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April 2016 AD

Jewish Inquisition in America

Spotlight is, by all accounts, a blaring hit piece on the Christian Catholic Church produced by hashtag #HollywoodSoJewish and Oscar nominated as this year's "Best Picture" by you guessed it, hashtag #HollywoodSoJewish. 

Last year's pick of "Best Picture" by hashtag #HollywoodSoJewish was "12 years a Slave", the umpteenth telling of how horrific America's Founding Christians were to sweet and innocent people not like them in skin color.

"12 Years a Slave" told the tale of a model of respectability black man who was taken away from his beloved black children and abused for 12 years as a slave by white English Christians. 

Horrible abuse of outsiders. Could have been outsider Jews in Moses-style slavery. Could have been a horrible abuse of outsider Jews in a Holocaust. So a story which cannot be told too many times by #HollywoodSoJewish as a Jewish teachable moment to Christians.

As such, "12 years a slave" had to be nominated as "Best Picture" by #HollywoodSoJewish.

Delving much deeper than last year's "winner", the movie "Spotlight" allowed #HollywoodSoJewish to expand on the "evil of Christians and their Christianity".

"Spotlight" told the tale of how the white Irish Christians of Boston turned a blind eye to the abuse of their own white Christian children, just because their priests were "god-like" and trusted by the parents of the Catholic children.

"How could they trust their own clergy?", is the begged question raised.

This is doubly horrific than the 12 Years atrocity story, as white Christians' own trusted Church was doing the abuse of their own children.

As such, this movie also had to be nominated as "Best Picture" by #HollywoodSoJewish, even though it won no other nominations other than best screenplay.

By the way, how does one earn Best Screenplay on a "true story" when the screenplay is already written by actual events outside anyone's control?  "Game of Thrones" is a screenplay, but Spotlight was simply a news article of the Boston Globe.

On the matter of the political correctness of #HollywoodSoJewish, this was the first time since the 1952 movie "The Greatest Show on Earth" where a Best Picture Oscar was won with only one other nomination.

For 64 years, longer than most of us have been alive, the best picture was the best in many categories, not just screenplay.

Just this year, of the 24 Oscar categories, "Revenant" was nominated for half the categories at 12 nominations, "Mad Max" was nominated for 10. Neither was judged the best  picture.

Spotlight won only 1 of the 23 categories outside Best Picture.

How could Spotlight be the "Best Picture", if it was not the best in any other category than a screen writing consisting of "nothing but the facts",
.......if not for Judeo-Political Correctness?

Jewish Inquisition

Reality Check : what is really happening here is a Jewish Inquisition against the very weaken Catholic Church of today, as revenge against the very strong Catholic Church of 500 years ago under Queen Isabella, who had an Inquisition in Spain against Jews and the just-defeated-in-battle Moorish "Allah Akbar" be-heading fanatic Muslims whom Jews routinely supported.

The Spanish Inquisition of the Catholic Church was first against newly conquered  Muslims pretending to be Christians by day and beheading people by night.

And that is decried endlessly by the Jewish MSM because the Inquisition expanded after the 1492 AD Jewish expulsion to include Jews.

Jews were allowed to stay in Spain after 1492 AD if they voluntarily converted to Christianity, but some had no intention of converting in their hearts and minds. Thus was the Inquisition expanded to them as well.

(The Inquisition finally stopped when it expanded even more to regular Christians who were being called convert Muslims or covert Jews by people just wanting their political opponents eliminated. Somewhat akin to Democrats calling run of the mill Republicans Nazi, or Republicans calling run of the mill Democrats Satan.

The most ironic part of the movie Spotlight was the scene of Muslims who were allowed to enter the United States as our "honored guests" flying planes into the World Trade Center murdering thousands upon thousands of innocent Christians.

All those deadly flights originated in Boston, so Boston Globe's new Jewish editor, Marty "Torquemada" Baron had to have the Boston Globe temporarily stop their Jewish Inquisition of a "systemic problem" of the Catholic Church "forgiving homosexual pedophiles" to writing articles telling Christians to not harm our Muslim guests because Muslims in no way have a historic "systemic problem" of being told from the top to kill "infidels". 

As soon as Marty "Torquemada" Baron settled all the Christians down from their "irrational Islamaphobe", he constinued his Jewish Inquisition to create in the minds of all Americans a Catholicphobe to the point where the female reporter in Spotlight can no longer stomach even watching a children's choir singing Christmas songs.

"Spotlight" blatantly portrays the Catholic Church of today as all-powerful throughout the entire movie, but how so? 

The Catholic Church was completely powerless to stop the Jewish Inquisition by the Boston Globe and obviously was powerless to prevent the #HollywoodSoJewish telling of their Jewish Inquisition.

Proof enough that the Catholic Church is not at all strong today when the "award winning screenplay" of Jewish writer and executive producer Josh Singer can freely blow smoke up everyone's skirt. 

The Catholic Church cannot even defend itself against these slanders. So much for all-powerful!

So much for "Best Screenplay" as it is proven to be a lie!

Indeed, the names in this movie have been reversed in this new Jewish-styled Inquisition.

In the Spain of 1492 AD time frame, the Christian Inquisition was led by Christian clerics of the Catholic Church making inquiries into the faith of Jews who had confessed to a Christian conversion but were suspected of lying to God about their true faith and of being spies for the ruthless and life threatening Ottoman Turkish Muslims poised to retake the Iberian Peninsula with Jewish help, just as the Jews helped Muslims take the Iberian Peninsula in 711 AD.

In the America of 2004 AD, the inquiry of Jewish Inquisition was led by Grand Inquisitor, Jewish editor Marty "Torquemada" Baron, of the Boston Globe, who having just taken that newspaper over, demanded his lapsed Catholic staff of investigatory journalists to make inquiries into the faith of Catholic priests who were homosexuals. 

Not that these Jewish inquisitions were anti-gay, heaven forbid!!! 

Homosexuals are heroic and noble we all know now.

Indeed, homosexuals have been persecuted by the Catholic Church themselves for thousands of years, don't you know. 

So God no!!!  Marty "Torquemada" Baron was not exposing HOMOSEXUAL CRIMINALS!!!! 

Scratch that completely from your mind right this moment!

The Jewish Inquisition  was only slightly more nuanced.

Marty "Torquemada" Baron was only interested if the act of homosexuality was done - specifically by a priest - and doubly specifically, if done with a 12 year old instead of a 22 year old.

So don't you dare confuse the purpose of the Jewish Inquisition. 

Homosexuality has always violated long standing Catholic morality, whether by consenting adults or not.

Indeed -- the likes of Marty "Torquemada" Baron despises that fact of Catholic morality.

He just wanted to "Spotlight" the hypocrisy of sweeping violations of homosexuality under the rug relating to  under-age, non-consenting homosexuality by their own priests.

Much as Jews sweep evidence of Rabbis abusing Jewish children under the rug in their secret Beth Din Jewish courts which never see the light of day in secular courts or in the Jewish MSM, controlled by non-other, than the likes of Marty "Torquemada" Baron.  

This Jewish Inquisition was entirely unlike the Spanish Inquisition though, where its practice always, always, always religiously judged people on an individual basis and never against all conversos or even any Jew who never converted.

This Jewish Inquisition with Grand Judeo-Inquisitor Marty "Torquemada" Baron spearheading the attack, was clearly shown in the Spotlight movie to be directed straight at the entire Catholic Church.

Directed against all Catholics at a minimum and all Christians in actuality.

Jew Marty "Torquemada" Baron informs his Boston Globe staff that he is not interested in investigating a single individual priest placed into "treatment", nor a mere dozen priests, or even the top dog of Boston's diocese, Cardinal Bernard Law himself shuffling priests around. 

Jew Marty "Torquemada" Baron informs his Boston Globe staff that the investigation would focus solely on the Catholic Church itself as a corrupt institution. 

He knew where he was going from the start.

This has shades of a pure Mossad operation put into place where all the answers were already known by Jewish spies. Well, as we will see in a few paragraphs, it didn't really take Mossad to figure this out.

The ah-hah moment in the film for the lapsed Catholic journalists at the Boston Globe was that the Catholic Church in Boston had upwards of 90 homosexual priests. Gasp!!! The Catholic Church then had a "6%" problem  Six percent of Catholic priests in the Boston diocese were Catholic AND HOMOSEXUAL!!

(Scrolling at the end of the movie put the figure at well over 200 priests, which means they had to dig up the bones of priests long dead to add to the still-alive number of 87 priests, but still just a 6% problem)

The other big "Ah-hah" moment in "Spotlight" was the discovery that EVERYONE knew of the problem:
  •   The Boston police department knew of the problem
  •   The Boston lawyer's guild knew of the problem
  •   The Boston judges knew of the problem
  •   The parents of the abused kids knew about the problem
  •   The Cardinal of the Boston Diocese, Bernard Law, knew about the problem
  •   Hell, even the Boston Globe, before Jewish rule, knew about the problem
  •   Which only means that Jews obviously knew about the problem
  •   Hence, what allowed the Jewish agenda of taking down the Catholic Church
Would the government's police department be held to account for not policing? No!

Would the government's lawyers be sued for not suing?  No!

Would the government's judges be judged for not judging?  No!

Would the parents be condemned for not properly parenting?  No!

Would the homosexual criminals themselves be put away forever?  Largely, no!

Only the Catholic Church
would be held accountable
by the Jewish Inquisition

End conclusion of the Boston Globe's Jewish-ran Spotlight would ascertain that the Catholic Church knew of the problem and "did too much Christian forgiveness", making it in the eyes of America's Jewish elite, to be a RICO organization, and hence, worthy of total destruction.

Not the first time, it seems in the eyes of Jews, that Christians have been evil.

6% vs 8.33%

Putting this all in perspective, the Boston dioceses' 6% problem corresponds to Jesus Christ's 8.33% problem.

8.33% is a problem of 1 in 12. 

Jesus already knew in advance that 1 of his 12 would judiaze back to the Judaic faith and knew in advance that Judas would take Jewish bribes to betray him to Jewish religious leaders who wanted Jesus eliminated.

In fact, it is on record for all to read that Jesus had told all 12 Apostles he knew Judas was an evil man.

And yet, Jesus did nothing.

Thus, the 12 Apostles, with a known 8.33% evil contained within, was likewise a RICO corrupt criminal organization with the corruption going all the way to the top, as Jesus himself their corrupt leader. 

No wonder Jews felt justified in forcing the Romans to crucify Jesus, eh?

We cannot emphasize this enough. 

The "god-like" priests of Boston, being immoral at a rate of 6% is considered by Jews as grounds to sue the Catholic Church itself as a RICO criminal operation, which could only mean that Jesus Christ's much more god-like Apostles with their own larger 8.33% problem was even worst and in greater need of condemnation by Jews. 

Jews condemned Jesus then, and
Jews condemn the Christian churches Jesus established today. 

Not much has changed in the last 2,000 years.

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