests.
  •  He slanders Trump as a hater who would not have let his son into the country 20 years ago. What a fraudulent pile. Donald was like the rest of us 20 years ago, ignorant of Islam, and  thinking  they were pretty much just like us,  having the same FATHER of Abraham as we have. Truth is, Muslims formed our opinions of them by their barbaric actions since those following 20 years as they left the Muslim hell-holes of their own broken countries to come here to make America into yet another Muslim hell-hole.
  •  With his subservient Muslim wife at his side, dutifully letting him dictate every action of this tragedy, at a convention that was filled to the rim with estrogen everywhere, he came across as totally comical saying that Trump disrespects women.  (Or is that the "fiercely ultra-feminist, yet model of motherly caring" Hillary writing the woman out of the speech?  Donald Trump for one would like to know which it is. Is the father a Muslim misogynist or is Hillary one?)
  •  Khan then slams Trump for wanting to build a wall to keep out Muslims. What would be the only reason for opposing the building of a wall???  That's right folks!  Because you selfishly want to allow many more ungrateful, unassimulating Muslims into this country.  Meanwhile, native-born Americans who built this place are not allowed to have a say in who their new neighbors will be.
  •  Now it is unconstitutional to keep out people from countries that do not live under our Constitution. Sorry globalists, our Constitution was written to protect the freedoms and liberties of American citizens, not world citizens.
  •  I especially loved Khan pointing out the religions and genders of the soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery as if it were filled by 1/3 Jew, 1/3 Christian and 1/3 Muslim; while at the same time 1/2 filled with dead woman soldiers.  No Khan, there are an overabundance of dead Christian male soldiers who died in the Middle East and no Mr. Khan, you have no greater moral authority to denounce a politician than the parents of those thousands of fallen Christian soldiers who really do want to protect and defend their country from the likes of hateful men like you Mr. Khan.
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan fails to note that it was a Muslim who killed his Muslim son!
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan fails to note that his son died with Democrat Barrack Obama as his Commander in Chief in an incompetently ran war.
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan fails to note that it was Hillary Clinton who violently destabilized the always destabilized Middle East even more, creating the need for American "peace keepers".
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan fails to note that it was his choice for President, Hillary Clinton, who voted to send his son to his death in the Middle East in 2004.
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan fails to note that Hillary, whom he supports, has not sacrificed ANYTHING either, which makes her no better than Trump!!
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan would do better giving his copy of the United States Constitution to his sugar-babe, Hillary, as she is the one who seems to have failed reading it.
  •  In the final analysis, Mr. Khan was not thrilled his son joined the military or stayed in the military. Yes, the son is a hero, but in no sense of the word is the father a hero. In fact, he is disgusting for discouraging his son to serve this country.
  •  In the last of the final analysis, Mr. Khan has absolutely no moral authority when it comes to the Constitution as it is the direct fault of him and all the hundreds of clapping Democrats at the Democrat Convention, for not being Republican and not voting into office the true defender of the Constitution, Rand Paul. Had Constitutional patriot Rand Paul been supported by Mr. Khan, there would be no Trump today.
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