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March 2016 AD

Bernie Sander's

Chicago Gulag

Thanks to a recently broken news story, we have found that Jewish Benie Sanders  helped make Chigaco what it is today -- an extremely unconstitutional Judeo-police-state hellhole for blacks under the Jewish leadership of Rahm Emanuel -- saved by Bernie 53 years ago from a benevolent Constitutional Christian leadership this Jew did not like.

Bernie needed this because that Hill-Billy from Arkansas, that is, Hill-ary Clinton along with her husband Billy, have been running around the country telling blacks to vote for Hillary, because "she says", she is the only candidate who cares about black people.

She implies that white Bernie Sanders, from White Vermont, does not and cannot care about black people the way she does. Of course, she is white too, but being consistent has never been a liberal strong point.

Well that changed today.

Bernie Sanders is all the toast of the town now that pics have surfaced of him being arrested as a civil rights protester.

Why is this important 53 years later?

Because, even with Americans electing a black President, not once, but twice, Hillary is still calling America racist, and in doing so, she is making a case against Bernie that he does not have enough street creds as a panderer to the black vote to win the Democrat primary.

With the "timely" release of his Civil Rights protest, hours before the South Carolina primary, Bernie can now say to blacks that he feels their pain as well. 

Black-Lives-Matter, after all on the liberal bandwagon, more than anything else, and the Bernie's campaign has proven it can pander with the best of them.

Young activist being arrested in 1963 photo is Sanders, campaign says

In the mid-1960s, protests over segregation in the Englewood area raged over mobile classrooms dubbed "Willis Wagons," named for then-Chicago Schools Superintendent Benjamin Willis. The phrase "Willis Wagons" was believed to have been coined in 1963 by Rosie Simpson, a leader in education reform in Chicago. She was describing the trailers that Willis set up for black children instead of sending them to white schools.

Sanders was arrested Aug. 12, 1963, and charged with resisting arrest. He was found guilty and fined $25, according to a Tribune story about the protests.

So we know from 53 year old news storys, this Jewish college student was protesting white Christians who segregated themselves from black Christians.

Isn't it sweet that a Jew cares so much for Christians that he would go out of his way to help Christians be better Christians to their fellow Christians.

Note that this story took place, not in Southern Birmingham Alabama nor in Southern Atlanta Georgia, but in the far north Yankee territory of Chicago Illinois - the home of Abraham Lincoln. The land of Lincoln Bernie Sanders thought was seething with racial hatred.

What makes this particually interesting about Jewish Sanders is that Chicago is now ran by a Jewish mayor named Rahm Emanuel.

Who, by the way, is far more racist against blacks today than Christian Benjamin Willis ever thought to be 53 years ago.

“I was in a black site”: Chicago’s policing nightmare — and assault on people of color

As Rahm Emanuel fights for his political life, let's talk about the detention and abuse of black people in Chicago

Well then, let us help Hillary out here.

Jewish Bernie did his job 53 years ago to help pave the way for the Jewish Gulag that is Chicago today.

What a record to run on!!!!

To be exact, 53 years ago, had the city of Chicago seen to not educate black children, while they had educated white children, then that would have been unconstitutional.

Instead, the city of Chicago was educating black kids the same as white kids, equally, with the only difference that per a Constitutional decision allowing it, they educated blacks in black schools and whites in white schools.

So long as the education was equal, there were no constitutional violations.

In fact, many private schools segregated girls and boys, with all girl schools and all boy schools, thinking that both received a better education being separated.

So there was no doubt that the school system in Chicago was absolutely constitutional.

Therefore, Bernie Sanders was protesting a situation 53 years ago, which the Supreme Court had already addressed and determined to be acceptable as "Separate, but Equal".

Which makes Bernie Sanders a criminal and he was rightfully arrested.

But in the Chicago of today under Jewish leadership, Bernie seems to be a "see no evil" kind of guy.

The Chicago of today, now under Jewish control, is a pure police state with its own Gulag Concentration Camp, far, far worst off now than anything Chicago ever had before, and Jewish Bernie Sanders is nowhere to be seen.

The people of Chicago, and especially blacks, are being unconstitutionally and systematically arrested where...

...The constitutional right to habeas corpus is blatantly hidden from view.

...The constitutional right to innocent until proven guilty is suspect.

...The constitutional right to an attorney is legally barred.

..The constitutional right to remain silent is silent.

In the Chicago world Bernie Sanders helped create, a "Utopian" Jewish world, all constitutional rights are obliterated.

This self-proclaimed Jewish defender of the poor downtrodden is AWOL in the protest department, when the poor downtrodden are being brutalized by a fellow Jew like Rahm Emanuel.

The Jewish-ran Chicago gulag at Homan Square is testimony to what electing a communist like Bernie Sanders would turn America into.

Communist Jews like Bernie cannot help but create socialist hellholes like the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and now Chicago with its Homan Square gulag.

It's just in their blood.

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