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March 2016 AD

 A Tale of Two Cities

The Tale of the City -- which gets Judeo-Media attention

In the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, a single white police officer shot a single black man in the line of duty.

So the single case was transformed by the Jewish-controlled media into a horror story of rampant racism, turning the name of Ferguson into a synonym with the word of racism.

Days ago, Feguson elected a majority black city council.

Which of course means they had that power all along and were happy with the leadership they had been electing in the past to represent them.

May we safely presume that most all the resident of Ferguson were Christian? If so, then of course their Christian lives could be turned upside down by a very biasd Jewish press with the intend to divide this country along racist lines.

The Tale of the City -- which does not get Judeo-Media attention.

Then there is Chicago.

This city is not a story to help generate a racial divide between Christian whites and Christian blacks, because the city is ran by Jews under the Jewish mayor of Rahm Emanuel.

This is the city we just reported to have been "LIBERATED" from vile White Christian rule by Jewish Bernie Sanders.

This "LIBERATED" city is now dominated by White Jews who persecute the Black Christians of Chicago.

Not being reported by the Jewish press is that the blacks there would love the treatment blacks receive in Ferguson, compared to what they receive in Chicago, but again, you would not know this reading any accounts from Jewish media on the matter.

Chicago's Homan Square is almost a Jewish-Commissar, Soviet-styled gulag where blacks are rounded up by Jewish mayor Rahm Emanuel and disappear without a trace. There are no Constitutional rights given Chicago blacks, including a freedom of the press, watchdog function, of media coverage of this Jewish gulag by a press owned by Jews protecting their own.

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