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April 2016 AD

Queen Isabella's Discovery
that Jews were not her friend

Queen Isabella was surrounded her entire life with trusted conversos from the Jewish faith, and never harmed any Jews who did not harm others, so she was no anti-Semite, but she did have reasons to be concerned about Jews in her new fragile Christian nation.

Jewish "historians" inform us Muslims invaded Spain in 711 AD and lasted there until their final defeat by Christian Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in 1492 AD.

The reality of what transpired in 711 AD was a Jewish coup d'etat
(with Muslim muscle).

And discovered in the final conquest against the Moors of Granada in 1492 AD? - Not just thousands of destitute, tortured and emaciated  Christian slaves, but fat, free and prosperous Jews as co-equals to the Muslims.

So the reality of what transpired in 1492 AD, where the Christians of the Spanish Reconquest felt they had to have the Jews expulsed, needs a Christian perspective.

Queen Isabella had finally discovered that Jews were not her friend.

Jewish Primer on
"Christians persecuted us first !!!!"

Don't be misled here by Jewish "historians" about Spain's views toward  Jews in 1492 AD.

If Christian historians come forth to justify the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 AD, after 800 long years of Muslim occupation, by rightfully pointing out that Jews living in Spain were the brains behind the "Muslim conquest" of 711 AD, then Jewish "historians" will simply justify this bloody betrayal of Christians by saying that Jews in Spain had been persecuted by those "evil" Christians just prior to the 711 AD invasion.

"So there! The Christians had to coming!"  say Jewish "historians"

And in fact, Kirstin Downey knows she has to "play fair" in her biography of Spain's Queen Isabella; so, she takes pains to point out persecution of Jews in Spain in the decades preceding the Jewish coup d'etat of 711 AD.

"Both sides are bad -- but Christians were bad first!"  paraphrasing Downey

Thus Downey also joins with Jewish "historians" in trouncing Christians, by justifying Jewish betrayal of Christians on previous Jewish persecution by Christians.

Jewish Excuse for
The "Jewish" Conquest of Spain

Spain was home to a significant Jewish population, whose ancestors had been dispersed around the Mediterranean as part of their own persecutions by the Romans.

They prospered, however, and among the Visigoths, jealousy and anti-Semitism arose.

In the 600s, King Chintila ordered all the Jews expelled or forcibly converted. The seventeenth council of Toledo in 702 ordered the Jews enslaved and forbade them to marry.

The Spanish did not fully enforce these harsh laws, however, and many Jews managed to carry on in Spain.

Some declared themselves Christian for survival, not by choice, and deeply resented their mistreatment at the hands of the Visigoths.

-Isabella, the Warrior Queen, by Kirstin Downey, pg 11

Jewish "historians" love to cite their own persecutions as occurring in a total religious vacuum as if they were innocent bystanders killed by an irrational angry Christian mob.

Believing the Jewish line; after 500 years of Jews living in Spain, Christians just started persecuting Jews in the 600s under King Chintila -- because they were jealous.

And in 702 AD, the Jews we are just told were expelled from Spain, are now enslaved and forbidden to marry? Seems they were enslaved because they were trespassers, having just been expelled from Spain, but having snuck back in.

OK, we will agree this happened; Jews expelled, then the ones caught remaining enslaved and forbid to marry.

How that equates and justifies Jews helping Muslims slaughter all Christian men and sexually enslaving their women, we cannot explain.

OK. Two can play the "I was persecuted first" game, since this Christian writer can read history and relate events to explain such behavior.

Christian side of history telling

King Chintila ruled from 636 AD to 639 AD.

Humm, wonder had was happening in the world before King Chintila?

Well, first off, Mamilla Pool in 614 AD comes to mind.

In 614 AD, Jews talked the Persian Empire into attacking the Christian Byzantine Empire to free Jerusalem.

Then the Jews religiously cleansed Jerusalem of all Christians and religiously cleansed all Christian religious culture.

"In 614 local Palestinian Jews allied with their Babylonian co-religionists and assisted the Persians in their conquest of the Holy Land. 26,000 Jews participated in the onslaught.

In the aftermath of the Persian victory, the Jews perpetrated a massive holocaust of the Gentiles of Palestine. 

They burned the churches and the monasteries, killed monks and priests, burned books. 

Some of the many churches destroyed were:

  •  The beautiful basilica of Fishes and Loaves in Tabgha, 
  •  The Ascension on the Mount of Olives, 
  •  St Stephen opposite Damascus Gate and 
  •  The Hagia Sion on Mt Zion 
  •  The Great Laura of St Sabas, tucked away in the bottomless Ravine of Fire (Wadi an-Nar) was saved by its remote location and steep crags. 
  •  The Church of the Nativity miraculously survived: when Jews commanded its destruction, the Persians balked. They perceived the Magi mosaic above the lintel as the portrait of Persian kings."

A precise number is of course now impossible to verify, but Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich puts the tally at 60,000 before the Persian military stopped the carnage. One eyewitness, Strategius of St. Sabas, wrote: 

"Jews ransomed the Christians from the hands of the Persian soldiers for good money, and slaughtered them with great joy at Mamilla Pool, and it ran with blood."

The Persians were eventually pushed back out of Jerusalem, but in doing so, both the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire were exhausted in fighting each other.

With exhausted empires, the Jews quickly aligned with Mohammad and easily retook Jerusalem a second time in 637 AD.

Spanish King Chintila's rule from 636 AD to 639 AD, comes after Jews had joined first with Christianity's worst enemy, the Persians, and then comes immediately after Jews joined with what would become Christianity's far worst enemy, Islam.

Of course, as soon as this article is out, there will be Jews who say that Jews in Saudi Arabia with Mohammad are "different" than Jews in Spain with Christians.

It's an old story.

Christians and Jews in 1930 Germany are "different" than Christians and Jews in 2016 America.

While ISIL Muslims in Syria are "different" than hijab wearing muppets of Sesame Street.

Why then would more persecutions occur in 702 AD?

How about the fall of Carthage in 698 AD and  Muslim armies now coming close enough to Spain for Spaniards to see first hand what Jews and Muslims working together were destroying.

Spanish Christians very well knew Jews were no friends of Christians.

Jews helped destabilize Spain under King Roderic.

Then all agree, Christians, Jews and Muslims, that Jews  masterminded the fall of Spain in 711 AD.

Preparations for
The "Jewish" Conquest of Spain

A new king, Roderic, had climbed to power in 711, but he was unpopular and inexperienced at ruling.

A rival leader, angry at Roderic, aided and encouraged the Muslim invasion....[In response, Muslims sent a reconnoitering operation.]

Then a Berber quarrier named Tarif Abu Zarah launched a larger raid with between five hundred and one thousand soldiers and returned with "a rich spoil and several captives, who were so handsome that Mu'sa and his companions had never seen the like of them.' And when word of his successful expedition spread, "everyone wished to go to Andalus," Al-Maqqari wrote.

The Iberians were dumbstruck by the unexpected attacks. They attempted to respond, but their troops fell apart in chaos.

Roderic was in the far distant north when the first major assault occurred. He quickly moved south and summoned troop reinforcements from all over the kingdom.

Tariq similarly called for reinforcements from North Africa, and additional thousands of Muslim soldiers rallied to his side

Tariq told his troops.
"You must know how the... maidens, as handsome as houris, their necks glittering with innumerable pearls and jewels, their bodies clothed with tunics of costly silks sprinkled with gold, are awaiting your arrival, reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes."

The men roared their approval and rushed into battle.

Roderic was killed, the Visigothic forces collapsed, and the Christians ran helter-skelter in disarray, fleeing in all directions.

"The  Christians  were obliged to shut  themselves up in their castles and fortresses, and quitting the flat country, betake themselves to the mountains.

Now Tarif led attack after attack, conquering city after city.

"God filled with terror and alarm the hearts of idolaters",
Al-Maqqari wrote.

For the Christians had originally believed the Muslims would invade, steal booty, and then depart for their homes in North Africa.

Now they realized they were coming to seize and occupy the kingdom.

Some cities quickly capitulated; others fought feebly to defend themselves.

711 AD
The "Jewish" Conquest of Spain

"After the [Muslim] taking of Cordoba," Al-Maqqari wrote, "Mugheyth assembled all the Jews in the city and left them in charge of it, trusting them in preference to the Christians, on account of their hatred and animosity toward the later."

Mugheyth then took possession of the palace as his home and turned over the rest of the town to be inhabited by the Muslims.

The same strategy was used in another town, Elvira, on the peninsula's Mediterranean coast": "The citadel of this latter place they entrusted to the care of the Jews, and this practice became almost general in the succeeding years; for whenever the Muslims conquered a town, it was left in the custody of the Jews with only a few Muslims, the rest of the army proceeding to new conquests, and where Jews were deficient a proportionally greater body of Muslims was left in charge."

Tariq took a party of Jews with him to gain control of the capital city of Toledo, Al-Maqqari wrote.

Isabella, the Warrior Queen, by Kirstin Downey, pg 16

After Muslims wrecked havoc in Spain, Jews were left in charge of most cities and towns in Spain.

Even Muslim scholars tell us this.

It was their reward for the Jews being a fifth column inside Spain.

With all the slaughtered Christians, there would be plenty of room for Jew and Muslim alike in Spain.

Roman emperors had conquered Judea and relocated as many Jews as he could catch to this most remote part of the Roman Empire from the Jew's Promised Land, but by 722 AD, they were in charge.

Thus began a self-proclaimed Jewish "Golden Age" of Jew intimately intertwined with Muslim lasting for 800 years.

Spain would now be the Promised Land in exile.

And Christians in Spain were now indeed angry at Jews for opening their gates to these Muslim hordes.

24 generations did it take for Christians to retake what fell to Jews in just a few short years with a Muslim mercenary army.


Through most of Isabella's youth, a Muslim leader with Jewish blood was spilling the blood of Christians, and she dreamed of the heroics of another devout Christian woman, Joan of Arc.

Isabella of Castile's marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon joined the Christian regions together, but there was trouble on the horizon.

Now Sultan Mehmed the Conquerer of the Ottoman Empire was ravaging the Italian coast at Otranto and beyond, Isabella again looked to her childhood hero of Joan of Arc as inspiration to free Spain of all Muslims.

Judeo-Ottoman Empire

Queen Isabella' reign was shadowed by the existence of a man she never met but who terrorized eastern and southern Europe for most of her life; the wealthy and powerful Sultan Mehmed II, known as Mehmed the Conquerer.

He was an enigmatic character -beloved and revered by Muslims as a great and powerful warrier, admired by many Jews for the benign tolerance in which he permitted them to live in his realm, but feared [by Christians] as a relentless aggressor who was determined to expand the Ottoman Empire by swallowing Europe.

Mehmed was the sultan's third son, the child of a slave girl who was one of Murad's concubines. It was not legal to enslave Muslims, so she is believed to have been of Christian or Jewish origin.

Isabella, the Warrior Queen, by Kirstin Downey, pg 167,169

Sultan Mehmed's mother is believed by Kirstin Downey to be of Christian or Jewish origin, but this author believes his mother to be Jewish, and that everyone back then knew this.

That is why Jews were treated fairly and Christians were slaughtered in Sultan Mehmed's empire.

So this brutal Jew, by having a Jewish mother, was threatening all of Christianity at the time Isabella determined to fight back and retake Granada.

Conquest of Granada
The Jews of Malaga

Ferdinand and Isabella next proceeded to a rich target, the seaport city and fortress of Malaga. They understood that it would be the most important battle of the war, because the seaport was the vital link between the Muslims of Granada and Muslims elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

If they were to win it, then victory over the inland city of Granada would be a virtual certainty.

At last the city surrendered, but the ferocity of the battle had hardened the sovereign's hearts, and they were punitive toward the inhabitants.

The Jews of Malaga were allowed to keep their property but were forcibly relocated until their ransom, some 10,000 gold castellanos, could be paid.

Chief judge and rabbi Abraham Senior, Isabella's childhood friend from Segovia, raised the money for the ransom of the Jews and paid it.

No one stepped forward to pay the ransoms of the Muslims.

Isabella, the Warrior Queen, by Kirstin Downey, pg 197-198

Christian hearts can not be said to be hardened against Jews, when Jews are found living contently among their worst foes and the worst that happens to them is for someone else to pay their fine adn they go free.

In fact, that is no punishment at all for the individual.

The conquest of Granada, completed in 1492 AD, freed many tens of thousands of Christian slaves and well entrenched among the Muslim slavers were Jews having no problem being participating members of a foul society which enslaved Christians.

So with hardened heart after all, in 1492 AD, Isabella issued an expulsion decree of all Jews who refused to convert to Christianity.

Anyone who characterizes Queen Isabella as evil are themselves evil, as Queen Isabella was surrounded herself her entire life with former Jewish converses to Christianity and held them in high esteem, employing them in high positions.

And that is why Jews were expelled from Spain.

Did the Jews take this lying down?  Absolutely not. They continued doing everything in their power to harm Christians.

Many Jews found the Ottoman lands a safe haven.

The family of Rabbi Elijah Capsali, living on the island of Crete, considered every Ottoman victory a new triumph for God over the evil Christians.

Many Jews became secret supporterd of the Turks.

Some Sephardic Jews became slave traders in Istanbul, peddling Christian captives to harems and as galley slaves.

Capsali said the Jews of Spain brought valuable technical information on "the development of firearms," which helped the Turks win more battles against the Christians."

Isabella, the Warrior Queen, by Kirstin Downey, pg 370

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